7 Digital Marketing Agencies Helping Tampa Bay Build Its Fanbase

Written by Sunny Betz
Published on Oct. 01, 2020
7 Digital Marketing Agencies Helping Tampa Bay Build Its Fanbase
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A good marketing campaign can have the power to not only immediately draw attention, but also permanently transform the identity of a brand and its place in the world. In fact, the entire state of Florida stands as a testament to the revolutionary power of marketing. Thanks to the initiatives of the state’s marketing agencies, what was once considered swampland now draws over a hundred million tourists each year, and the name “Florida” alone conjures images of beaches, orange trees, and Disney World, even for those who have never been. Today, tech is joining the long list of reasons to travel to the Sunshine State, with the city of Tampa at the epicenter of the state’s tech growth. Startup Genome ranked Tampa Bay among the top 30 emerging startup ecosystems, and the city’s diverse talent pool is projected to continue to grow at over 13 percent year over year. The spotlight on Tampa Bay’s tech scene is heating up, and a lot of it is thanks to digital marketing agencies working to attract new eyes both on and offline. Check out these seven digital marketing agencies ensuring Tampa Bay always has a spot in the sun.

Digital Marketing Agencies in Tampa to know

  • Mediagistic
  • MediaLab 3D Solutions
  • PPK
  • Revenue Management Solutions
  • Socius Marketing
  • CopyPress
Mediagistic Digital Marketing Agency Tampa

Founded: 1999

What they do: Mediagistic helps companies target their marketing initiative to best capture their local audiences and generate more substantial leads, serving a broad swath of industries ranging from home services to tourism. Among the many services they provide, Mediagistic's team offers media buying, creative content production for TV and print, and internet marketing solutions designed to take advantage of all available channels. Mediagistic's holistic capabilities have allowed them to complete projects for their clients ranging from website redesign to social media campaign development.

Clients: AC Southeast, Berkeley Heating & Air Conditioning, Grifith Energy Services.


MediaLab 3D Solutions Digital Marketing Agency Tampa
MediaLab 3D Solutions

Founded: 1995

What they do: MediaLab 3D Solutions provides digital content design services for a variety of use cases, ranging from architectural prototyping to brand marketing. Their team implements 3D and creative design capabilities into their marketing service suite, offering assistance with projects such as animation, copywriting, storyboarding, and video marketing. For clients in real estate and architecture, the agency additionally offers services such as virtual staging, static map creation, product renderings, interior animations and more.

Clients: Kohler, Whirlpool, Texas Instruments, Kwikset, Toll Brothers.

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PPK Digital Marketing Agency Tampa

Founded: 2004

What they do: PPK provides full-service marketing and advertising services to clients in food service, retail, automotives and a swath of other industries. From building interactive chatbots for company sites to optimizing user experiences for their clients' digital interfaces, PPK has worked on a broad variety of projects designed to amplify brand messaging and voice. Their comprehensive and well-rounded service suite includes creative design, digital development, integrated media curation, social media management, and studio content production.

Clients: Raw Juice, Florida Lottery, Wichita Brewing Co., Dough Nation, Big Boy.


Revenue Management Solutions Digital Marketing Agency Tampa
Revenue Management Solutions

Founded: 1994

What they do: Revenue Management Solutions combines data science with marketing expertise to help restaurant clients maximise their customer satisfaction and successfully expand their enterprise. By gathering insights from point-of-sale systems and customer behavior, Revenue Management Solutions helps their clients develop a more targeted approach to pricing, branding and menu decisions. Their unique approach to company marketing helps businesses better understand and serve their customer bases, opening up opportunities to increase ROI and stay in business longer.

Clients: Noodles & Company, Famous Dave's, Fresh Brothers Pizza.


Socius Marketing Digital Marketing Agency Tampa
Socius Marketing

Founded: 2006

What they do: Socius Marketing is a full-spectrum marketing agency focused on helping companies build their brands from the ground up, offering enterprises both large and small the opportunity to expand to a global digital audience. Their vast service portfolio covers nearly every potential marketing channel, including SEO, content production, web development, online reputation management, link building and more. Clients who enlist their services begin with an in-depth introductory meeting to establish goals and potential points of improvement, and from there Socius Marketing will perform customer and industry research in order to develop content or campaigns tailored to each company's particular needs.

Clients: Rain Soft, Panel Systems, Pacer Group, My Office Solutions.


CopyPress Digital Marketing Agency Tampa

Founded: 2010

What they do: CopyPress provides companies of all sizes with content and digital marketing solutions designed to educate, attract and retain customers. Their team shares a strong background in digital content marketing, and together they collaborate with clients on blog posts, eBook development, social media promotion, custom digital illustrations and a variety of other marketing and branding projects. The company provides a variety of service options to each client based on their size and industry, offering targeted solutions for large enterprises, mid-market businesses and agencies.

Clients: Auto Revo, Intellifluence, VSE.

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SPARK Digital Marketing Agency Tampa

Founded: 2001

What they do: SPARK is a multimedia marketing agency, guiding clients in the U.S. and beyond in developing branding initiatives designed to reach their own specific goals. SPARK teams up with clients in any industry to build social media campaigns, produce creative content, give brands a digital facelift, and collaborate on any other branding project a client can envision. The agency maintains a presence in the United States on both coasts, with an additional office in San Diego's East Village.

Clients: Coppertail Brewing Co., Cadillac Hotel, Vology, PetSmart, Dave & Busters.


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