Mapping the Final Frontier: 8 Aerospace Companies in Phoenix to Know

Written by Sunny Betz
Published on Jun. 24, 2020
Mapping the Final Frontier: 8 Aerospace Companies in Phoenix to Know
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The old saying goes, “the sky’s the limit,” but given the many advancements of the aerospace industry, we might have to revise that statement. With over a hundred years of experience under their belts, today’s aviation and aerospace companies are traversing the skies with ease. From the Wright Brothers to the International Space Station, the speed of innovation in the aerospace sector has been exhilarating, and there’s nowhere to go but up. 

In Phoenix, the promise of aerospace innovation is never too far from mind. Arizona, with it’s clear blue skies and sunny weather, is a perfect home base for any aviation enthusiast who wants to shoot for the stars. It’s unsurprising that over 1,200 aerospace companies have chosen the Grand Canyon State as their launchpad. From commercial flight to drone technology development and space travel, check out how these eight aerospace companies in Phoenix are mapping out the final frontier.

Aerospace Companies In Phoenix To Know

  • Aerospace Solutions
  • Pinnacle Aerospace
  • Mesa Airlines
  • Honeywell Aerospace
  • Able Engineering
  • MedAire
  • AeroGuard
  • GeoBlu Services


Aerospace Solutions Aerospace Companies Phoenix
Aerospace Solutions

Founded: 2004

Their story: Aerospace Solutions provides both engineering and staffing services to companies in the aviation and aerospace industries, offering a range of competencies and projects including design, A/B testing, inspection and payroll services. Their team of design and engineering experts collaborate with some of the biggest aerospace companies in the world to manufacture engines and other essential components for use in flight technology. Overall, their comprehensive service suite helps air travel companies optimize their operations, providing assistance with technology, hardware, finances and human resources.

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Pinnacle Aerospace Companies Phoenix
Pinnacle Aerospace

Founded: 2009

Their story: Pinnacle Aerospace's workforce develops software products critical for the operations of the aerospace sector, and their service model helps guide aviation organizations through systems designs, coding, testing and qualification processes. With connections to universities in the phoenix area, Pinnacle Aerospace prides itself on its team of highly specialized engineers, who make it possible for them to deliver errorless, mission critical products to large aerospace companies. Pinnacle Aerospace currently operates out of two locations, with headquarters in Phoenix and a development center in Mexico.


Mesa Airlines Aerospace Companies Phoenix
Mesa Airlines

Founded: 1982

Their story: Mesa Airlines is one of the most prominent major airline companies in the country, providing flight services and airline travel under the American Airlines and United Airlines labels. The company controls the operations of nearly 150 jets throughout the United States and beyond, and their team of over 3,500 employees and engineers help manage air travel for passengers in over 100 cities globally. Mesa Airlines has a strong focus on giving back to their community, and as such they've founded the Mesa Angels Foundation to provide monetary assistance to community members whose lives have been impacted by personal or medical emergencies.


Honeywell Aerospace Companies Phoenix
Honeywell Aerospace

Founded: 1970

Their story: Honeywell Aerospace manufactures essential power units, engines, software and visualization technologies for air travel and space exploration organizations. From mobile applications to spacecraft turbines, Honeywell Aerospace's vast cache of products and services have helped the company generate an average of $10 billion per year, and guides their clients in developing global travel networks. Honeywell Aerospace counts some of the world's biggest aerospace companies among its partners, with names including Lockheed Martin, Cathay Pacific, BendixKing and Yellowhead Helicopters.


Able Engineering Aerospace Companies Phoenix
Able Engineering

Founded: 1982

Their story: Able Engineering's team of over 400 engineers, technicians and salespeople provide turbine engine development and repair services to aerospace companies and government organizations. Their services help aircraft operators make the most of their budgets and cut extraneous costs by providing comprehensive design, repair and exchange services at competitive prices. Able Engineering's alternative service model drives them to form long term partnerships with aerospace companies, helping provide them with parts and repairs throughout their entire business lifespan.


MedAire Aerospace Companies Phoenix

Founded: 2006

Their story: MedAire serves clients in the aerospace and maritime sectors, delivering a range of full-service medical and asset protection products to help travel and aviation companies protect their workers and passengers. Their emergency response system helps connect aircraft passengers with medical services on demand as soon as possible, helping prevent lags in time between receiving critical medical assistance in flight. Additionally, their flight and cabin safety products help airline personnel respond quickly to security threats, with services ranging from event reporting software to crisis training products.


AeroGuard Aerospace Companies Phoenix

Founded: 1999

Their story: AeroGuard provides flight training programs to prospective commercial pilots hailing from national and international airlines. Their team of experienced aerospace professionals share their knowledge of the technology, techniques and procedures of correctly operating commercial jets, and they help their graduates develop the skills necessary to execute flights safely and effectively. Their fleet of over 60 aircrafts are integrated with the latest technologies to help students develop skills that match contemporary regulations.

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GeoBlu Services Aerospace Companies Phoenix
GeoBlu Services

Founded: 2013

Their story: GeoBlu Services is a pioneer in the field of unmanned air travel, and their team develops a range of products and services for use in UAVs, drones and other automated aircrafts. Combining data and automated technology, GeoBlu Services builds image capturing products and 3D visualization tech to enable aircraft operators to utilize pilotless flight to survey land, capture images and monitor properties. GeoBlu's flight technology has been used by agriculture companies, first responders and land preservation organizations to monitor wildlife, respond to emergencies, perform search and rescue missions, and keep tabs on crops and environmental changes.


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