5 Agencies in San Antonio Mastering the Science of Creative Advertising

Written by Sunny Betz
Published on Nov. 02, 2020
5 Agencies in San Antonio Mastering the Science of Creative Advertising
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Successful advertising requires a combination of creative imagination and hard data — and when an agency can blend those skill sets successfully, it can build campaigns that skyrocket clients to the top of their industries. Brands in every market imaginable can see a boost in impact and revenue, simply by launching a couple of targeted ad campaigns. At any advertising agency, creative directors and account managers must be able to combine hard science with a creative spark to generate solutions that not only achieve higher numbers but make their clients household names for years to come. As San Antonio’s tech market expands and becomes more and more competitive, companies of all shapes and sizes must brainstorm new and inventive methods of showing their customers what makes them special. Here are five advertising agencies showcasing San Antonio’s unique personality for the rest of the world to see. 

Advertising Agencies in San Antonio to Know

  • Harte Hanks
  • The Atkins Group
  • Pear Analytics
  • Funnel Boost Media
  • RCCo
Harte Hanks Advertising Agency San Antonio
Harte Hanks

Founded: 1923

What they do: Harte Hanks works with brands from all across the globe to build successful marketing and advertising campaigns tailored to each company's strengths and specific goals. With nearly a century of experience under its belt, the agency offers its clients multichannel solutions that amplify their messaging and win over new customers. In addition to its ad purchasing and creative services, Harte Hanks also offers analytics insights, direct mail marketing, social media branding, email campaign development and much more.

Headquarters: 9601 McAllister Freeway

Clients: Amtrak, Bank of America, IBM, BMW, Sony, Mitsubishi Motors. 


The Atkins Group Advertising Agency San Antonio
The Atkins Group

Founded: 1963

What they do: The Atkins Group combines a deep understanding of marketing strategy with creative instincts to help companies of all shapes and sizes build customer loyalty and brand visibility. The agency's broad client base includes companies in automotives, hospitality, healthcare and other industries, and its team has built direct marketing campaigns, multichannel advertising initiatives, video content and a variety of other branding projects. The agency's team combines skill sets from web design, social media marketing, digital production, media direction and an array of other disciplines to provide its clients with comprehensive support in their advertising efforts.

Headquarters: 501 Soledad St.

Clients: South Padre Island, St. David's Healthcare, Y Vodka, Alamo Bowl.


Pear Analytics Advertising Agency San Antonio
Pear Analytics

Founded: 2008

What they do: Pear Analytics' team is focused on utilizing data science to build impactful advertising campaigns, and its team leverages analytics to support brands in all industries as they work to amplify their messaging. From web design to social media marketing, Pear Analytics fully equips its clients with the tools necessary to carve out their industry niches, and provides them with solutions designed for long-term success. The agency's team helps brands explore paid media options that best suit their needs, and provides them with the software infrastructures to centrally manage them all.

Headquarters: 140 Heimer Rd.

Clients: Vonage, Fiesta San Antonio, The Naim Family Foundation, Allied Hand Dryer.

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Funnel Boost Media Advertising Agency San Antonio
Funnel Boost Media

Founded: 2011

What they do: Funnel Boost Media delivers a swath of marketing, branding and advertising solutions to a client base of national and international businesses, helping companies in all industries take advantage of digital tools to broaden their reach. Combining creative design expertise with SEO and digital marketing knowledge, Funnel Boost Media provides brands with a holistic solution for increasing and maintaining visibility. 

Headquarters: 16500 San Pedro Ave.

Clients: Audi, US Crop, Club Humidor, Connally.


RCCo Advertising Agency San Antonio

Founded: 1980

What they do: RCCo's team specializes in creative advertising, and, working in tandem with leading national and international brands, crafts targeted and influential campaigns built to highlight each client's strong points. With experience launching both on and offline advertising projects, RCCo helps its clients expand their branding initiatives into every channel and avenue possible, from paid search to broadcasting spots. The agency's comprehensive suite of services covers in-store marketing, campaign ideation, multimedia branding, SEO, social media marketing and a variety of other solutions.

Headquarters: 8035 Broadway

Clients: Armed Forces Entertainment, SYF Animation, Sysco, Coca-Cola, Blue Bell Ice Cream.

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