8 Companies Hiring Project Managers

These companies are seeking out project managers to lead various teams and initiatives.

Written by Rose Velazquez
8 Companies Hiring Project Managers
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Margo Steines | Apr 08, 2024

A project manager provides the leadership to ensure their team meets deadlines and budgetary constraints. In addition to relevant technical expertise, professionals working in project management need strong communication and time management skills. Their job tasks often include assigning responsibilities and timelines, documenting team progress and updating upper-level leadership. We’ve compiled a list of companies hiring project managers to guide initiatives in areas ranging from engineering to quality assurance.

Companies Hiring Project Managers

  • UL Solutions
  • McDonald’s Global Technology
  • PagerDuty
  • Tesla
  • Motorola Solutions
  • Opendoor
  • Zayo
  • HDR


Companies Hiring Project Managers

UL Solutions partners with client companies in industries ranging from pharmaceuticals to oil and gas on identifying and overcoming safety, security and sustainability challenges. Project management jobs at UL Solutions require professionals who have experience communicating with leaders and stakeholders, overseeing budgets and resources, managing risks, delegating responsibilities and staying on top of project progress.


Globally iconic McDonald’s is an enterprise food and beverage fast casual restaurant retailer, with a network of over 36,000 franchise locations around the world. The company seeks project managers in a wide range of departments and roles, including a technical project manager with a background in software release management to work out of the McDonald’s Chicago office. 

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PagerDuty’s IT incident response platform is built to streamline and automate the processes that follow threats to IT functions, from cyber attacks to commonplace code issues. The platform, which integrates with more than 700 types of IT software, is used by enterprise clients including Slack, AT&T and Panasonic. PagerDuty is hiring project managers in community and advocacy, global benefits, sales development and many other departments, for roles to be performed in-person and remotely.


Tesla builds all-electric cars that are also equipped with self-driving capabilities. Its technology enables vehicles to autonomously handle braking, lane changing, parking and other driving tasks. Tesla seeks out project managers with a variety of proficiencies, including leadership and communication abilities, problem solving skills, strategic thinking and knowledge of the company’s brand.

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Motorola Solutions specializes in technology for security solutions and critical communications in industries ranging from law enforcement and healthcare to education and transportation. The company hires project managers to handle duties like managing project schedules, ensuring necessary resources are in place and collaborating with colleagues across various teams.


Opendoor is a real estate tech company working to simplify home buying and selling. The company buys properties from homeowners based on information provided online and video showings. Those houses are then sold through an online platform. Opendoor’s project managers work across various office locations to coordinate projects that support Opendoor’s efforts to innovate the residential real estate industry.

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Zayo offers connectivity solutions designed to help enterprises, educational institutions, public sector organizations and other customers across more than 400 global markets meet their goals. Prospective project managers at Zayo can look forward to benefits like a 401(k) savings plan, fitness membership discounts and generous time-off allowances that extend to paid parental leave.


HDR is a global firm with expertise in architecture, engineering, environmental and construction services. Its 12,000-plus team members work across more than 200 locations to design building and infrastructure solutions. The company is looking for professionals with the right combination of skills and experience to oversee strategy for projects in categories like transportation and wastewater.

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