Bored At Work? Here Are the Engineering Projects You Could Be Working On

Tech leaders from around the U.S. described the projects they’re working on this year — and why you should join them.

Written by Quinten Dol
Published on May. 03, 2022
Bored At Work? Here Are the Engineering Projects You Could Be Working On

There’s rarely been a better time to start a new job. 

Companies are desperate to add new team members, tech talent is thin on the ground and for those who are looking, opportunities abound to do some of the best work of your career. With so many opportunities out there, where do you even start to gauge who’s worth sending an application to? 

The answer: right here. 

Built In asked 11 companies from across the U.S. to tell us what their tech teams are working on right now, what they’ve got planned for the rest of the year and what keeps their employees coming back day after day, year after year. From game-changing edtech platforms to freight automation to NFT marketplaces, these are the projects you can dive into right now — with some accompanying perks thrown in for good measure. 



What they do: Motive’s ‘automated operations platform’ combines artificial intelligence and IoT hardware to automate vehicle and equipment tracking, driver safety, compliance, maintenance and spend management in the trucking industry. 


Product roadmap: “The quality engineering team at Motive will be focused on pivoting development and implementation of the test automation framework that will help automate and augment the test coverage of the flagship AI-powered applications that improve the safety, productivity and profitability of the businesses that power the physical economy,” VP of Quality Assurance Software Engineering Nandini Srinivasan said. “This is highly critical as it helps with faster and efficient test cycles in a fast-paced product development environment, as that of ours. Our biggest technical challenge will be to identify the right toolset and technology stack that will fluidly amend itself as a framework across a complex, heterogeneous product environment.”


Favorite perks: 

  1. Remote-first company
  2. Stipend for at-home office setup
  3. Unlimited PTO
  4. Employee resource groups
  5. Community involvement with groups like Women Impact Tech, Lesbians in Tech, Women Who Code, Techquiera and Latinas in Tech


Where they’re hiring: All Motive’s roles are remote.



What they do: Through a series of software products, ConSensys makes it easier for developers to build applications on the Ethereum blockchain and participate in decentralized finance, NFTs, decentralized autonomous organization and the metaverse. 


Product roadmap: “Our client teams (Teku and Hyperledger Besu) have been collaborating with the Ethereum community to complete the largest Ethereum protocol change in history: ‘the Merge,’ which is set to be completed in 2022,” Director of Engineering for Protocol Kanchan Kair said. “Ensuring that the Merge is well tested ahead of a mainnet release to continue the growth and stability of the Ethereum ecosystem is challenging, and teams work closely with other ETH developers.”


Favorite perks: 

  1. Remote-first work environment
  2. Company equity
  3. Flexible working arrangements
  4. Ongoing growth and development through on-the-job learning and the ConsenSys Advance Program, which includes full access to Coursera, bespoke and technical learning programs and ConsenSys Academy, a blockchain and Ethereum program
  5. Unlimited vacation


Where they’re hiring: Hiring remotely both inside and outside the U.S.



What they do: Autograph’s NFT platform combines iconic brands and legendary sports stars and entertainers to create digital collections and experiences for users. Headquartered in Los Angeles, the company was co-founded by none other than Tom Brady. 


Product roadmap: “One of our recent projects was our first on-site activation at Buku Festival, where we allowed anyone at the festival to design and mint their own unique NFT using art and media sourced from local artists,” Director of Engineering Lily Shevchenko said. “For future on-site activations, we’re striving to enable geofencing functionality to further expand on mobile engagement and utility and add layers of immersive and creative possibilities for the user as they engage with real-world experiences.”


Favorite perks: 

  1. Flexible time off
  2. Cutting-edge Web3 technology learning opportunities
  3. Remote work options
  4. Health and well-being benefits
  5. Career growth opportunities


Where they’re hiring: Autograph is primarily hiring in Los Angeles but is flexible on employee location within the U.S. for the right candidates.



What they do: Trumid is an online trading marketplace for corporate bonds. The “all-to-all” platform helps buyers and sellers work together securely. 


Product roadmap: “Our team’s top priority this year is accelerating data-driven decision-making across the firm,” Head of Data and Intelligence Mutisya Ndunda said. “To deliver on this goal, we are solving a range of exciting and challenging technical problems. We’re developing data applications that drive meaningful business insights, leveraging state-of-the-art ELT solutions like DBT, data observability and semantic data modeling. We’re building a data platform in BigQuery enabling exascale governed access to terabytes of daily data ingested from many batch and real-time data silos including Kafka, Postgres, MSSQL and external APIs. We’ll be enhancing our analytics capabilities by leveraging advanced machine learning techniques to improve our trading solutions and end-user experiences. We are partnering with AWS and Google Cloud Platform to develop advanced machine learning models using deep graph neural networks, recommender systems and time series forecasting models. We’re also optimizing time-to-insight, making development environments first-class citizens in our data warehouse through fine-grained permissions, comprehensive integration testing and a flexible, Python-based development kit. And finally, we’re instituting proactive alerting on bad or missing data using both statistical analysis of time series and comprehensive testing.”


