Artificial intelligence is here to stay, as noted in Ireland’s National AI strategy. The strategy has influenced both private citizens and businesses to implement the new tech to improve their workflow. Below are some of the country’s top artificial intelligence companies that will be crucial as AI becomes ubiquitous. 

Top Artificial Intelligence Companies in Dublin to Know

  • Sojern
  • Udemy
  • Nuritas
  • Kitman Labs
  • EdgeTier


Top Artificial Intelligence Companies in Dublin

Sojern uses AI in its digital marketing platform to help hospitality businesses understand their data alongside customer behavior. The platform helps businesses locate target audiences through sophisticated data analysis while also providing AI concierge services to enhance guest experience. 

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Udemy is a popular edtech platform that provides educational content on new tech. Recently, the company integrated gen-AI capabilities that can match users with courses based on their interests. Additionally, the platform offers AI courses that educate users on everything from machine learning to prompt engineering.

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Nuritas developed an AI engine called The Magnifier, which is used to discover peptides. The company aims to use its new tool to unearth peptides safe for humans and integrate them into health and wellness products. 


Kitman Labs is an AI and analytics company working with sports leagues to optimize human performance. Its software, The Intelligence Platform, culls data to provide performance optimization recommendations and drive operational efficiencies. 

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EdgeTier develops AI software for clients working in customer service. Arthur, EdgeTier’s automated assistant that works alongside clients’ own customer service agents, can help customer service agents respond to outreach more efficiently. This tool uses AI and machine learning to create personalized and, most importantly, accurate responses to customer queries.

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