5 Energy Companies in Melbourne to Know

Melbourne energy companies are working across a variety of sectors and many are striving to tap into renewable power sources like wind and solar.

Written by Margo Steines
Published on Feb. 29, 2024
5 Energy Companies in Melbourne to Know
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Energy companies develop solutions like apps for monitoring and optimizing energy usage and solar systems for powering homes and businesses. In Australia, where renewables now represent more than a quarter of the country’s electricity generation, utilities providers are looking for innovative ways to deliver services. Take a look at the below Melbourne energy companies helping to keep the lights on across Australia.

Top Energy Companies in Melbourne

  • Momentum Energy
  • Amber Electric
  • Choice Energy
  • Powershop
  • Dodo


Energy Companies in Melbourne to Know

Momentum Energy is a green energy company owned by Hydro Tasmania, a major renewable energy producer. Serving thousands of businesses and residential consumers across Australia, the company aims to offer energy services at competitive pricing to win over price-sensitive as well as mission-guided customers. 


Amber Electric is a wholesale provider of electric energy that’s headquartered in Melbourne. The company uses real-time pricing to pass wholesale cost savings on renewable green energy sources to its clients, significantly undercutting the retail cost of energy. The company also offers solutions for overseeing and managing solar and battery systems.

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Choice Energy is an energy management company that procures and brokers energy for commercial clients. When clients sign on, they are assigned an energy management consultant who monitors, controls and conserves energy usage in the client business’s operations. Choice Energy also protects its clients from spikes in energy costs and routes saved funds toward long-term infrastructure — like fully outfitted commercial solar systems — to further cut energy spending.


Powershop is an energy retailer serving residential and small business customers across Oceania. Powershop provides home and electric vehicle power in conjunction with a dedicated app that allows consumers to track their usage and cost. The company installs complimentary smart meters for its customers upon request to facilitate closer tracking and greater energy efficiency.


Dodo is a utilities provider, offering mobile telephone, internet and energy services, which are available as bundled products for significant consumer savings. Covering service in New South Wales, Queensland and Victoria, its contract-free flexible payment options make it a popular choice among cost-conscious customers. 

Rose Velazquez contributed reporting to this story.

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