How AB Tasty’s CEO Helps People Find Their ‘Magic Power’ — And Make an Impact

Built In sat down with Alex De Sagazan to learn how team members at the marketing tech company are empowered to harness their unique talents to drive progress

Written by Olivia McClure
Published on Oct. 27, 2023
How AB Tasty’s CEO Helps People Find Their ‘Magic Power’ — And Make an Impact
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This year marks a turning point in AB Tasty’s history. 

When CEO Alix De Sagazan was asked to describe the marketing tech company’s performance this year, she referenced one of her favorite quotes: “Luck is when preparation meets opportunity.” 

“We worked super hard, and it paid off,” Sagazan said. “I want us to enjoy this moment.”

The ‘moment’ she is referring to is the culmination of several recent major accomplishments, including two acquisitions, as well as ongoing rebranding efforts.

In October 2022, AB Tasty acquired the Germany-based company Epoq, whose sophisticated AI-powered algorithms have boosted AB Tasty’s prowess in recommendation and search, perfectly complementing its own offering.

Then, in September 2023, the company’s acquisition of Dotaki enabled it to launch EmotionsAI, a technology that allows customers to use AI-based audience segmentation by emotional needs. EmotionsAI is the culmination of the 8 years Dotaki had spent conducting research, psychographic modeling and customer journey mapping based on device usage and real-time website interactions. The unique product helps brands personalize their messaging to customers on an emotional level, as the AB Tasty and Dotaki teams found that emotions drive 80 percent of decisions.  

With these acquisitions and technological advancements, the past year has been a period of tremendous success that, according to Sagazan, is made possible by leaders who help their people discover their unique talents. 

“You have to help them find their magic power — everyone has one — and coach them on how to improve it every day,” she said. 

For Sagazan, this focus on empowerment offers employees countless opportunities to scale their careers while supporting the creation of innovative, evolutionary technology. But most importantly, it gives team members the chance to share their ideas and leave their own mark on the company. 

“If you have an idea, you’ll be encouraged to try it out, even if it doesn’t work,” Sagazan said. 

Below, Sagazan shares more about AB Tasty’s culture, her leadership vision and the greatest benefits of joining the company. 



AB Tasty’s customer experience optimization platform enables brands to drive growth across their digital channels. The company’s product offerings include A/B testing, AI-based segmentation and feature flag and release management. 


What’s your vision for leading AB Tasty’s team?

Alix De Sagazan

The driving force for me is collaboration. When you initially begin managing people, you don’t really know how to lead. The more people join, the more you learn. After 10 to 15 years in management, it’s clear that the most powerful thing is collaboration and making decisions as a team. It’s imperative to ask for input from your colleagues and understand their thoughts. I try my best to empower people to strive for and unleash our collective intelligence. I believe a good leader should know how to do this.


“I try my best to empower people to strive for and unleash our collective intelligence.” 


How do you help your teammates grow their careers?

The most important thing you can do as a manager is help people think for themselves and reflect on how they can grow. It’s important to know where your magic power lies as well as how to develop it and allow it to propel your career. 

Additionally, we have an internal training management system with a library of courses designed for upskilling. If you don’t see a course that’s relevant to you, you can send a request to our human resources department, and they’ll find a course that suits you. We always prioritize employee feedback.



According to Sagazan, AB Tasty’s core values are more than mere words on a wall. “They’re the backbone of everything we do and every decision we make,” she said. Following two acquisitions earlier this year, the company decided to have its people create new values. They are:

  • We bring client satisfaction
  • We are impactful
  • We go above and beyond
  • We live one team one dream



Why should job seekers be interested in joining AB Tasty? 

Our favorite mantra is, “We never lose; we either win or learn.” This correlates with our products: web and feature experimentation, personalization and other solutions designed to boost conversion rates. 

The idea of “test and learn” also permeates our culture. We’re a global company and celebrate people from all different cultural backgrounds. Additionally, we encourage our employees to voice their opinions and make suggestions. Iterating and adapting is what we do best. Above all, we value curiosity and kindness in our employees. 

In terms of career impact, growth results from a candid conversation with your manager. As long as you’re clear about how you want to grow at AB Tasty, we’ll help you get there.


Responses have been edited for length and clarity. Images provided by AB Tasty

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