How Vorto Empowers its People to Evolve On Their Own Terms

An account manager shares details about the autonomous supply chain company’s tight-knit, growth-focused culture.

Written by Olivia McClure
Published on Oct. 17, 2023
How Vorto Empowers its People to Evolve On Their Own Terms
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Think transitioning between three job titles in one year is a lot? Try five. 

That’s what Mickayla Johnson has done with Vorto over the past year. Since joining as an administrative assistant, she has held positions as an onboarding specialist, QA analyst, logistics analyst and, finally, account manager — her current title. 

According to Johnson, the significant growth she has experienced is a reflection of the company’s commitment to empowering its people to achieve their goals. She believes that the work employees put in never goes unnoticed and is rewarded with endless chances to evolve. 

“The amount of growth and opportunity people receive working for Vorto allows them to expand their career, given the amount of skills and knowledge they obtain,” Johnson said. 

The professional development opportunities available to employees is matched only by a focus on community building. Johnson noted that the company’s culture fosters a sense of camaraderie, encouraging team members to come together regularly to align on goals, celebrate their mission and seek support from each other. 

Whether they’re making connections at a team gathering or building new skills, team members at Vorto harbor the same feeling — they’re a part of “one big family.” Below, Johnson shares more about the company’s tight-knit, growth-focused culture and her approach to supporting others on her team. 



Vorto’s autonomous supply chain platforms are designed to help companies save money and reduce the environmental impact of supply chain inefficiencies. The company’s AI-powered technology automates how companies move, sell and buy goods while eliminating cognitive overload. “At Vorto we work tirelessly to transform the trucking industry and adapt quickly to succeed in what needs to be done,” Johnson explained, adding, “we ensure we provide the best quality customer care for all of our customers.”


How do team members cultivate Vorto's culture?

Mickayla Johnson
Account Manager • VORTO

The team is engaged in the culture of the company in multiple ways. We have town halls that encourage the team to see where we have been, where we are and what the goal is going forward. We also have team gatherings, enabling team members to build bonds with each other and know that we’re all in this together. This all helps strengthen and celebrate the mission and culture of Vorto.

I’ve always felt like the work I contribute has played into the success of both the company and my individual team. Vorto makes you feel like family and like you’re truly part of the company. 


“Vorto makes you feel like family and like you’re truly part of the company.” 


How do you strive to support your peers?

I aim to help create an environment that drives team members to stay engaged in their daily processes and responsibilities, which drives results. Our organizational approach is unique in the sense that it allows you to challenge yourself and realize the growth opportunities that you have within yourself.

I always encourage my teammates to not limit themselves to the roles and responsibilities that they have taken on. When they want to expand their knowledge and responsibilities, I encourage them by either showing them myself or connecting them with someone who can help them grow and expand their skills and knowledge within the company.



Responses have been edited for length and clarity. Images via Shutterstock and Vorto.

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