6 Advertising Agencies Reclaiming Detroit's Public Image

Written by Sunny Betz
Published on Oct. 07, 2020
6 Advertising Agencies Reclaiming Detroit's Public Image
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Reinvention is not an unfamiliar concept to the city of Detroit. Since the early days of the automobile to today’s booming tech market, the Motor City has always found new ways to define and redefine itself. Detroit has had to contend with some serious misconceptions in its efforts to stand out in the world, but there has always been so much more to the Michigan metro than “decay,” “decline,” and the bevy of insensitive terms used by those who haven’t gotten to know the city as it really is. But while Detroit has a lot to come up against, the city is proving itself once again to be a national and international magnet for innovation, industry, and entrepreneurship. 

The Motor City has a lot of experience building a public image, and as such, when it comes to advertising, Detroit is at the top of its game. The many advertising agencies that call the city home both guide national and international companies in broadcasting their message and also work to establish Detroit as a leader in the marketing and branding industries. Combining the science of analytics with creative ingenuity and media savvy, these advertising agencies are building award-winning campaigns designed to long-term impact. Take a look at how these six advertising agencies are putting Detroit’s name in the history books.


Advertising Agencies in Detroit to Know

  • Wolverine Solutions Group
  • OneMagnify
  • MCCI
  • Agency 720
  • The Outloud Group
  • Campus Commandos
  • Marketing Supply Company


OneMagnify Advertising Agencies in Detroit

Founded: 1967

What they do: OneMagnify connects their clients with advertising, communications and design services informed by comprehensive data research and analytics science, ensuring that their solutions effectively reach their customers. Their suite of both technological and marketing strategy services combines both practical and creative disciplines to guide companies through projects like email campaigns, mobile app development, print ads, and more.

Clients: McKesson, Fisher Dynamics, Kevlar, Sygenta.


Wolverine Solutions Group Advertising Agencies in Detroit
Wolverine Solutions Group

Founded: 1978

What they do: Wolverine Solutions Group delivers a highly organized marketing service model to their enterprise clients, helping delineate the steps necessary for creating an effective campaign and guiding them along the way. Beginning by conducting market and audience analysis to determine trends in their clients' customer behavior, Wolverine Solutions Group helps companies develop targeted direct marketing and advertising initiatives designed to appeal to their customers' wants and needs.

Clients: National and international companies.


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MCCI Advertising Agencies in Detroit

Founded: 1993

What they do: With eleven global locations and over 60 marketing awards to their name, MCCI delivers tested and proven advertising services, and additionally provides companies with social media development, PR services, and a number of other branding and marketing offerings. Their team's capabilities range from video production to web design, and they've collaborated on branding initiatives with internationally renowned companies in education, health care, energy and other industries.

Clients: Benromach, Synovos, General Motors, Visteon.


Agency 720 Advertising Agencies in Detroit
Agency 720

Founded: 2009

What they do: Agency 720 is a full-service advertising agency that supports companies through every stage of the branding process, from retail planning and web development to media buying and one-on-one engagement campaigning. Agency 720 helps brands adopt unique methods of building their customer engagement, offering event planning and promotional marketing alongside traditional print and digital advertising. Focused primarily on the retail industry, Agency 720 helps companies expand their customer bases organically and with the help of paid media.

Clients: Chevrolet and other automotive brands.


The Outloud Group Advertising Agencies in Detroit
The Outloud Group

Founded: 2008

What they do: The Outloud Group is leading the charge in a newly emerging frontier in advertising— influencer marketing. The full-service agency connects brands with influencers who can best amplify their messaging to their target audience, giving companies the ability to expand their presence to YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, Twitch and other social media platforms. Over the past decade, The Outloud Group has supported brands in developing relationships with over 5,000 influencers, and they've additionally facilitated over 17,000 brand sponsorships.

Clients: SimpliSafe, Policygenius, Grubhub, Care/of, Great Courses Plus.


Campus Commandos Advertising Agencies in Detroit
Campus Commandos

Founded: 2010

What they do: Campus Commandos provides assistance to companies attempting to market their products or services to university students, helping them design impactful initiatives with the help of print and digital campaigns, email marketing, and partnerships with student representatives. With the ability to amplify brand messaging both on and offline, Campus Commandos helps companies connect with young audiences in a more meaningful way, generating long-term loyalty and impact. Campus Commandos is trusted by brands across the country, and maintains a presence in over 1,000 schools and universities.

Clients: Plantronics, Fuji Film, HP, L'Oreal, DSW.

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