Catalyzing Success Through Shared Responsibility: An Entera Leader’s Strategy

SVP Dozie Okeleke leverages the principles of Ubuntu to propel his team forward. His worldwide travels — along with a deep grasp of cultures, passion for human development and global outlook — contribute equally to his philosophy of collective leadership.

Written by Brigid Hogan
Published on Sep. 06, 2023
Catalyzing Success Through Shared Responsibility: An Entera Leader’s Strategy
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In his childhood home of southern Nigeria, Dozie Okeleke observed ants working together with precision, carrying palm shoots as a united force. Even at just five years old, Okeleke was fascinated by the ants’ ability to achieve more together than alone. 

As he grew older, Okeleke discovered the term ‘ubuntu,’ which embodies the idea of people sharing responsibility for each other. He eloquently conveyed this concept in a 2016 TEDx talk, where he simply put it: “I am because we are.”

Now a senior vice president for Entera’s brokerage services, Okeleke sees the ubuntu philosophy as key to leading his team.

“My vision for leading the team is to inspire and guide them toward accomplishing ambitious yet attainable goals,” he said. “By leveraging the unique strengths and talents of each team member and encouraging them to take ownership of their tasks and projects, I aim to instill a sense of responsibility in our collective endeavors.”

As Entera’s teams work together to transform buying, selling and managing single-family residential real estate, Okeleke is passionate about helping his team members transform and elevate their careers as well.

“Undeniably, this is the most gratifying aspect of my profession: the opportunity to provide support and guidance to help others reach their goals.”


How do you build team culture? What does that look like at Entera?

Dozie Okeleke
SVP, Brokerage Services • Entera

In one word: communication. This entails fostering open and transparent dialogue on all subjects, regardless of complexity. I invest time in personally getting to know each team member and understanding their strengths, interests and career aspirations. This approach creates a sense of belonging and mutual trust among the team, and we ensure this culture extends across all levels of leadership.


“I invest time in understanding each team member’s strengths, interests and career aspirations. This creates a sense of belonging and mutual trust.” 


This team culture is crucial for my work as it directly impacts team members’ productivity and job satisfaction. A positive culture leads to higher employee engagement and retention, resulting in improved outcomes for projects and clients.


How do you help your team grow their careers?

To support career growth, we utilize Entera’s growth and development plan. This tool allows employees to track their accomplishments and identify areas for improvement. From there, we build personal development plans based on their strengths.

In my day-to-day role, I continuously identify critical business needs and create action plans to bridge any gaps for my team. By aligning employee development needs with appropriate opportunities, I enable them to stretch their skills and meet their developmental goals. This approach ensures a win-win scenario for both employees and the organization.


Okeleke’s Approach to Growth

Okeleke helps his team grow their careers through a simple three-step approach:

  1. Enabling self-clarity: “I help team members identify strengths and growth areas, collaborating with leaders across different levels.”
  2. Identifying business opportunities: “As a part of my day-to-day, I identify key business needs that give Entera and our clients a competitive advantage in the industry.” 
  3. Matching individuals to opportunities: “I align my team’s skills and aspirations with the right growth opportunities.”



What projects are you most excited about for your team?

We’re exploring innovative approaches to adapt to the current economic landscape while delivering exceptional service to our real estate clients. Within my team, we continually review our structure for optimal resource use, aligning with short- and long-term goals. Our main aim is to use our strengths and operational expertise to build a scalable transactional powerhouse. This enables us to offer unmatched service as the single-family rental investing landscape evolves, all while staying committed to future growth.


Why might new hires be interested in joining Entera’s team?

If you are seeking an environment that tackles challenging problems and sets industry standards, Entera is the ideal destination. Our company offers an exceptional opportunity for individuals who are eager to drink from the firehose of real estate services and experience accelerated professional growth.

At Entera, the employee value proposition is centered around creating an inclusive and empowering environment that recognizes and celebrates individual differences while fostering professional growth. We believe that when employees feel accepted for their unique qualities, they can truly bring their best selves to work and make a meaningful impact. 

We understand that each individual possesses diverse strengths, perspectives and experiences. We embrace this diversity as a driving force behind our success, recognizing that it allows us to approach challenges with creativity. Our commitment to understanding individual differences means that potential employees can expect a workplace where their contributions are appreciated, regardless of their identity. We believe in striking a balance between promoting individuality and emphasizing accountability.



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Responses edited for length and clarity. Images provided by Entera.

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