DoiT International Has a New Vision for the Possibilities of Remote Work

Three Do’ers share how flexible and remote policies allow them to be fully present in both their professional and personal lives — while working from an RV, the Arctic Circle or the comfort of their own home.

Written by Brigid Hogan
Published on Jan. 25, 2023
DoiT International Has a New Vision for the Possibilities of Remote Work
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Magdalena Trzeciak visited 23 new countries in 2022 — with her laptop in tow.

As a full-time digital nomad and senior software engineer for DoiT International, Trzeciak has logged on to work from central Copenhagen to rural Kyrgyzstan and just about everywhere in between. Along the way, Trzeciak’s travel has allowed her to build connections with colleagues across DoiT’s global team. 

“One of my side hobbies is meeting Do’ers wherever I go,” she said. “Even if it’s just grabbing a coffee together.” And Trzeciak has found opportunities to bring colleagues together for remote work in locations like Palma de Mallorca and Cape Town, where part of her distributed team is based.

“I love being able to make those connections with my peers without being on a webcam,” Trzeciak said. “And as our team grows, I get to meet all the incredible people we work with, and our possibilities just continue to expand.”



DoiT International supports companies around the world as they embrace the possibilities offered by cloud computing with solutions that simplify and automate cloud use while offering technical support and consulting services.


Flexible for Families

DoiT International’s adaptable work model has had life-changing benefits for Staff Cloud Architect Kirubel Aklilu and his family, as well. 

When his son was a toddler, Aklilu and his wife wanted a better childcare fit for their family. They found an option that seemed perfect: a small, familial environment that offered nature walks, yoga and journaling. But there was a catch — pickup was at 4:30 p.m.

“In many roles, it’s not possible to do early pickup. But because of DoiT’s flexibility and result-oriented approach to projects, we were able to make the switch, which has been great for my kid and for my family,” he said.

Aklilu isn’t the only parent grateful for how DoiT’s work environment helps balance family and professional life.

“When my wife was pregnant with our second child, I knew I wanted to find a role that would allow for more flexibility as a parent,” Director of Global Business Development Shannon Molinari said.

Doit International’s remote-first culture fit the bill, but Molinari still had some concerns. “I was worried about what changing jobs would mean for my parental leave,” she said. “But as I went through the process, I saw the policies and felt comfortable enough to let them know we had a second child due to arrive.”

Molinari appreciated DoiT’s equitable and flexible approach to parental leave. “A member of my team recently gave birth and will be out for about six months,” Molinari said. “We want people to determine what’s best for them and their families. Some people want to get back to work sooner, and others want to take more time. I love that approach because it gives everyone the best outcome for their family.”

Soon after she joined the team, Molinari’s second son, now 18 months old, arrived as planned, and that’s when their real adventure began.


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Nomads Welcome

Molinari’s approach to her parental leave was non-traditional. “We planned a six-week road trip in an Airstream and got to enjoy our transition from a family of three to a family of four.”

While Molinari stepped away from the daily routine at work, touring 12 national parks with a toddler, newborn and a newly-postpartum spouse wasn’t a stress-free break. “Things would break on the trailer or not go as planned, so we really had to problem-solve as a family. But having that time to enjoy our days together was really special,” she said. “We look back on it as one of our best adventures.”


“Having the ability to be flexible around when and where I work has changed our lives for the better because I can be present.”


After returning to work, Molinari continues to value the autonomy over her time that she has at DoiT. “Having the ability to be flexible around when and where I work has changed our lives for the better because I can be present,” she said.

Molinari’s family has traded their Airstream for an RV, and their travel continues, from touring more national parks to setting up camp on her parent’s land outside of Georgetown, Texas.

While Molinari logs in from the road, Trzeciak prefers working from a cruising altitude of 36,000 feet. “I work wherever there is internet available,” she said. “At the airport, it’s the best use of wait time, and I’ll log on to Wi-Fi when I’m onboard the plane.”

Back on the ground, though, Trzeciak has found herself working in some truly unexpected places. Last summer, she sought out the midnight sun and headed above the Arctic Circle to Svalbard Island.

“It’s the northernmost place with an internet connection,” she said. “I was working surrounded by polar bears and reindeer.” Trzeciak’s experience of solar day was slightly disorienting. “I didn’t know what time it was because there was no single minute of darkness during the day.”

But the adventure was worth it as she continues to fulfill her personal dream of traveling the world while advancing in her career. “I even just got promoted,” Trzeciak added with a smile.


DoiT employees building sand structures at a team event on the beach
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Supported Advancement

Both Trzeciak and Aklilu have found ample opportunities for advancement since joining the DoiT team, and both credit their managers with offering the support they needed to grow. Trzeciak moved into a senior engineering role, while Aklilu transitioned into his first management position — a move that meant more to him than just a title change.


“DoiT is the first place I have felt safe enough to be vulnerable and lean into my people skills.”


“In the 15 or so years of my career, this is the first place where I have applied for an internal promotion, much less a management role,” he said. “I had previously leaned on my technical skills, but DoiT is the first place I have felt safe enough to be vulnerable and lean into my people skills.”

Aklilu joined the company as employee number 100, and as DoiT International passes the 500-employee mark, he is hopeful about the opportunity to continue to grow — for himself and for other Do’ers.

“I consciously try to pay forward the same encouragement I got because I have received so much support from others,” he said. “DoiT is a special place full of talented people who want to grow and help one another succeed.”


Responses have been edited for length and clarity. Images via DoiT International.

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