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Marketing Fundamentals: Marketing Strategy & Marketing Plan!

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Learn the importance of Marketing, What are Marketing Concepts, Marketing Strategy and Marketing Plan


What You'll Learn:

  • How to write The Perfect Plan (using PR Smith's SOSTAC® Planning framework)

  • The importance of the Situation Analysis in your plan + .

  • Strategy is the smallest part of the plan, yet, most important, part of the plan

  • The key components of strategy

  • You will also be able to have a mature discussion about other people's plans.

  • NB This short course shows you the components of a plan and how they fit together. It DOES NOT include examples of plans.



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Each company has a marketing department that help them developing their Business, but what is Marketing?

The first few words that usually pop into a person's head are marketing equals sales!

Well, Any business activity needs Marketing because it helps to understand customers and Satisfy them. In contreparty achieving greater Sales!

Marketing is not just personal selling or even just advertising, most people define marketing in a very limited way!

Marketing and sales are both aimed at increasing revenue. They are so closely intertwined that people often don’t realize the difference between the two. Indeed, in small businesses, the same people typically perform both sales and marketing tasks. Nevertheless, marketing is different from sales and as the business grows, the roles and responsibilities become more specialized.

When considering marketing vs. sales the important thing for any business owner is to ensure that you are considering both aspects of your overall sales and marketing cycle. With many businesses, marketing and sales are both managed by the same department or even the same individuals due to the fact that they need to be closely related. For example, sales strategies need to incorporate the same messaging as the marketing messages in order to be effective and maximize the chances of successfully making a sale. Focusing on both the 'pull' and the 'push' effectively will ensure that your business is positioned to succeed.
Marketing is actually including activities such as public relations, sales promotion, advertising and many other functions,that improves as well other Business activities and increase Sales of Company.

Who is this Class For?

-New Owner of Small business and still don't know much about Marketing!
-Social Media Marketers but still want to learn traditional Marketing!
-Anyone interested to learn marketing from scratch!

What we will Learn?

1- On the first three videos we will see an introduction! what is Marketing? what's the different between Marketing and Sales? and some key concepts!

2- Next we would know how to understand consumers and factors you should focus on.

3- Planing a Marketing strategy: Segmentation Targeting and Positioning !

4- Finally developing a Marketing mix 4P and their 4Ps strategies.
Let's develop our Business and get greater sales! Enroll now!


Who this course is for:

Anyone interested about learning Marketing from scratch!


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