Rebrands, Expands Cloud Governance and Management Platform

Its platform, now called Kion 3.0, comes with a number of new features to get teams beyond the “grunt work” of cloud management.

Written by Charli Renken
Published on Nov. 04, 2021 Rebrands, Expands Cloud Governance and Management Platform
kion rebrands
Kion's team. | Photo: Kion, a cloud enablement solution provider, announced Wednesday it rebranded as Kion. With the rebrand also comes major updates to its platform, now called Kion 3.0. New features and user enhancements will take the product beyond baseline cloud governance and management, allowing organizations to expand and accelerate cloud capabilities. 

Kion is a full cloud enablement solution that allows organizations to simplify cloud environments by pulling multiple accounts and services — like Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud — into one place. With Kion, team leads can manage and control cloud environments at scale. Users can automatically enforce rules for all accounts, define and stick to budgets, as well as prevent and detect non-compliance.

“[Cloud] governance is those rules and regulations that say, ‘Okay, here’s what you can do, when you can do it, how you can do it.’ Those are great rules to have in place, but if they’re written on paper or they’re not widely understood, then they can only go so far,” Brian Price, CEO and co-founder of Kion, told Built In.

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While Kion isn’t the first cloud management product on the market, the company says it is the first and only one to fully integrate financial and security aspects and enable users to take full advantage of cloud benefits. 

“We’re helping teams get beyond some of the grunt work of cloud management and give them the context they need to make better decisions,” Price said.

As the pandemic continues and remote work becomes more popular, being able to seamlessly manage cloud environments and free up company time is more important than ever. Kion 3.0 comes with a number of useful new features and upgrades. Users will now have access to reserved instances (RIs) visibility, expanded Google Cloud support, wizard functionality and streamlined cloud federation. 

RIs visibility is a particularly helpful new feature for keeping teams on budget and making sure virtual servers don’t go underutilized. Kion’s product can not only determine who is using what amount of data storage, but it can also automatically renew RI contracts as they near expiration. With overhead costs being a large concern for companies during the pandemic, this new feature could save businesses in cloud service costs.

The rebrand and platform update marks another milestone in the company’s growth. 

“We’ve gone from eight folks to what will be over 50 by the end of this year,” Price said. “It’s been a pretty crazy growth path that we’ve seen. We’ve gone from only a couple customers to now over 40 that we have using our platform.” 

Kion also recently closed its Series A funding round where it brought in $9.5 million for new hires. Price said the company is still hiring, particularly in sales, marketing and engineering.

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