Favorite perks: 

  1. Seven years of experience with remote-first culture
  2. Maximizing individual autonomy and accountability
  3. A motivation that stems from a healthy obsession with doing the hard things better
  4. Weekly TGIF Zoom lets teams rant and rave
  5. A curious and collaborative team that’s passionate about its crafts and highly committed to shared successes


Where they’re hiring: While the remote-first team primarily operates around the eastern U.S. time zone, Trumid has colleagues from coast to coast and around the world.



What they do: AKASA develops artificial intelligence-based technology to support, automate and analyze healthcare operations. 


Product roadmap: “AKASA’s biggest technical challenge in 2022 is to make our ‘unified automation’ extremely fast to build and update,” Director of Engineering Sanjay Siddhanti said. “We have several projects in flight to support this goal. We’re working on an in-house workflow engine that allows engineers to write code that looks synchronous but executes asynchronously under the hood. We’re building special-purpose computer vision algorithms so that our ‘unified automation’ can handle complex automations such as scrolling through tables and reading each row. We’re making it easy for the ‘unified automation’ to receive support from a domain expert in real time and to retrain itself based on this support. And we’re working on telemetry software, visualization interfaces and debugging tools to easily pinpoint the cause of an issue as soon as it happens. These efforts will allow our ‘unified automation’ to handle increasingly complex scenarios and learn from an expert for any scenarios that it can’t handle on its own.”


Favorite perks: 

  1. Autonomy and responsibility for shipping projects from end to end
  2. Working closely with talented engineers who move fast without breaking things
  3. Wide variety of challenges, from data analysis to infra to modeling
  4. Simple infrastructure that allows near-instant deploys multiple times per day
  5. Opportunity to publish research


Where they’re hiring: AKASA’s open roles are remote.



What they do: Feedonomics partners with brands, agencies and retailers to list and optimize products on top online shopping providers. The company offers a full-service integration and onboarding experience as well as ongoing feed maintenance. 


Product roadmap: “This year our team is focused on engineering solutions to further enhance the flexibility of our product offering, and a major step in that direction is event-based product synchronization,” VP of Platform Engineering Kushal Khatri said. “With event-based synchronization, Feedonomics will be empowering merchants to syndicate their product updates to destination channels in real time by allowing them to send product data and changes to Feedonomics APIs and by giving them the ability to define the actions to be taken on changes to specific product attributes.

“In order to meet the scalability requirements of this project, the engineering team is working on creating several scalable services including a configurable distributed relational database service that can be made highly performant for both reads as well as writes, a challenge that the team is very excited about solving.”


Favorite perks: 

  1. One half-day Friday each month
  2. A fun, no-work virtual engineering all-hands every Friday, which allows people to socialize and play online games
  3. Adoption assistance
  4. Discounted gym membership with Gold’s Gym
  5. Unlimited PTO


Where they’re hiring: Remote



What they do: Marqeta’s open API card-issuing platform helps businesses provide scalable payment solutions and manage transactions. Customers include Square, J.P. Morgan, Coinbase and Uber. 


Product roadmap: “This year, Marqeta is highly focused on engineering excellence so our teams can continuously ship high-quality innovation to our customers,” CTO Randy Kern said. “We’re enhancing our credit, digital banking and money movement offerings and investing heavily in resilience and scale to keep up with the growing demands for modern payment experiences. We’ll be adding new features to our platform, expanding our capabilities and making sure that we continue to diversify our solution offerings and the verticals that we support within the payments ecosystem. It’s an exciting year for us as we continue to reimagine what’s possible with modern card issuing.”


Favorite perks: 

  1. $250 per month toward cell phone, internet connectivity or commute
  2. One pet gets fully covered pet insurance, and other pets can be added.
  3. $10,000 family forming support along with fertility and family forming education, pregnancy support, free consultations at adoption agencies and a dedicated care team via Carrot
  4. $500 learning stipend
  5. Eight free therapy or coaching sessions


Where they’re hiring: Oakland, Calif.; London, U.K.; Manschester, U.K.; and Melbourne, Australia. All roles can also be remote in the U.S., U.K. and Australia. 



What they do: Dataiku’s “Everyday AI” technology helps all types of professionals — not just data scientists — manage and understand business data to enable everything from supply chain optimization to fraud detection.


