Ari Krzyzek
CEO and head of strategy at Chykalophia
Expertise: Design + UX, founders + entrepreneurship
Education: Institut Seni Indonesia Denpasar; University of Arizona

CEO and Head of Strategy at Chykalophia (read: see-ka-lo-fia), Ari Krzyzek helps femtech, DTC, and women-led brands transform their website into a platform that unlocks business opportunities. She co-authored the book Made to Sell: Creating Websites that Convert. She serves as a branding, UX consultant, and professional peer in support of fellow female entrepreneurs through the private business incubator 1871 Chicago and Chicago’s global healthcare startup incubator, MATTER. She’s the co-host of Halo Femtech Podcast, which honors disruptive innovators and change-makers advancing women’s health.

Furthermore, she helps women in tech and design break into and succeed in the industry by mentoring them for personal branding, career advancement, and entrepreneurship through Interaction Design FoundationChicago Innovation and ADP list.


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