Intradiem Secures $35M to Enhance Its AI Solution for Customer Service Teams

The company is investing in expanding its product and building out its global presence.

Written by Ashley Bowden
Published on Dec. 01, 2021
Intradiem Secures $35M to Enhance Its AI Solution for Customer Service Teams
Photo: Intradiem

Back when the pandemic first hit, it felt as if the world stopped with lockdowns and stay-at-home orders in place in nearly every city. Despite this, businesses across the globe actively sought out solutions to keep moving forward. In today’s new “normal” of remote and hybrid working, Alpharetta-based Intradiem has developed a platform to help companies stay productive, despite employees being miles apart, and it just pulled in fresh capital to further its solution. 

Intradiem announced a $35 million debt facility from CIBC Innovation Banking. It’s also backed by investors MK Capital and JMI Equity. Intradiem developed an enterprise automation platform for customer service teams. Its AI-powered platform aims to help companies increase productivity, enhance employee engagement and improve the end-customer experience.

“Our technology processes the massive amount of data that is generated by contact centers and customer service teams in real-time, and then takes immediate automated actions based on business rules defined by our customers to send alerts to agents and managers,” Jennifer Lee, Intradiem’s COO, told Built In via email. “Our customers use our technology to make their people better and more successful in their work every single day.” 

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The company’s fresh capital will enable it to invest in building out its tech. Intradiem will put the money toward expanding its market presence and advancing product development. It also plans to launch new products for its platform that leverage machine learning capabilities. 

“We have a product that delivers an enormous payback for our customers, and our customers view us as a mission-critical component of their operations,” Lee said. “When you couple that with the size of our total addressable market, which we know is in excess of $10 billion, we know that we have a lot to be excited about moving forward.”

Intradiem has experienced double-digit growth over the past year, according to Lee, and it’s on track to exceed those numbers in 2022. That growth results from more companies seeking out ways to increase their profitability without sacrificing service or negatively impacting the agent and customer experiences, Lee said. The company saved its customers more than $110 million last year, she said.

As Intradiem expands beyond serving contact centers to addressing back-office operations as well, it’s adding customers across Europe and building out its global presence.

Its growth doesn’t stop there. Intradiem is “aggressively” expanding its team with dozens of positions open across departments including engineering, development and product. 

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