5 Healthtech Companies in London to Know

These London healthtech companies are working to improve patient care.

Written by Margo Steines
Published on Jan. 11, 2024
5 Healthtech Companies in London to Know
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Need for modern solutions to optimize healthcare delivery has given way to the rise of healthtech. The United Kingdom is home to more than 4,000 companies focused on uniting technology and medicine to improve patient care, according to the Association of British HealthTech Industries. London serves as a prominent center for technology and economic progress in the country, and we’ve assembled a list of companies that are leaders in the city’s healthtech scene.

Top Healthtech Companies in London

  • Unmind
  • HealthHero
  • Huma
  • Cera
  • LabGenius


Top Healthtech Companies in London

Unmind makes a mental health and wellness platform for corporate employees, who can access services like stress management and sleep hygiene support. Driven by research and data in clinical and organizational psychology, the company seeks to mitigate the cost of employee mental health problems for organizations like Uber and British Airways.

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HealthHero connects patients to medical providers through a digital platform for remote healthcare. It works with employers to offer healthcare benefits that focus on preventative medicine as well as routine health monitoring and disease management. HealthHero’s services are available to patients through a network of phone, video and online chat channels.

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Huma’s apps take patient health data from hospital databases, wearables and medical devices, then transfer it to a secure digital patient monitoring platform for doctors to access. Through solutions for decentralized clinical trials, home care and automated triage, the company’s mission is to optimize healthcare outcomes with digital tools.

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Cera offers home care through a digital-first model that deploys nursing, skilled caregiving, telehealth services and prescription drug renewals to improve patient outcomes and reduce burdens on the healthcare system. Through its app, which is designed to support older adults and their caregivers, Cera enables medical services outside of the hospital setting. 

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LabGenius is a biotech research firm that focuses on antibody discovery for new therapeutic drugs. In pursuit of engineering new proteins, the company uses machine learning through a platform called EVA. The company pairs EVA with robotic automation to power searches and discoveries in synthetic biology, a branch of research science that alters the genetics of existing material to create novel characteristics. 

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Rose Velazquez contributed reporting to this story.

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