What Jobseekers Want Has Changed: These 13 Companies Are Listening

These companies offer missions their employees can connect with, benefits that support them in all aspects of life and numerous opportunities for skill and career development.

Written by Michael Hines
Published on Oct. 26, 2023
What Jobseekers Want Has Changed: These 13 Companies Are Listening
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The Great Resignation is over. In its wake is a new wave of workers who know what they want from an employer. 

The first is a mission. Nobody is working for the weekend anymore: Job seekers want their work to matter and to be done in service of a mission they believe in.

The second is a holistic benefits package. People want to know a company will be as invested in them as they are in their work, and benefits that offer support in all aspects of life shows this.

Finally, opportunities for professional development and upskilling have become must-haves. For some, that means tuition assistance or support for attending conferences. For others, it’s mentorship and opportunities for peer learning.

Of course, professionals aren’t the only ones who know what they want. The 13 companies featured here do, too. Continue reading to learn more about how these companies help employees find meaning in their work, support them inside and outside of the office, and provide ample opportunities for growth.



Lin Pham
Director, Talent Brand Marketing • ServiceNow

ServiceNow’s cloud-based platform and services help companies streamline and digitize workflows, improve the customer experience and automate processes.

What is ServiceNow’s mission, and how do your employees live it?

Our purpose is to make the world work better for everyone. To fulfill our purpose and achieve our ambition together, we live by a core set of values: wow our customers, win as a team, create belonging and stay hungry and humble.

Making sure our employees — and their big dreams — are nurtured is essential to achieving our company purpose. It’s why we have the “People Pact,” the commitment we make to each other to live our best lives, do our best work and fulfill our purpose together. We are a community that builds on our inclusive culture, so we take an approach to flexibility and trust that integrates work and life in ways that are best for each of our employees.

To build on our inclusive culture, we have nine belonging groups that help unify us, foster a deeper sense of belonging, educate allies and push us to be a better company. Our belonging groups include culture champions and leaders who regularly participate in forums to discuss valuable insights and create tools that strengthen our inclusive culture on the ground every day.


Can you describe your benefits package and the resources you offer employees to support them holistically?

We lead with flexibility and trust in our distributed world of work. We offer flexible paid-time-off, volunteer time off, one-to-one donation matching, education reimbursement, retirement benefits and more. From mental health resources that offer coaching and 24/7 support to family support resources and generous parental leave programs, our goal is to take care of our employees and the ones they love. 

In 2022, we enhanced our well-being strategy by adding resources from Virgin Pulse, a well-being platform where users can join virtual classes, track physical activity and habits, enter challenges with colleagues and more. We also offer one-to-one expert support through our partnerships with Celo, Grayce and Fertility IQ to assist with family building and to help working parents and caregivers. And this is just the start: We continuously evolve our offerings based on employees feedback and needs.


What opportunities or resources do you offer in regards to continuous learning, career development or upskilling?

We offer one-to-one life coaching, education reimbursement, and our AI-based predictive and personalized learning platform, frED. We also offer learning and development programs. This includes Future Readiness, led by Harvard Business School professor Frances Frei; Launchpad, our development program for early career employees; and Leadership through Innovation, which equips managers and future leaders with the skill sets needed to continually learn, innovate and be agile. 

On top of that, we strive to create new opportunities for employees based on their unique career journeys. In 2022 alone we saw 1,450 internal transfer opportunities realized and more than 59 percent of our new director-level and higher roles came from internal promotions.

Additionally, quarterly growth conversations help managers and team members clarify expectations, reflect on goal and career progress and share feedback. These ensure that employees receive ongoing and actionable feedback that furthers their career development. It’s also a time for managers to work with their teams to ensure the principles of flexibility and trust are woven into the new ways of working we have embraced as a company.


Heather Joines
VP, Talent Acquisition and Operations • Optimum

Altice is a broadband communications and video services provider serving nearly 5 million businesses and consumers across 21 states.

What is Altice’s mission, and how do your employees live it?

Our company mission is to be the connectivity provider of choice across all our communities. 

Our employees live our mission each day by leaning into a customer-first culture of collaboration, excellence, pride and inclusion, supporting each other in a safe and fulfilling work environment. 

