These D.C. Companies Ranked Highest on Forbes’ Best Startup Employers List

Find out which local companies are standing out from the crowd in a competitive market for top tech talent.

Written by Ashley Bowden
Published on Mar. 09, 2022
These D.C. Companies Ranked Highest on Forbes’ Best Startup Employers List
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Across several major industries, more companies have come to call the nation’s capital home. As more startups gravitate toward this burgeoning hub, local talent may find themselves torn between which workplaces will best fuel their professional growth. Working alongside Statista, Forbes magazine released its top picks on its latest list of America’s Best Startup Employers this week.

Considering data from 2,500 companies that employ at least 50 people, the list narrows down the top 500 based on their employer reputation, employee satisfaction and growth. Looking to turn the tides on the Great Recession, the featured companies are making moves to attract new people and maintain a growing workforce.

Out of 500 companies across the country, the D.C. metro landed 15 companies on Forbes’ list this year. Launched between 2012 and 2019, read on to learn which five local tech companies secured the highest positions. Spoiler alert: All five of them are now hiring.


Rank #148

Aiming to put time back in the day for data engineers, D.C.-based Prefect’s dataflow automation platform streamlines things like scheduling, monitoring and retries to remove complexity from their tasks and help with orchestration issues. Its solution leverages cloud technology and provides the security needed to help companies quickly deploy, monitor and manage their workflows. The company raised a Series B round last summer and has since updated its platform from Prefect Core to Prefect 1.0.


Rank #136

The D.C. digital services company serves federal government agencies, helping them build out the software services they need to achieve their goals and meet users’ needs. The platform is powered by a network of experts in the fields of product management, engineering, research and design. Ad Hoc recently partnered with the Department of Veterans Affairs to support the latter’s app that offers veterans secure access to their healthcare and benefits information. 


Rank #108

Offering a healthcare compliance analytics platform, Baltimore-based Protenus works to provide organizations with scalable risk-reduction solutions to help drive safe patient outcomes and simultaneously protect their reputations. Ultimately aiming to empower healthcare institutions to eliminate risks altogether, its platform offers tools for patient privacy monitoring and drug diversion surveillance. The company is ranked no. 62 of those in the healthcare industry featured in Forbes’ latest list.  


Rank #72

Specializing in decision intelligence, enterprise tech company Morning Consult works to use data to provide global leaders with real-time insights into what people think. It does so by leveraging AI and machine learning tech as well as datasets and access to millions of people around the world. The platform uses this information to provide leaders with daily insights as to people’s opinions on brands, the economy and geopolitics to help inform their decision-making process. Morning Consult achieved unicorn status following its Series B round last June, and it also recently opened a new D.C. headquarters in Penn Quarter. 


Rank #70 

The company offers a free cybersecurity professional development platform for individuals and teams. Headquartered in Riverdale, Maryland, Cybrary provides users with a catalog of training and certifications, as well as mentors and instructors to help build their cybersecurity and IT skills. The company recently announced four new executive hires to its team including Rob Usey as CTO, Charlie Booth as CFO, Mary Fad as VP of marketing and Tonya Butler as VP of people. 


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