How Matillion’s Core Values Help to Build a Resilient and Inclusive Team

Built In took a look into how Matillion’s commitment to integrity, care and action have built a transparent, resilient and diverse culture that supports employees.

Written by Brigid Hogan
Published on Jun. 22, 2023
How Matillion’s Core Values Help to Build a Resilient and Inclusive Team
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Advice abounds on how to thrive in difficult situations, from the oft-repeated, “When things get tough, the tough get going” to leadership consultant Robin Sharma’s claim, “Rough seas make stronger sailors. Tough times build greater people.”

But at Matillion, the vision for growth is broader than individual development. The company is committed to supporting its team with holistic support structures, room for self-care and tools for building resilience, all rooted in its core values.

From initial recruiting conversations to onboarding, those values help to create a sincere and collaborative environment that begins with leadership and permeates throughout the organization.

Built In took a closer look at Matillion’s authentic values and commitment to care to understand how the company supports its employees on the path to personal growth and professional success.


What They Do

Matillion’s cloud-native platform helps companies derive value from data. The low-code/no-code user interface integrates with Salesforce, Oracle, MySQL and more in order to extract useful data and derive deeper insights.


Meaningful Values

“We don't just write our values down and stick them on the wall. We live them,” David Lipowitz told Built In.

“We don't just write our values down and stick them on the wall. We live them.”


When he first joined Matillion, Lipowitz, who directs the company’s Sales Engineering Center of Excellence, was surprised by the “absolute sincerity” and authenticity of the leadership team and soon found those qualities extended across the company.

“People who get hired aren’t just good at what they do,” he said. “They’re also humble, good listeners and confident without being arrogant — which is one of our values.”


Matillion’s Core Values

  • We are confident without arrogance.
  • We work with integrity.
  • We are customer obsessed.
  • We Innovate and demand quality.
  • We have a bias for action.
  • We care about our people and our communities


According to Matillion co-founder and CEO Matthew Scullion, this focus was no mistake. “The team is the most important thing and the team lives in a culture underpinned by the values,” he said in April 2023. “A strong culture fit is extremely important for me and the team here.”

And for Scullion, such a culture fit looks like “someone who shares the same moral code as the rest of Team Green and the same desire to build a consequential, good company.”

Scullion’s commitment to that culture is evident across Matillion’s leadership team — as demonstrated by the company’s CFO and COO Narayan Menon, who Scullion brought onto the team not only because of Menon’s finance leadership experience, but also because of his strong alignment with the company's culture and ethos. 

Those values are also part of what drew him to join. “Early in my career, my manager told me: It’s all about the people; the people you report to, your manager, the people you work with, your peers and your team. Your success is essentially determined by the people you have around you.” 

“Pick your people very carefully. The farther along in my career I have come, the more and more I have really felt that advice to be true.” 


“Your success is essentially determined by the people you have around you.”


Luckily for Menon — and for anyone else joining Matillion — Scullion’s vision for “Team Green” is grounded in finding people who will help advance the company’s confident, transparent and hard-working culture.

Holistic Systems

In order to build a culture that reflects Team Green’s moral code, Matillion has developed systems to holistically create a values-based culture from the day new employees join the company with the Matillion Onboarding Academy.

The Academy offers insights into how Matillion’s values are demonstrated across the company’s culture and the ways in which those efforts help support the vision and mission for growth over time. By focusing on what it means to be a “Matillioner” and looking deeply at the company’s values, new team members are immersed in learning what the organization’s culture looks like in action before diving into their new roles and responsibilities.

At Matillion, the work toward building a supportive and resilient team includes training “mental health first aiders” who can help recognize potentially struggling peers and direct them toward support and a Better Together campaign that allows team members to connect with one another while backing charity partners.

In 2023, Matillion is prioritizing Matillion Together, a diversity and inclusion taskforce made up of volunteers from across the organization.

According to Jordan Newbrook, an employee enablement manager and the Matillion Together lead, the taskforce emerged from the company values of, “We care about our people and our community” and “We work with integrity.”

In addition to benefits for individuals, building a supportive and inclusive atmosphere has positive outcomes for Matillion as a whole, according to Newbrook.

“Having a diverse team means we are more creative and innovative,” he said. “Having an inclusive team means we are more productive and happy at work.”

In addition to supporting Matillion’s community inside the organization, Matillion is also committed to serving the broader community. Employees are encouraged to take five days of paid leave annually to volunteer. By bringing Matillion’s culture into the wider community, the company’s values go beyond the office boundaries to enrich employees’ communities and charitable commitments.

Room to Grow

Matillion’s focus on inclusion and transparency also leads to increased opportunities across their team. According to Senior Director of Sales Operations Aimee Fernandez, the company invites different perspectives at every level of the organization.

The leadership is constantly asking for feedback and for people throughout the company to bring their questions forward,” she told Built In. “Even if they're tough questions, they don't shy away from them.”

Fernandez believes that the commitment to transparency also leads to successfully building a gender-diverse workforce.

Hannah Burke, a senior manager on the People and Culture team, agrees. “It is refreshing to work for a company that is genuinely inclusive and equitable for all,” she told Built In Colorado.

“Building an inclusive culture is not the job of one team,” Burke added. “Every Matillioner is empowered to create and build an environment where everyone can develop and progress their careers.”

By pairing structural support with commitment to care and humility throughout the organization, Matillion and Team Green are making that inclusive and supportive environment a reality each and every day.


Responses have been edited for length and clarity. Images by Matillion

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