Alex Zito-Wolf
Software Developer at Financial Industry
Expertise: Software development
Education: University of Helsinki

Alex Zito is a software developer and technology blogger with experience working in C# and JavaScript.

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Senior developers know four secrets to getting work done faster.
Thanks to their experience, they know stuff.
Two large screens, a laptop, and a to-go cup of coffee sit on a desk, displaying many commands in text boxes. /software-engineering-perspectives/programming-jobs-recession
Some, like artificial intelligence and data analytics, have long been sure bets. But there are a few emerging, high-growth sectors that might surprise you.
A screenshot of source code about the HTML Head element. /software-engineering-perspectives/html-head-element
An introduction to one of the most fundamental components of an HTML document.
A 3D rendering of an iPhone with an oversized search box popping out of it. /marketing/4-ways-boost-seo
A cheatsheet for maximizing your search engine optimization efforts.
A screen with HTML code
Too many developers have a very surface-level understanding of HTML. To make better websites, we need to dig back in.
A developer works on code at a laptop with an additional monitor
Even if you work as a front-end developer, you still need a holistic understanding of your site’s architecture. These three items are the most important parts of the back-end operation for you to understand.
A computer screen full of code
React JS has been an important framework in developers’ toolkits for a decade now. But if you’re just starting your career, you’re probably better off not spending time learning it.
A hand touches a digital array
The dawn of web3 is here, and with it, a host of promises about its transformative potential. But which of these are likely to be true, and which are just fantasy?
A turtle clicks a mouse next to a keyboard
JavaScript bloat is bogging down websites across the internet. Developers need to know how to avoid this problem to keep sites running properly.
A person looks at multiple screens of content
The architecture of content management systems (CMS) can either be headless or integrated. What are the differences, and which should you use for your site?
A student takes an online class
Coding bootcamps are a popular way to transition into a technical career. So, what should you expect to get out of one?