Software Testing Automation Company ACCELQ Plans to Double Its Dallas HQ

After a year of growth, the company is also aiming to double the size of its 120-person workforce.

Written by Ashley Bowden
Published on Feb. 22, 2022
Software Testing Automation Company ACCELQ Plans to Double Its Dallas HQ
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The number of software platforms in the world is growing steadily in today’s digital era as businesses continue to modernize the way we go about our lives. With innumerable opportunities for innovation, companies are bound to experience times where they have more bug tickets on their agenda than time to fix them. Fortunately for them, ACCELQ is working to put time back on their hands with its automated testing solution.

Developed with a design-first approach, ACCELQ is a cloud-based codeless automation tool that helps companies complete their software products with its AI-powered testing capabilities. 

Mahendra Alladi, CEO of ACCELQ. | Photo: ACCELQ

“Software testing has become a major bottleneck for organizations delivering software solutions,” Mahendra Alladi, CEO of ACCELQ, told Built In via email. “Most codeless test automation tools in the market today are over-simplified and take a narrow view of testing complexity. ACCELQ recognizes the need for a platform that non-developers would be able to use, but also one capable of handling more complex testing.” 

Headquartered in Dallas, ACCELQ also has presences in San Francisco as well as Australia and New Zealand.

The company is also coming off a year of growth. In 2021, the company released the 5.0 version of its product that included features like ACCELQ Mobile, Virtualization and ACCELQ Cloud Labs. The company has ambitious plans to continue its expansion this year.

“We plan to release ACCELQ Live in early 2022 to expand on our continuous testing platform,” Alladi said.

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In need of all hands on deck to accomplish its goals, ACCELQ plans to double its Dallas office space by 2023. It’s also partnering with local universities like UT Dallas to hire interns and college graduates, according to Alladi.

ACCELQ’s total headcount already doubled over the past year reaching more than 120 people to date, and it plans to double its headcount again in 2022. Over the next six to eight quarters, about 50 of those new hires will be based in Dallas where the company is currently hiring for roles on its sales and customer success teams.

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