28 Companies in Portland Building Up the City’s Business Potential

Written by Olivia McClure
Published on Dec. 02, 2020
28 Companies in Portland Building Up the City’s Business Potential
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When reflecting on the West Coast’s dominance in the tech industry, many people think of the San Francisco Bay Area and the renowned companies that have transformed the region into an innovative powerhouse. However, Portland also boasts a well-established business scene that is now garnering increased attention from tech professionals. Features like the Tualatin Mountains and the Columbia River Gorge contribute to a diverse ecosystem, creating the perfect location for companies like Nike and Columbia Sportswear to thrive. The city continues to grow in popularity, contributing even more depth and breadth to the cutting-edge environment of the “Silicon Forest.” 

In addition to long-time staples like Tektronix and FLIR Systems, numerous startups are expanding Portland’s presence across a range of industries. Outdoor interests remain a key part of the city’s focus, but areas like the cannabis industry are encouraging “Stumptown” to branch out into other sectors. As a result, the Pacific Northwest serves as the perfect alternative for those searching for adventures outside of the Bay Area. 

Here are companies making their mark in various fields while further enriching the tech landscape of Portland. 

Top Companies in Portland You Should Know

  1. Nike - 10,000+ Employees
  2. Columbia Sportswear - 7,000+ Employees
  3. Cambia Health Solutions - 4,100+ Employees
  4. Qorvo - 1,000+ Employees
  5. Tektronix - 3,400+ Employees
  6. Adidas North America - 2,000+ Employees
  7. Teledyne FLIR - 3,500+ Employees
  8. Wieden + Kennedy - 1,000+ Employees
  9. Datto, Inc. - 1,000+ Employees
  10. Total Quality Logistics - 8,000+ Employees

Founded: 2015 

Number of employees: 1,000+

What they do: 84.51° gives companies the ability to strengthen their relationships with customers by applying technology to analyze and influence consumer behavior. With an intuitive platform, businesses can review past decisions by customers and deliver personalized offers to long-time clients. There’s a good chance shoppers will keep returning when organizations lean on the tools of 84.51° to anticipate the needs and wants of their customers.


Founded: 2001 

Number of employees: 2,000+

What they do: While the most vulnerable populations may gain some attention, seldom do they receive the resources they need to survive. AKQA is hoping to change this reality by creating a unique platform that connects customers and essential items. The organization matches every purchase by sending each selected item to at-risk individuals, harnessing the power of technology to support those in difficult situations.


Founded: 1999

Number of employees: 1,000+

What they do: To deliver the products that customers desire, companies need to stay on the same page with their most loyal clients. SurveyMonkey centers its technology around this belief, delivering streamlined products that enable businesses to quickly craft surveys, target specific audiences, and analyze the results. An organization can now keep its finger on the pulse of its customer base and leverage the tools of SurveyMonkey to better understand its clients' preferences.


Founded: 1999

Number of employees: 3,000+

What they do: Combining sensors and smart devices, Dexcom has crafted a system that gives diabetes patients more awareness of their glucose levels. Advanced technology tracks glucose levels day and night, gathering information and relaying data to a convenient handheld device. With the solutions of Dexcom, diabetes patients can keep a close eye on their glucose levels and take proactive measures when necessary.


Founded: 1987 

Number of employees: 4,000+ 

What they do: CoStar Group is simplifying transactions within the real estate industry, allowing people to spend less time shopping around and more time enjoying the property that meets all their requirements. From college students to business owners, CoStar Group offers an umbrella of sites that caters to diverse demographics. Anyone can locate their ideal living space with the platforms CoStar Group provides. 


Founded: 2009 

Number of employees: 2,000

What they do: For those who have considered owning a vacation home, the process becomes stress-free with the all-encompassing solutions of Vacasa. A mobile app makes it simple for people to find and book a home while advanced technology enables Vacasa to monitor vacation homes and coordinate cleaning schedules with local teams. Both vacationers and vacation homeowners can appreciate a sweeter experience with the all-around products of Vacasa.


Founded: 1911

Number of employees: 51,000

What they do: Whether it’s a hospital or a plane, the most vital parts of modern society need reliable forms of energy to deliver high-quality experiences. That’s why Eaton has produced a slate of efficient and reliable ways for managing energy and helping people get the most out of their products. Hydraulic motors, energy storage systems, and electric grids are just a few areas that Eaton continues to improve with its technology.


