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What does a director of analytics do?

A director of analytics is critical to an organization’s data infrastructure, leading the data analytics and data warehousing departments as they carry out the needs of the organization. Those in a director of analytics role hold the responsibility of managing, developing and integrating data analytics tools properly so insights and market trends can be derived in an efficient manner. Directors of analytics must be aligned with their company’s vision and capable of delivering relevant business intelligence data. 

How do you become a director of analytics?
Answer Part 1

Qualified director of analytics candidates should possess at least a bachelor’s degree and several years of managerial experience on a data-facing team.

Answer Part 2

A director of analytics is vital to the success of an organization’s data and analytics capabilities, so candidates for this position must be well qualified with a strong educational background, several years of hands-on experience working with data and analytics tools, such as SQL and Hadoop, and years of managing a data-facing team. 

Candidates should have, at minimum, a bachelor’s degree in data science, computer science or statistics, with many choosing to earn a master’s degree in a relevant field as well. Time spent as a data analyst, data engineer, data scientist, analytics engineer, business analyst, business intelligence analyst and growing into a data manager or engineering manager role will be needed to gain the requisite experience for a director of analytics role.

What is the salary of a director of analytics?
Answer Part 1

Directors of analytics in the United States make an average base salary of $157,379.

Answer Part 2

A director of analytics is responsible for both creating an analytics strategy and determining which staff members have the ability to carry out the tasks required to meet analytics goals. Due to the leadership required for this position, the average base salary of a U.S.-based director of analytics is $157,379, according to Built In. Directors of analytics in the U.S. also receive an average of $32,731 in additional cash compensation, raising the average total compensation for U.S.-based directors of analytics to $189,731. Built In gathers director of analytics salary data from responses submitted by anonymous directors of analytics in the United States, with salary data updated in real time. 

What skills does a director of analytics need?
Answer Part 1

A director of analytics will need strong analytical, managerial, business intelligence and communication skills to succeed.

Answer Part 2

The director of analytics bears the responsibility of meeting company analytics goals and delivering business insights to key stakeholders, including vice presidents, C-level employees and the board of directors. The largest percentage of a director of analytics’s daily responsibilities will be reserved for managing their team members in accomplishing the tasks assigned to them, so directors of analytics must have both the hands-on experience and communicative abilities to thoroughly explain a project’s goals, needs and methods of accomplishment to ensure the staff has the ability to complete their assignments.

While directors of analytics are responsible for creating an analytics strategy and assigning necessary work to their staff, they also must be held accountable for the completion and success of this work. Directors of analytics must be prepared to step in and assist or complete a project for a data science employee if they are not able to do so themselves. This means a director of analytics must have a versatile set of skills, including data analysis, data mining, machine learning, programming and the ability to work with tools like PowerBI, Tableau, Python and SQL, to have success in their role. Finally, directors of analytics must be able to present data trends and insights to stakeholders, so having a mastery of data visualization and platforms like Excel will be a required skill.


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