These 5 Atlanta Companies Ranked on Forbes’ Best Startup Employers List

Find out which local companies are standing out from the crowd in a competitive market for top tech talent.

Written by Ashley Bowden
Published on Mar. 09, 2022
These 5 Atlanta Companies Ranked on Forbes’ Best Startup Employers List
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Home to a wide range of creative startups building out solutions for the future, Atlanta offers numerous opportunities for local talent wondering where to build their careers. Faced with so many options, Forbes is offering a place to start their search. Working alongside Statista, the magazine released its top picks on its latest list of America’s Best Startup Employers this week.

Considering data from 2,500 companies that employ at least 50 people, the list narrowed down the top 500 based on their employer reputation, employee satisfaction and growth. Looking to turn the tides on the Great Recession, the featured companies are making moves to attract new people and maintain a growing workforce.

Launched between 2012 and 2019, read on to learn which five Atlanta-based startups ranked on Forbes’ latest list. Bonus: Most of them are currently hiring to grow their teams.


Rank #424

On a mission to promote human well-being and improved quality of life, Parallel, formerly Surterra Wellness, uses science and technology to leverage the benefits of cannabinoids. Operating in states including Florida, Texas, Nevada and Massachusetts, Parallel offers cannabis brands and products such as its Goodblend retail brand. Most recently, the company announced its commitment to social equity initiatives within the cannabis industry and partnered with the Minority Cannabis Business Association to join its efforts.


Rank #276

Using behavioral data and machine learning, FullStory’s platform provides enterprises with real-time analytics and insights that can help them improve consumer experience across their brands’ digital products. The digital experience intelligence market is growing as more people have taken to online shopping, and companies like FullStory aim to help businesses make the most of their digital opportunities. FullStory recently achieved unicorn status following its $103 million Series D funding round last year. 


Rank #80

Providing product development teams insights as to how software changes might affect other areas of the company, Sonar aims to help enterprise ops teams efficiently navigate change without running the risk of hitting obstacles that could require troubleshooting later. By helping them understand how changes could impact other systems and stakeholders, Sonar’s software was created to help platforms across an enterprise’s tech stack communicate with one another. The company last raised a Series A funding round in March of last year to put toward expanding its team.


Rank #28

By delivering revenue through multi-channel account-based marketing, Terminus’ solution aims to help enterprise teams across marketing, sales and customer success collaborate and improve their company’s go-to-market strategy and customer experiences. Supplying users with data, channels and analytics, the company furthered its offerings this month and launched its ABM certification program. The course is built to help B2B teams create, launch and improve their account-based marketing programs. 


Rank #21

The Atlanta unicorn provides an automated tool that allows individuals, companies and teams to conveniently schedule meetings and collaborate more efficiently. With integrations for Chrome and Firefox, Calendly recently announced new extensions to help people schedule meetings over LinkedIn messages. The company works with over 100 business applications and counts more than 10 million users across 116 countries.  


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