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Companies in the fintech space offer a variety of digital solutions to streamline the financial experience. As a major Canadian tech market, Toronto has attracted hundreds of fintech giants and startups. The following are some of the city’s top fintech companies serving both businesses and consumers with products such as payment processing platforms and financing options.

Top Fintech Companies in Toronto

  • Adyen
  • Verafin
  • Flexiti
  • Versapay
  • Wealthsimple
  • FreshBooks


Fintech Companies in Toronto to Know

Adyen’s technology covers a comprehensive array of business solutions, from processing online and in-person payments to detecting and responding to fraud. Well-known brands including Uber, Microsoft, Etsy and eBay have used the Adyen platform to enhance their business operations.

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Verafin’s fintech product is an anti-financial crime platform. Used by banks and credit unions to keep an eye out for money laundering and other financial aberrations, the software monitors transaction channels and customer behavior to identify red flags. Financial institutions can then dig deeper to look for indications of fraud or other financial crimes.

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Flexiti is a financing solution that works in a similar manner to a credit card, but with options that don’t charge interest. Consumers can make large purchases and either defer payment or begin making monthly payments immediately. Rather than an interest-based model, the company charges a flat subscription access fee to users. Over 8,000 retail stores accept the FlexitiCard, and shoppers get quick approval decisions.

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Versapay makes a cloud-based B2B product for automating accounts receivable processes. Its ERP payments solutions handles invoices and payments so that client companies can accept payments across all sales channels via credit or debit cards, ACH and other bank-based payment methods. Versapay says businesses that use its platform are able to collect payments quicker and see fewer past due invoices.

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Wealthsimple is a financial services business offering online services similar to a bank — managed and self-directed investing, private credit, cash and cryptocurrency. It is well known for its zero-commission trading platform, where users can make market transactions without paying any fees. The company also offers digital banking services like checking and savings accounts. 

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FreshBooks products include accounting and invoicing software, services for self-employed individuals, sole proprietors and small businesses. Its offerings integrate with tax preparation software, enabling small businesses to save substantially on professional financial services. Because it’s designed for freelancers, FreshBooks says its software isn’t filled with unnecessary features that clog the user experience.

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