5 AI Companies in Toronto to Know

These companies are investing in emerging AI technologies across industries like hardware, logistics, consulting and more.

Written by Margo Steines
Published on Mar. 26, 2024
5 AI Companies in Toronto to Know
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Advances in artificial intelligence lead to new and evolving product and service offerings in just about every industry. Whether it’s chatbots that complement customer service operations or automations that improve business efficiency by reducing manual tasks for teams like IT, marketing and accounting, AI’s influence has been far reaching. Toronto is home to a large concentration of tech companies and workers, and these are some of the city’s tech leaders working to make AI solutions available throughout Canada and on a global scale.

AI Companies in Toronto to Know

  • Ample Insight
  • Ecopia
  • Cerebras Systems
  • Quincus
  • Wysdom


Top AI Companies in Toronto

Ample Insight is a consulting firm that collaborates with client businesses on how to power their operations with data and AI. Its AI services include building new algorithms for contexts like self-driving cars, embedding machine learning into apps, prototyping and machine learning maintenance within IT infrastructure.


Ecopia works with geospatial data and uses AI to process, analyze and generate insights. By relying on AI to analyze high-resolution images of the Earth taken from space, the company is able to produce high-definition interactive vector maps. Its high-level project is building a digital twin of the entire Earth based on geospatial image data.

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Cerebras Systems develops computer chips that accelerate the speed and potential of AI technology, supporting industries including energy, financial services and healthcare. The company’s solutions also include custom AI model services, which bring clients generative AI solutions for various applications such as creating conversational assistants.


Quincus focuses on shipping and logistics, offering an AI-driven platform that addresses supply chain issues. The software is able to optimize shipment operations and provide real-time insights to fuel decision making and enable comprehensive visibility. The company operates multiple global offices, including a location in Toronto.


Wysdom has expertise in building conversational AI bots, or virtual agents, for customer service applications. The company also offers analytics software that allows users to continuously measure and improve chatbot performance. The Wysdom Operations Center is able to monitor more than 200 performance metrics and refreshes data every 24 hours.

Rose Velazquez contributed reporting to this story.

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