Most businesses seek out digital marketing services at some point in their journey to establish their brand and grow over time. This kind of expertise covers strategic elements like social media, email marketing, web design and SEO. Sydney’s position as a center for the Australian tech sector has also made it a beacon for digital marketing professionals. Here’s an overview of some of the top digital marketing companies in Sydney working with brands at all stages to build up their digital reach.

Top Digital Marketing Companies in Sydney

  • AdVisible
  • Soup Agency
  • Human Digital
  • Defiant Digital
  • Kady Creative


Digital Marketing Companies in Sydney to Know

The digital marketing specialists at AdVisible serve many prominent Australian brands and have earned awards from the Australian Marketing Institute and Semrush. The company brings to the table a deep well of industry knowledge and expertise in Google Ads, SEO, social media, web design and creative.

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Soup Agency serves B2C and B2B brands through a full-suite portfolio of digital marketing services. It offers in-house SEO management and website design, as well as social media marketing and automated email marketing via Klaviyo. The company works with clients in industries including finance, logistics, software, e-commerce and food and beverage. 

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Design and marketing agency Human Digital uses the principles of human-centered design — a problem-solving method that relies on real human experience to inform development — to guide its processes. Offering website design and development, user experience and interface design, as well as customer relationship management and marketing services across channels, Human Digital handles product launches, digital campaigns, branding and training. 

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Defiant Digital approaches digital media through two strategies: creative and performance. It has systematized its marketing approach and puts all clients through three distinct phases: design, where it creates the ads and all the creative materials to go with them; launch, where materials are introduced to social media and the web; and convert, where in-house SEO, CRO and email marketing teams turn attention into revenue. 

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Kady Creative specializes in branding and web design to drive growth, serving lifestyle brands and entrepreneurs. Its approach to brand identity and presence is rooted in the concept of brand archetype, which categorizes every client according to what their core values and goals are and then uses that archetype to define messaging, brand voice and other brand aesthetics. 

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