At Crexi, Company Growth Offers Expansive Individual Opportunity

As the commercial real estate platform continues to develop new solutions for a rapidly advancing market, the talented and ambitious team behind the scenes continues to advance, too.

Written by Brigid Hogan
Published on Nov. 27, 2023
At Crexi, Company Growth Offers Expansive Individual Opportunity
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As the real estate technology landscape continues to evolve, Crexi has positioned itself as a key player, fostering growth for its employees and modernizing transactions for buyers, sellers and brokers alike.

Empowering users is at the heart of Crexi’s platform — leveraging technology to build a comprehensive interface to search, list and analyze commercial real estate and integrating advanced tools to equip users with the information they need to make informed decisions. Building those advanced tools has given the Crexi team room to excel.

Crexi’s growth reflects not only the platform’s success but also the evolving needs of the commercial real estate business, as an industry traditionally reliant on offline transactions embraces the benefits of online tools and platforms. By offering a range of services that together form an integrated, all-in-one approach, Crexi has solidified its position as a comprehensive solution for commercial real estate professionals and its role in shaping the future of real estate technology.

With tools including property marketing, transaction management and financial analysis, Crexi’s focus is on streamlining growth and industry collaboration — values that Crexi’s employees see daily on their fast-paced and ambitious team.

Built In heard from three talented members of the Crexi team about how the company has supported their success so far and continues to offer an environment full of opportunities to grow.


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Atinder Kaur, Product Designer

From Atinder Kaur’s earliest days as an onboarding specialist at Crexi, her manager urged her to speak up if she was interested in exploring other roles or departments at the company. 

“That encouragement was always refreshing because it meant there was tremendous opportunity for advancement,” she said. 

As Kaur continued working closely with Crexi’s platform while onboarding clients, she realized she wanted to make a more direct impact on the product, which led to a transition to the product design team.

“Experiencing this career growth has taught me that nothing is ever off the table,” Kaur said. “I really appreciated the care that was taken with my transfer to make sure I acclimated to my new role properly.”


“Experiencing this career growth has taught me that nothing is ever off the table.”


For Kaur, the transition to product design has highlighted Crexi’s commitment to growth and a culture of learning across the team.

“Crexi fosters an environment where I feel comfortable pursuing opportunities that will help me grow,” she said. “I really appreciate how there are always opportunities to learn something new — whether it’s being surrounded by bright minds or attending conferences to extend my knowledge and professional network. 

“Crexi values my contributions and my role.” 

Kaur points to her current work developing Crexi’s iPad application as a perfect example of an opportunity to expand her knowledge and become a more well-rounded designer. 

“It means a lot that my manager is so willing to trust my vision and thought process,” she said. “And as the product design team continues to expand, I’m excited for all the opportunities to come.”


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Kyla Dickman, Director, Sales

When Kyla Dickman joined Crexi in 2018, she was part of a tight-knit team of 30. Five years later, “Team Crexi” has grown more than tenfold to over 300 employees.

Working at Crexi and being part of the company’s high growth has been one of the most exciting and meaningful experiences of my career,” Dickman said. “Growing a team is challenging, but the rewards of working alongside ambitious teammates, building a meaningful product and seeing our work make a positive impact for our customers keeps me energized every day.”

Dickman was seeking those very challenges and rewards when she joined the team — attracted by the opportunities that a growing company could offer her personal and professional development. While Crexi’s large-scale growth is dramatic, Dickman sees the company’s incremental growth as key to understanding the internal culture and approach to development.

“At Crexi, company growth means being open to new ideas while staying close to our core values,” she said. “We focus on small daily improvements that lead to real and impactful change.”


“We focus on small daily improvements that lead to real and impactful change.”


On her own growth journey, Dickman has found that her greatest opportunities have appeared when she has found ways to challenge herself and add value to existing processes, including a recent opportunity to reimagine how Crexi onboards new hires to the sales team. While working on the project, she was able to work closely with leaders across the company, implement feedback from current reps and deliver a new program that focused on providing a better experience for new reps. Dickman was also able to pass growth opportunities along to her team — sales reps interested in leadership development were able to run training sessions within the new onboarding program.

“The best part of our sales culture is that we have a very inclusive group,” she said. “Everyone wants to see each other succeed and to celebrate wins together. We are constantly sharing win stories and strategies to help one another get better.”

As part of that drive toward succeeding together, a robust mentorship program keeps the sales team tightly knit, but those relationships extend into the rest of the company as well.

“Crexi is one of the most transparent and interconnected companies I’ve worked for,” Dickman said. “There’s a direct line of communication to anyone at the company, regardless of which team you belong to, and there are always opportunities to get involved and learn from others.”


Roman Vassel, Recruiter

Like Dickman, Roman Vassel has seen Crexi grow dramatically over his time at the company — the staff has doubled in size, and an entirely new product line has expanded the business offerings.

Vassel, too, has seen growth of his own since joining Crexi three years ago. He first joined as a sales development representative before moving into an account executive role, and after almost two years on the sales team, he decided to pursue an interest in joining the talent acquisition team. Now, Vassel is developing his expertise as a recruiter while continuing to build his career at Crexi.

“During my time at Crexi, I’ve seen many of my colleagues have the opportunity to explore their interests and passions,” he said. “I believe that Crexi is committed to finding strong talent and providing them with the support to elevate their careers.”


“Crexi is committed to finding strong talent and providing them with the support to elevate their careers.”


As Vassel continues to grow on his new career trajectory, he is grateful for the stretch projects that allow him to explore new skills and tools. 

“Recently, I worked on a project in which we did a deep dive on our top performers’ backgrounds and day-to-day activities to determine what may have contributed to their success here at Crexi,” Vassel said. “I learned a lot about how to attract top talent and look forward to adding more great team members to our sales force.”

For Vassel, this opportunity was more than another project to add to the recruiter toolbox — it helped him gain insight into his own abilities and identity as a leader.

“I will treasure this experience as I progress further in my career,” he said.



Responses have been edited for length and clarity. Images provided by Shutterstock and Crexi.

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