Federated Wireless Raises $58M Series D to Transform Enterprise Communication

The fresh capital will help Federated Wireless invest in scaling its platform and developing new capabilities.

Written by Ashley Bowden
Published on Feb. 24, 2022
Federated Wireless Raises $58M Series D to Transform Enterprise Communication
Iyad Tarazi, president, CEO and co-founder of Federated Wireless. | Photo: Federated Wireless

The world of digital innovation is spinning at a breakneck speed, and businesses are looking to capitalize on features that power automation, virtual experiences and more. In doing so, they’re discovering that the wireless networks they need to implement these things need to be able to keep up the pace. Specializing in developing shared spectrum software, Federated Wireless is providing enterprises with the tools they need to deliver fast wireless connectivity.

“Businesses are in a race to launch increasingly complex digital innovations… and they’ve found that traditional connectivity is either too costly, insufficient quality or difficult [or] slow to deploy,” Ryan Garvin, Federated Wireless’ product marketing director, told Built In via email. “Shared spectrum has emerged as the key to deploying secure, ultra-reliable private wireless connectivity to bring advanced digital innovations to life without losing control of costs or quality of experience.”

The Arlington, Virginia-based company announced on Tuesday it raised a $58 million Series D funding round led by Cerberus Capital Management. Now with a total of $191.7 million in funding, according to Crunchbase, the company is putting its latest round toward scaling its platform’s capabilities and growing its partnerships. Federated Wireless wants to automate how wireless networks are purchased, deployed, provisioned and managed, according to the company.

“Because shared spectrum is a ‘public’ shared resource, certain challenges arise as with anything in a sharing economy, namely how to enable and make the most efficient use of the resource, taking into account location, timing and multi utilization…spectrum sharing makes it possible to deploy and run high quality wireless networks easily and economically using a ubiquitous public resource,” Garvin said.

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Counting over 350 customers and more than 85,000 connected devices across the country, Federated Wireless serves enterprises in a variety of industries from defense and manufacturing to telecommunications and education. Its client base features names like Comcast, Verizon, the U.S. Department of Defense and Carnegie Mellon University.

Planning to expand even farther, Federated Wireless is investing in its software solution and collaborating with network providers like AWS, Intel and Cisco. The company plans to develop tools for services including automation and application analytics, invest in areas like business development and sales enablement as well as further expanding its product’s capabilities. 

As it continues to invest in its business, the company is focusing on product development and commercialization to better serve its customers. To do so, Federated Wireless is growing its internal team across sales, marketing and customer success. The company is hiring with a focus on Arlington and the greater D.C. metro area.

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