Founded: 1971

Number of employees: 4,000

What they do: Sparking a genuine connection with customers is crucial for the growth of a business, so Merkle is doubling down on its commitment to a customer-first approach. With a shift toward understanding what matters most to clients, Merkle can help organizations tailor their marketing strategy and determine the perfect time and channel for reaching out to their most promising leads.


Founded: 2008 

Number of employees: 2,000+

What they do: The increasing amounts and importance of data has led to the demand for more ways to manage this data, and New Relic has risen to the occasion. New Relic has constructed a platform that enables teams to organize information, monitor their data, and respond to any issues in an instant. With a more efficient setup, companies can provide seamless online experiences for their customers.


Founded: 2000

Number of employees: 2,000+

What they do: With the latest business-to-business technology, ZoomInfo is providing companies with more streamlined ways to find their ideal customers. Organizations have the ability to determine client profiles, track client interest across the web, and tailor their marketing strategies with ZoomInfo’s solutions. Every interaction becomes much more personalized and leads to higher conversion rates. 


Founded: 2009

Number of employees: 3,000+

What they do: No matter how high-tech a company becomes, success still hinges on how well it can connect with a broad customer base. That’s why Sprinklr makes customer service the focus of its technology, equipping businesses with the tools to communicate with clients across various channels. In addition, organizations can collect and store customer information with Sprinklr’s products, allowing them to better understand the people they serve.


Founded: 1968

Number of employees: 141,000+

What they do: Intel Corporation is supplementing high-tech capabilities with an impact-focused approach, creating products that encourage healthier and more efficient societies. From the automotive industry to the environmental movement, the company has made a name for itself by crafting safer and more sustainable solutions. With numerous products under its belt and plans to expand production, Intel Corporation is set to continue building cutting-edge technologies for all aspects of everyday life. 


Founded: 1952

Number of employees: 6,000+

What they do: The spread of technology has made it easier for companies to draw more attention, but it’s crucial that attention comes for all the right reasons. Edelman helps organizations manage their reputations with a suite of services, ranging from digital marketing plans to crisis management strategies. This way, businesses can portray themselves in a positive light with the thoughtful approach of Edelman.


Founded: 1997 

Number of employees: 8,000+

What they do: Relocating inventory requires personalized solutions, and Total Quality Logistics understands this reality. The company connects clients with a network of over 90,000 carriers while offering 24/7 support year-round to deliver top-notch service. Total Quality Logistics also provides tracking technology to keep organizations in the know regarding their transport schedule.


Founded: 2007

Number of employees: 1,000+

What they do: To provide companies with the ultimate peace of mind in the digital age, Datto, Inc. has developed a suite of technologies for managing and securing data. Businesses can fend off ransomware, recover data faster, and monitor their information with the comprehensive products of Datto, Inc. Plus, increased compatibility with platforms like Microsoft Azure makes Datto, Inc. an even more convenient option.


Founded: 1972

Number of employees: 10,000+

What they do: Based in nearby Beaverton, Nike has ruled the athletic retail space since its inception, boasting a broad range of footwear, apparel and equipment. Some of their most iconic products include the Converse All-Star Chuck Taylor and the Air Jordan, both of which have been style mainstays for decades. The company’s headquarters house a team of both top-rated designers and technology experts dedicated to supporting Nike’s mobile apps, product development and more. Nike has offices in countries across the globe including the Netherlands, Belgium and Argentina.  


Founded: 1938

Number of employees: 7,000+

What they do: Columbia Sportswear is an active lifestyle icon, offering a wide range of outdoor apparel and gear. This Pacific Northwest staple operates a family of brands, which includes SOREL, Mountain Hardwear and prAna, boasting products ranging from winter coats and hats to backpacks and camping gear. At an internal level, Columbia’s headquarters is home to an army of tech-enabled outdoor enthusiasts who handle the company’s global supply chain operations and product development. Columbia has offices located worldwide in cities such as Tokyo, Geneva and Shanghai.


