When 1 Wins, All Win. Meet 3 Team Members Flourishing at Chainlink Labs.

A team is only as strong as its weakest link, and thanks to this company’s team-first culture, it’s remarkably robust.

Written by Mia Goulart
Published on Mar. 28, 2024
When 1 Wins, All Win. Meet 3 Team Members Flourishing at Chainlink Labs.
Chainlink Labs
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In the fast-paced, results-driven landscape of technology, discovering a workplace that not only encourages employees to take risks but also emphasizes the importance of continuous learning can be akin to finding a hidden treasure. 

Enter Chainlink Labs. 

The primary contributing developer of Chainlink, the industry-standard platform for onchain data, cross-chain interoperability, and blockchain abstraction, Chainlink Labs is a trailblazer in the Web3 space that has attracted professionals from all walks of life — yielding better outcomes as a result. Read on to explore the journeys of three Chainlink Labs team members and how their careers at Chainlink Labs have propelled them forward.


Hitting the Career Jackpot

​ Harry Papacharissiou ​

With a degree in computer science and over 15 years of experience in various technical roles, Harry Papacharissiou’s journey began in traditional software development. However, his trajectory took a decisive turn when he delved into the world of cryptocurrencies. 

“I knew crypto was the future, so I did everything I could to upskill to move into the space full time,” he said. “The more you can involve yourself in the ecosystem, the better your chances of getting hired.”


“The more you can involve yourself in the ecosystem, the better your chances of getting hired.”


Papacharissiou’s transition into the Web3 realm wasn’t just a career pivot — it was a journey of self-discovery, and it’s paid off. Through hackathons and hands-on exploration, he honed his skills in emerging technologies and eventually landed a role at Chainlink Labs, where he now manages the team of developer advocates to ensure its developer resources are best in class. According to Papacharissiou, he hit the career jackpot. 

“After working in the software industry for almost two decades, my biggest career goals are to work on something I’m passionate about with people I’m passionate about, in a remote work setting where I can maximize time with my family,” he said. “Chainlink Labs allows for all three.

As a bonus, Papacharissiou has grown more during his time at the startup than at any other, strengthening his skills in public speaking, managing, leading and growing a team — and in doing so, building a high-performing professional network based on mutual trust, admiration and friendship. 

“There are no underperformers,” he said. “This encourages you to level up quickly: Chainlink Labs has many tools and programs to help one grow in their career, including mentor programs, training sessions, training allowances and an annual offsite.” 

In reflection, he realized the mentor program is one of the things he appreciates most. It has been a place for him to bounce ideas off of professionals with more experience, gain insights from their years of experience, and do the same for others. 

As manager of developer advocates, Papacharissiou plays a pivotal role in equipping developers with the tools and knowledge they need to succeed. He’s not solely dedicated to constructing technology; he’s equally committed to nurturing a community, promoting collaboration and empowering others to enact tangible change in the real world, irrespective of their experience in the space.


Finding Support Along the Way

Zayi Reyes

With a background rooted in blockchain technology, Zayi Reyes’ career trajectory began during her college years. After interning at a tech startup building blockchain-based solutions, she never looked back. When the chance to become part of Chainlink Labs arose, she knew it was an opportunity she couldn’t pass up.

“I remember hearing they were building something that would disrupt the entire system, and I had to be part of the movement,” she said. 


“I heard they were building something that would disrupt the entire system, and I had to be part of the movement.”


Transitioning to Chainlink Labs felt like a seamless step forward for Reyes, where she discovered not only a platform to refine her communication skills but also avenues to explore new roles and responsibilities.

As an ecosystem marketing manager, Reyes's role extends beyond traditional marketing. It's about cultivating an ecosystem where ideas flourish and partnerships thrive. Through cross-team collaboration and strategic initiatives like the Chainlink BUILD program, she’s been able to grow professionally in many different areas. 

Prior to her tenure at the company, she had never been part of a team exceeding 50 members. Despite Chainlink being categorized as a startup, it boasted several hundred employees upon her arrival in 2022, with its numbers steadily increasing. Fortunately, like Papacharissiou, she found ample support throughout her journey.

“It was intimidating,” Reyes said. “I’ve been grateful to have my manager, Sara, teaching me how to manage cross-team dynamics and encourage me to take courses and attend conferences to expand different skill sets.” 


Chainlink employees on a hike. 
Chainlink Labs


In conversation with Reyes and Papacharissiou, one thing stands out about working at Chainlink Labs: no one gets left behind. Whether a newcomer or a seasoned veteran, the culture is designed to support every team member. 

When one person succeeds, everyone wins. Reyes shared she has always felt supported knowing her team leaders have thoroughly considered every angle before giving her the go-ahead, which boosts her confidence in her abilities.

Even through the screen, Reyes fulfills her role remotely with palpable support. Feeling included in a large team can be challenging for remote workers, but that’s not the case at Chainlink. Weekly sync-up calls and cross-team meetings ensure everyone stays connected and up to speed. 

“Even though I’m behind a screen, I feel like I’m in-person every day,” she said. “It also gives me the work-life balance I need to have a clear head and a positive disposition every day.” 


“Even though I’m behind a screen, I feel like I’m in-person every day. It gives me the work-life balance I need.” 


It’s this culture that allows her to take on challenges, such as creating a marketing plan for the Chainlink BUILD program and taking on new accounts integrating newly released services like Chainlink CCIP. She’s also empowered to take on internal challenges such as onboarding new team members and interviewing potential candidates, not only helping the company grow but advancing her career. 


Adding to the Chain

Michael Robinson

Michael Robinson’s journey into the tech industry is defined by one goal: to change the world. With a dual degree in mechanical engineering and economics from Queen’s University in Canada, Robinson's career path took him from traditional engineering roles to the forefront of product marketing. 

As a product marketing manager at Chainlink Labs, Robinson’s role is not just about promoting products: It’s about educating the market, forging connections and driving adoption. Robinson said he’s grown professionally every day, guided by the company’s core operating principles. 



  • True ownership means taking responsibility for your goals and setting high standards to achieve them.”
  • Prioritized focus is about optimizing your daily, weekly and quarterly schedule and tasks for maximum efficiency.”
  • Constructive dialogue ensures that we effectively communicate, collaborate and grow with each other.”


These principles have even bled into the personal lives of many employees at Chainlink Labs, and it’s this character that makes the team unique. Through Robinson’s involvement in industry conferences, educational initiatives and community engagement efforts, he advocates for the broader adoption of Web3 technology. In return, the community is quick to advocate for him as well. 


Outdoor aerial shot of Chainlink employees. 
Chainlink Labs


“I also tap into an external network of professional development leaders to seek advice on high-impact projects,” he said. “It has helped my journey tremendously.” 


As Strong As The Weakest Link

Chainlink Labs isn’t just building services, it’s building a movement underpinned by the Chainlink platform. It's about empowering individuals and organizations to embrace technology and drive positive change in the world.

The common thread? A team that’s laser-focused on its vision and executes it with true ownership, prioritized focus, and constructive dialogue.  And that creates an organization that, like the Chainlink platform, is remarkably robust. 



Responses have been edited for length and clarity. Images provided by Chainlink Labs.

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