5 Alternative Investment Platforms to Know

Alternative investments include assets like commodities, real estate and private equity.

Written by Abel Rodriguez
Published on May. 29, 2024
5 Alternative Investment Platforms to Know
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Alternative investment platforms provide exposure to illiquid financial assets like private debt, collectibles or hedge funds — sometimes called “alternatives.” These assets were once limited to high-net-worth individuals and institutional investors, but now, through a wide range of tech-enabled platforms, more people have access to alternatives. Below are some of the top alternative investment platforms to know about. 

Alternative Investment Platforms to Know

  • Opto Investments
  • Blackstone
  • iCapital
  • H.I.G Capital
  • Mercer


Alternative Investment Platforms

Opto Investments builds tech-enabled private market investment solutions. Its platform provides registered investment advisors, or RIAs, with curated portfolios that include alternative investment products like real estate and private equity. Opto Investments provides clients with a digital platform to streamline the investment process in an attempt to points of friction. 


ICapitals’ alternative investment platform provides alternative asset tracking and reporting solutions, including features like personalized portfolio builders. Continuing its tech-forward investing approach, the company recently began using the blockchain to process fund activity. 


Blackstone provides individual and institutional investors with access to nontraditional investment markets, such as credit, insurance, infrastructure and real estate. Blackstone packages investment opportunities into managed funds that investors can trade on public and private exchanges.

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H.I.G. Capital is a global alternative investment platform focusing on mid-market capitalization opportunities. The platform provides various investing strategies, including private equity, biotechnology and direct lending.  


Mercer provides financial services in over 100 countries. Its solutions range from mutual fund offerings to 401(k) outsourcing. However, the company also provides an extensive lineup of alternative investment services that aim to help investors to diversify their portfolios with private market and hedge fund offerings.

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