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Our team uses Writer, a generative AI tool, to create relevant content for Built In users. This AI tool is used to supplement and support our existing editorial team.

Writer allows us to rapidly produce relevant and timely content for our readers and allows our team to focus on original reporting. Our editorial team remains committed to supporting the real people behind our stories.

All articles written using this tool are reviewed and fact-checked by a Built In editor.

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illustration of data analytics
Andrew Burton joins the team with over two decades of business leadership experience.
radio tower
The company’s new Research and Development Centre in Cork will create 200 job opportunities.
The healthtech company plans to expand its engineering and sales organizations with the new funding.
Overview of hyderabad
The company is also growing its existing team in Chennai.
person types on laptop
The new initiative, Resources and Education for the Advancement of Colleagues, covers up to $4,000 annually.
The addition of Textkernel’s automated sourcing solutions will enhance Bullhorn’s AI offerings.
Digital experince rating
The company will enhance its digital presence offering for brands with Hearsay’s client engagement tech.
A field of solar panels
The company wants to accelerate cleaner, more reliable and affordable energy across the U.S.
Employees take a customer's order with a tablet at a restaurant.
The company will fuel product innovation and invest in acquisitions with its fresh capital.
An image showing industrial manufacturing is shown.
The company offers solutions to help industrial businesses reduce the energy, emissions and cost associated with production.
An image depicting compliance is shown.
The cybersecurity companies joined forces to launch a new monitoring solution called Compliance as Code.
The silhouette of an Olympic statue is pictured.
The edtech company announced a five-year partnership to connect Olympic and Paralympic athletes with career-building tools.