At Bluecore, Go-To-Market Success Hinges on an Empowering Culture

Learn how the e-commerce marketing company’s growth-oriented, community-focused culture enables GTM team members to thrive.

Written by Olivia McClure
Published on Jun. 30, 2023
At Bluecore, Go-To-Market Success Hinges on an Empowering Culture
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Boosting loyalty and revenue. Decreasing costs. Increasing lifetime value for brands. 

These are all goals that define Bluecore’s go-to-market team; the driving force behind the company’s mission to help its customers retail brands excel in the marketplace. 

While Bluecore may be driven by a customer-centric mindset, it’s not just its portfolio of brands that are empowered. Thanks to a thriving people-first culture, members of the company’s go-to-market teams have endless chances to grow and cultivate a sense of community.  

For Dottie Duncan, senior manager of customer onboarding, this empowering environment has set the organization apart from previous employers, positively impacting her daily work. 

“There’s a commitment to people at Bluecore that I haven’t experienced at other companies. This commitment shows up in the support I receive from senior leadership as they take time to help solve problems, understand my blockers and provide the resources needed for change so I can empower my team,” Duncan said. 

The support and encouragement Duncan has received has helped her transition from being an individual contributor to a manager overseeing a team of six. Growth stories such as this one reflect the company’s desire to help its people pursue their passions, regardless of where they lie in the organization. 

Bluecore also knows that passion takes many forms, guided by each individual’s unique identity, which is why the company strives to foster a workplace that embraces people of diverse backgrounds. Guided by a galvanizing philosophy of “#OneBluecore,” the organization emphasizes the importance of unity, offering opportunities for people to gain awareness of other cultures and share their heritage with their peers. 

Inspired by this sense of belonging and empowerment, Bluecore’s GTM team members have space to share their talents while bolstering the success of some of the biggest retail brands. 


Encouraged to Learn More

Working with industry-leading brands — such as The North Face and Sephora — requires equal parts strategy and a passion for evolution. 

As such, many GTM team members have grown significantly during their time at the company. Kim Surko held three different roles before landing her current position as senior vice president of services and support, while Cassandra Porter held two titles before stepping into her current role as enterprise account executive.  

The empowerment these individuals have received reflects the company’s focus on teamwork. In fact, the prevalence of collaboration on the GTM team is the reason why Porter loves showing up to work every day. 

“I’m surrounded by extremely talented individuals who are willing to support each other without hesitation, share the same commitment to the company mission and always seek to push the envelope on innovation in order to make our customers successful,” Porter said. 


Bluecore aims to make it easy for individuals to build new skills. Through job assignments and training from the Learning and Development team, team members grow their leadership skills.

Team members can also step up to lead training sessions themselves. In the past, employees have taught juggling lessons and even offered a French language tutorial.


Inclusion Drives Community

When “Bluecorians” aren’t busy championing each other from a professional standpoint, they’re applying that same enthusiasm to building relationships with each other. 

The company believes individuals need to be connected to their peers in order to more deeply connect with their work, which is why employees are encouraged to take time to unwind after the workday through various events, such as lunch-and-learn sessions, weekly breakfast club and trivia. 

Employees can boost the relationship-building process by taking part in the company’s Culture Council, an employee-led group that hosts interactive workshops to enable team members to learn how to more effectively engage with each other. For instance, the council’s “Radical Collaboration Series” was intended to help employees improve their communication skills by exploring their personal motivations and values. 

These cultural efforts go hand in hand with Bluecore’s commitment to cultivating diversity, equity and inclusion, which is reflected in the people who work across the company. 

“Since I joined Bluecore, I’ve met and worked with an incredible mix of people, starting from our leadership team,” said former Lead of the DEI Working Group and Director of Product Marketing Rosy Khedi.


“Since I joined Bluecore, I’ve met and worked with an incredible mix of people.” 


To encourage team members to show up as their authentic selves, Bluecore’s ERGs are home to a host of employee-founded and -led groups where people can meet, increase their education and awareness, and act as a resource for the company — all with Bluecore’s financial backing. 

Employees can also get involved in the company’s DEI Working Group, which drives internal community-building efforts and offers coaching opportunities. There are also various employee resource groups dedicated to supporting different groups represented across the company, including #WomenAtBluecore, #QCore, #BlackAtBluecore and #Jewcore. 

For those who are a part of the GTM team or any other department at Bluecore, these cultural opportunities have a universal effect: they tie individuals to their work — and each other. 

“It’s really refreshing to be part of a work culture that’s so transparent and committed to making every Bluecorian feel like they belong and are respected,” Khedi said.


Responses have been edited for length and clarity. Images via Shutterstock and Bluecore.

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