Atlanta-Based FlowPath Secures $1.2M Seed Round to Automate Facilities Management

The startup is furthering its go-to-market capabilities and product development.

Written by Ashley Bowden
Published on Oct. 19, 2021
Atlanta-Based FlowPath Secures $1.2M Seed Round to Automate Facilities Management
Photo: FlowPath

Multitasking is part of the job description for facility managers. From meeting compliance standards to managing budgets, juggling the tasks and responsibilities involved in keeping a facility afloat can be a tall order, especially with a small team. That’s why Atlanta-based FlowPath is looking to lend a hand with its automation platform, and it just closed on a $1.2 million round of seed funding to help lighten the workload for businesses of all sizes. 

FlowPath started out with the idea to help make internal communications for facilities operators and managers more efficient than it would be with complicated and outdated computerized maintenance management systems. Its solution automates work orders, maintenance, communication, notifications, project management and reporting on a simplified platform. The company’s software was made to grow alongside businesses, enabling the user to make both short-term and long-term strategic decisions.

“Our platform is built for the small team but can scale for large organizations,” Brandon Cummings, FlowPath co-founder and CTO, said in a company blog post. “This puts our platform in a very unique position with most of our larger competitors that were built for enterprise — thinking high-level instead of the person actually using the product on a daily basis. Our main focus is providing a platform that a facility manager uses daily. We want to make their lives easier and work smarter, not harder.”

The company is seeing growth of its own with its seed funding round led by Parade Ventures. FlowPath is looking to invest the fresh capital in expanding its go-to-market capabilities and accelerating product development. Other investors this round include Bonfire Ventures and Heroic Ventures. 

“FlowPath was built from the ground up to be the dream platform of facilities management professionals,” Alex Cummings, CEO and co-founder, said in a statement. “Over the past year, we have been able to dig into the industry’s unique problem set and figure out a simpler, modern solution for facility managers. With consistent growth this year and incredible love for our product from customers, we approached a tipping point where we felt FlowPath is ready to take off.”

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