Info Security Company Cyble Raises $10M Series A to Expand Its Platform

The fresh capital will allow the Alpharetta startup to build out its product roadmap as well as its global presence.

Written by Ashley Bowden
Published on Feb. 23, 2022
Info Security Company Cyble Raises $10M Series A to Expand Its Platform
Cyble co-founders Manish Chachada (left) and Beenu Arora (right). | Photo: Cyble

To keep up with the times, companies will have to go digital. Whether they’re businesses in finance, healthcare, retail or beyond, countless organizations are undergoing digital transformations to fuel growth and operate more efficiently. However, moving systems onto online channels can be a double-edged sword. While information is more accessible internally, companies simultaneously run the risk of making their data more vulnerable to digital threats. 

Enter Cyble, an Alpharetta-based information security company that provides insights as to what an organization’s current digital risk looks like. Powered by AI, the threat intelligence company continually monitors both the surface web and dark web to help companies mitigate their risk footprint and protect against potential data exposure and malicious activity. To date, Cyble counts more than 50 enterprise customers including names like Gojek, CheapOair, Blackbird and Payfazz.

“It is no secret that cybercrime activity conducted in the dark web is rising exponentially, we believe that continuous threat intelligence and dark web monitoring are critical for organizations to identify and manage data breaches in a timely manner,” Beenu Arora, Cyble’s CEO and co-founder, said in a statement.

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With an enterprise client base spanning six countries, Cyble is fueling its solutions’ continued growth with a $10 million funding round it announced this week. The capital raise, led by Blackbird, will enable the SaaS provider to expand its product roadmap and grow its presence within new and existing markets.

“The Series A funding round is a major milestone for our rapidly growing company, and affirmation of Cyble’s emergence as a pioneer and thought leader in the infosec industry,” Arora said. “We are thrilled to receive this support and intend to direct these funds to drive our research, development and intelligence capabilities to greater heights.”

This round follows the company’s previous $4 million seed raise announced back in April 2021. Since then, Cyble has grown quickly while advancing its infosec solution. In the midst of developing monitoring solutions for the dark web, brand, and attack surfaces, the company tripled in business year over year and grew its headcount from 25 to 80 people last year. 

Furthering this momentum, the company is currently building out its team across various roles in UX design, engineering, DevOps, research and more.

“Cyble began with an ambitious goal to democratize visibility into the dark web and empower organizations to fortify their security infrastructure and consequently ensure resilience to malicious cyberattacks,” Manish Chachada, the company’s co-founder and COO, said in a statement. “We are incredibly excited to receive the support from our investors to continue to carry out Cyble’s vision, and honored that Cyble is recognized as a leading voice in cybersecurity and a trusted partner that enables businesses to advance their digital risk protection strategy.”

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