Matt Przybyla
Senior Data Scientist at Favor
Expertise: Data science, machine learning, career development
Education: Southern Methodist University; Valparaiso University

 Matt Przybyla is a senior data scientist with Favor. He writes data science tutorials and discusses trending topics in data science

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7 Articles
Stacks of coins in front of a data scroll
Jun 28, 2022
Let’s take a look at how the pay stacks up for two of the most popular careers in tech today.
A data science team discusses results on a monitor
May 31, 2022
Lots of writing about data science topics focuses on individual contributions, but collaboration is key for success in the field. Here are three ways your entire team can improve.
A laptop with lines of Python code
May 17, 2022
Structured query language, or SQL, is a useful tool both for data scientists and many others who work with data. This tutorial will introduce you to its use in Python.
A robotic human face with a technical overlay
Apr 05, 2022
Data science and machine learning are closely related fields, but they have some key differences. If you’re entering the profession, you need to understand how they overlap and also where they diverge.
A group of graduates throw their mortarboards into the air
Mar 24, 2022
With a plethora of programs available in both graduate schools and online, how do you know which option will give you the best training for a data science career? Check out the pros and cons of each choice here.
A pool of applicants waits for a job interview
Mar 24, 2022
Although each data science job interview is unique, there are some common, recurring questions that you’re likely to hear. So, be sure to prepare for them ahead of time.
A computer engineer works on a desktop computer
Feb 22, 2022
Data science and computer science careers share some overlap, but they ultimately have very different areas of focus. Here’s what you need to know as you enter the field.