Founded: 1906

Number of employees: 3,400+

What they do: The Standard provides a broad range of insurance, retirement and investment products and services. Serving individuals, businesses, brokers and advisers, the company offers assistance with things like retirement plans, workplace benefits, absence management and individual disability. The Standard boasts numerous offices throughout the U.S.


Founded: 2015

Number of employees: 1,000+

What they do: Qorvo specializes in providing RF solutions to customers in a wide range of global markets. The company’s suite of solutions are focused on smartphone devices, WiFi designs, distance and location measurement, defense radar and communications, and more. Qorvo is also dedicated to advancing applications such as 5G networks, cloud computing and IoT. The company boasts offices in several countries including Finland, Ireland and Germany. 


Founded: 1996

Number of employees: 4,100+

What they do: Cambia Health Solutions operates a family of healthcare companies that use technology to deliver customer-centric solutions. The organization has a designated AI office, where they combine data, human-centered design and personalized insights in an effort to develop an “economically sustainable healthcare system.” Cambia Health Solutions also offers a digital platform, Journi, which grants people access to health support, prescription management, insurance and other benefits. 


Founded: 2005

Number of employees: 500+

What they do: Puppet’s platform helps teams manage and automate infrastructure and workflows. The platform can be used for a variety of purposes including application delivery, continuous configuration automation, operations tasks, and orchestration and Windows infrastructure automation. Puppet integrates with a wide range of applications including Amazon Web Services, Cisco, VMWare and Red Hat.

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Founded: 1948

Number of employees: 2,000+

What they do: Adidas’ Portland headquarters houses the North American branch of this global sports brand. Over the decades, the company has become a fashion staple, offering a wide range of popular sneakers, sweatshirts, jogging pants and more. At the Adidas “village” in Portland, employees engineer the latest products and applications for this athletic powerhouse. There, fashion designers, athletes and tech professionals have access to on-site sports facilities, company-led sports leagues and product discounts. 


Founded: 1946

Number of employees: 3,400+

What they do: Located in neighboring Beaverton, Tektronix designs and manufactures test and measurement solutions so engineers can more easily pursue technological advances. Their focus areas include 3D sensing and image characterization, high-speed serial communications, medical devices, wireless and RF testing, and semiconductor design and manufacturing. Tektronix also offers various software applications capable of tasks such as PC analysis, vector signal analysis and lab instrument management.


Founded: 1978

Number of employees: 3,500+

What they do: Located in neighboring Wilsonville, Teledyne FLIR designs, develops and distributes technologies that enhance perception and awareness. The company’s products include thermal imaging systems, people flow intelligence, traffic detection systems, unmanned aerial systems and gas detection cameras. Teledyne FLIR’s sensing solutions are used for a variety of situational awareness and security applications including search and rescue, transportation safety, and border and maritime patrol.


Founded: 1982

Number of employees: 1,000+

What they do: Wieden + Kennedy is an independent advertising agency with a presence in numerous countries. Boasting media, design and tech operations, the agency specializes in global campaigns, brand identity, product launches, television spots and more. Wieden + Kennedy works with a diverse range of clients including McDonald’s, Netflix and IKEA. In addition to their Portland headquarters, the company has offices in several cities such as London, Tokyo and Amsterdam.


 Founded: 1995

Number of employees: 2,400+

What they do: Launched by John Marick and Greg Pryor, Consumer Cellular provides no-contract cell phones and service plans. The company’s wireless phones and plans are available nationwide at retailers such as Target. Consumer Cellular partners with leading brands including Apple, Samsung and Motorola. 


Founded: 1988

Number of employees: 650+

What they do: OIA Global is a supply chain management company dedicated to optimizing global logistics and packaging. The company provides a variety of supply chain solutions including air freight forwarding, project logistics, warehousing and distribution, and ocean freight forwarding. Their real-time, supply chain platform, OIA Connect, grants suppliers and carriers access to shipment information, documents, activity logs and more.


Founded: 1997

Number of employees: 430+

What they do: Tripwire helps enterprises and industrial organizations find, monitor and minimize cyber threats to their digital infrastructure. The company’s software offers real-time threat detection, deep system visibility, extensive app integrations and security automation. Tripwire’s other products are designed for vulnerability management, ICS intelligence, event monitoring, configuration management and more. Tripwire collaborates with a variety of clients including Walgreens, Vodafone and Sony.

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