Alex Williams
Technical Writer at Upwork
Expertise: Computer and information technology
Education: University of London

Alex Williams is a seasoned full-stack developer. In 2012 he began working as a software developer and led various projects for clients all over the world for nearly 10 years. Recently, Williams switched to independent IT consultation and started his own website. There, he explores web development, data management, digital marketing and solutions for online business owners just getting started. He holds a master’s degree in computer and information technology from the University of London.

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A person looks at stock prices on a laptop and takes notes in a notebook
High-frequency trading involves using powerful computers to make a large volume of trades in a short span of time. Here, our expert explains the basic principles and outlines how to get started.
CakePHP image of a birthday cake on a cake stand
CakePHP is an open-source framework for web applications built in PHP, a server-side scripting language intended for rapid development.
Apache Hive image of at least a dozen bees on a honeycomb
Apache Hive is a data warehouse system designed to operate on a massive scale with a primary focus on fast data analysis and rapid online insights.
symfony image of 3 performing violinists in profile
Symfony possesses modern configurations to make fast, reliable web applications and simplify the web development process. 
Sails.js image of a fleet of sailboats
Sails.js is a Node.js library built on top of JavaScript runtime and modeled after the server-side web application framework Ruby on Rails.
Ember.js image of a white man with a trimmed beard and his hair pulled back in a bun. He types code on a dual-monitor system. He wears a chambray shirt.
Ember.js is an open-source JavaScript framework often used to generate the newest JavaScript web applications.
Play framework image of two game developers working at a computer together. The white woman on the left has long dark hair and wears a casual long sleeve t-shirt. She smiles and points to the screen. The white man on the right wears a long-sleeved black shirt with the sleeves pushed up. He wears headphones and a 3D gaming device on the top of his head. He is also smiling.
Play Framework is a high-productivity web app framework for programming languages whose code is compiled and run on the JVM.
playwright image of an old-fashioned typewriter with a piece of paper in it
Playwright is a Node.js library built on a JavaScript runtime (or programming environment) for easy web development.
data governance framework image of a locked padlock. A stream of data in the form of zeroes and ones threads through the eye of the padlock.
A data governance framework is a series of regulations and role assignments that assure cooperation in a company’s data management.
A visual representation of middleware
Middleware is an essential part of building great software because it helps different types communicate with each other. Our expert introduces you to the basics here.
A physical Bitcoin coin and credit cards in a wallet.
Crypto cards have become an increasingly popular and convenient way for cryptocurrency holders to spend their funds. Our expert explains how they work and the options you have when considering getting one.
image of a knowledge graph with blue and white overlay
Knowledge graphs are becoming increasingly common thanks to their wide range of applications across industries. This guide introduces you to their basic principles and some examples.