Austin Commercial Boosts Construction Productivity With Crane Technology

CraneView helped the company increase daily crane picks by 53 percent and crane time by 28 percent.

Written by Jeff Rumage
Published on Apr. 22, 2022
Austin Commercial Boosts Construction Productivity With Crane Technology
Austin Commercial using CraneView technology
Photo: Versatile

Dallas-based construction firm Austin Commercial is known for high-profile projects, like Q2 Stadium in Austin, the San Francisco International Airport and Austin’s W Hotel, among others.

The company recently benefited from some high-tech assistance while constructing the University of Houston Law Center’s new John M. O’Quinn Law Building.

The company used technology called CraneView, a device attached near the hook of a crane that automatically collects and analyzes data, such as when the crane hook is being utilized. Company representatives said the technology helped them optimize their workflow and more accurately schedule and budget construction projects.

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CraneView was developed by Versatile, a construction technology company from Los Altos, California.

When constructing the new John M. O’Quinn Law Building, Austin Commercial’s daily crane picks increased by 53 percent and its daily crane time increased by 28 percent. The building is expected to open this fall.

Austin Commercial superintendents were able to use CraneView’s performance data and time-on-hook metrics to identify job site patterns and streamline their hoisting process.

Todd Harper, the company’s director of construction technology, said in a statement that CraneView’s ability to capture visual and analytical data helped the crew be more efficient.

“CraneView helped us discern patterns and gave us unique, real-time insights on activities that maximized efficiency in our planning efforts, streamlined our overall hoisting process and improved our project execution,” he said.

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