Product roadmap: “We’re focusing on scaling the team in order to maintain our in-depth level of support and responsiveness as we scale,” Support Engineering Team Lead Sarina Sinick said. “To facilitate that, we’re working to improve internal testing environments, documentation and training to allow new members to ramp up smoothly and quickly.”


Favorite perks:

  1. Work with a diverse and global group
  2. A team that loves problem-solving
  3. An incredibly technical support team, working on problems with great technical depth
  4. Flexible work schedule
  5. Highly collaborative team


Where they’re hiring: Dataiku is hiring remotely for all U.S.-based tech roles.



What they do: Nutrafol provides a hair growth supplement service alongside access to its staff of naturopathic doctors, who personalize patient plans.


Product roadmap: “One of the most important projects our data and analytics teams will be working on this year is taking our attribution modeling to the next level by building in facets that allow us to see impact across our combined DTC channels: owned .com and Amazon,” VP of Customer Data and Insights Callie Davis said. “This is a critical path to helping our marketing team and organization make even smarter and more efficient media spending decisions. Some of the biggest technical challenges associated with the project are limited data visibility within Amazon and understanding how much incremental impact our paid media for each of those DTC channels has on the other, given that they operate in their own separate silos. It’s an interesting challenge that we know a lot of companies face, and we’re very glad to have a leadership team that supports this initiative and is happy to invest in additional technology partners to support us in this project.”


Favorite perks: 

  1. Flexibility
  2. Supportive team environment
  3. Growth and learning opportunities
  4. Biweekly meal delivery credit
  5. Twice-daily wellness breaks


Where they’re hiring: Nutrafol is fully remote and hires in cities across the U.S.



What they do: Students ages 3-18 use Outschool to choose a learning course that matches their interests. They then attend virtual small group and one-on-one sessions to help them master the subject. 


Product roadmap: “Our extensive catalog is full of exciting classes offered by educators of varying backgrounds across the world,” Software Engineer Frederick Mfinanga said. “It’s not always the case that an educator would offer a class at a time suitable for all learners that are interested in taking it. It can be very discouraging for our learners to discover their favorite class, only to realize that it’s taking place at a time that isn't suitable for them. Our biggest challenge is being able to provide educators with tools that allow them to schedule classes on the fly based on the learner’s time preferences while still being in control of their calendar and schedule.”


Favorite perks:

  1. $2,500 annual professional development budget
  2. Free coaching and therapy sessions provided by ModernHealth, meditation subscription through Headspace, fitness subscription through Aaptiv and an employee resource group focused on mental health
  3. Employees can expense up to $500 for home office setup and then $100 annually, plus $150 per month for coworking. Outschool also provides a $75 monthly subsidy for internet.
  4. Employees can expense $200 per year for DEI learning materials, including books for Outschool’s George Floyd book club.
  5. 16 weeks of fully paid family leave for maternal, paternal, adoptive and foster parents


Where they’re hiring: All roles are fully remote across the U.S. and Canada.



What they do: Law firms use Litify’s platform to streamline and automate task management, document generation, intake management and client communications. The technology also delivers data insights that help law firms grow. 


Product roadmap: “The most important project on the product and engineering team this year is people,” VP of Product Pam Wickersham said. “2021 and 2022 have brought unique challenges in making sure our team members see their value on the product team, across the whole technical organization and across the company. We are looking to promote from within, expand job responsibilities and make sure our teams feel supported, encouraged and challenged at every turn. The amazing new product features, new product lines and new markets the company is entering this year are nothing without the people that bring them to life.

“As Litify grows, our product and engineering team this year will be responsible for launching two brand new products that will reach thousands of users on their very first day. These products, like most in the legal space, take a common concept like documents, time tracking or billing and then multiply the scale of use by 500. Law firms have between five and 50 terabytes of documents, millions of time cards and thousands of bills a month. Everything we do at Litify supports the most extreme data use case, and our engineering teams have to find unique ways to mass store, create and edit data while our UX team maintains an experience consistent with the rest of our products, obscuring away the complexity on the back end.”


Favorite perks: 

  1. Trust and autonomy
  2. Around 50 percent of our workforce was remote before 2020, and we encourage everyone to pick a work schedule that works for them.
  3. Team and company on-sites in Brooklyn, Austin, upstate New York and Miami
  4. Hanging out on the roof, having a fun dinner and drinks with plus-ones when remote employees come into our Dumbo, Brooklyn office
  5. Games, hangouts, daily and weekly check-ins that aren’t about work via Zoom


Where they’re hiring: Brooklyn, N.Y.; Wilmington, N.C.; and New Orleans. All roles can also be remote. 


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