Adding meaningfully to our work environment are our eight employee affinity groups that influence a diverse and unique culture of belonging in the workplace. 

Through professional development sessions, networking events, panels and community events, our affinity groups offer a community of designated “safe spaces” where everyone can feel secure to be themselves and share a particular identity or experience. They are places to learn more and become an ally in diversity and inclusion.


Can you describe your benefits package and the resources you offer employees to support them holistically?

We value our employees and want them to have access to comprehensive benefits that allow them to feel supported.  We offer medical, dental and vision benefits from day one with no probationary period.  We realize these benefits are a large part of the equation when starting your career or taking the next step and we provide immediate access. In addition to more standard medical benefits, we offer a 401(k) plan with a 4 percent match and options for financial planning assistance. 

We also offer an EAP that provides confidential support to employees in a range of areas, including depression, anxiety and stress, substance abuse, relationship problems, child and elder care to name a few.  Altice USA also offers parental bonding leave and adoption, fertility, and surrogacy assistance benefits.  


What opportunities or resources do you offer in regards to continuous learning, career development or upskilling?

We understand that a fulfilling life and career means learning new things and building new skills and proudly support employees’ education with tuition reimbursement of up to $5,250 per calendar year.  We know development matters and are focused on bringing the best offerings to our employees to continuously promote learning and growth in the workspace.


Josh Martin
Talent Brand & Engagement Lead at General Motors • General Motors

General Motors is the global automaker behind Chevrolet, Cadillac, GMC and Buick.


What is GM’s mission, and how do your employees live it?

GM’s vision is to create a world with zero crashes, zero emissions and zero congestion. This probably goes without saying, but ambitious goals like that aren’t achieved by accident. Everyone here is on a mission to radically improve the world we live in, which is why at GM, we align to a common purpose: to pioneer the innovations that move and connect people to what matters. As part of the GM team, it didn’t take long for me to realize that purpose and vision is shared by everyone at GM — from the C-suite to the summer interns — which makes my experience working here especially energizing and meaningful.

Notably, one of the most important aspects of actualizing this vision is the development and implementation of cutting-edge tech. The software developers, artificial intelligence and machine learning specialists, semiconductor engineers and other tech professionals on this team are putting their fingerprints on products that will change the way the world thinks about not just transportation but energy itself. From creating software-defined vehicles and autonomous cars to the electric infrastructure that will lay the foundation for this revolution, the work going on at GM is accelerating the future, and it’s incredibly fun to be a part of.

Lastly, our CEO’s aspiration for GM to be the most inclusive company in the world permeates everything we do. From the many employee resource groups available to our robust development and training programs, GM puts its money where its mouth is when it comes to creating a diverse and inclusive workplace for everyone.


Can you describe your benefits package and the resources you offer employees to support them holistically? 

GM’s U.S. salaried total rewards package is designed to take care of employees so that they can focus on what drives and fulfills them. The health benefits are world class, the savings plan and contribution matching of up to 8 percent is beyond generous, and the TeamGM bonus package demonstrates that when the company wins, we all win. GM prioritizes a holistic approach to well-being, which includes support for employees’ physical, emotional and financial wellness.

But total rewards is about so much more than health benefits and a 401(k), which means support through all of life’s biggest moments. We provide employees with up to 12 weeks of paid family leave to care for their covered family members and even a $40,000 combined lifetime maximum reimbursement for fertility treatments, surrogacy and adoption expenses. We provide an employee assistance program, financial coaching services and our LifeSteps Program, which rewards employees with $1,500 per year toward their health savings account with proof of an annual physical. I am also proud to say that we also now allow the extension of benefits to domestic partners — same-sex and different sex — as well as children of domestic partners.

And of course, when you’re ready to get yourself your own GM vehicle, the GM Family First plan hooks you up with a discount! Combined, these benefits and more demonstrate GM’s commitment to its people.


What opportunities or resources do you offer in regards to continuous learning, career development or upskilling?

GM offers growth and development resources that can help you maximize your impact, learn new skills or make professional connections. Whether you’re leveraging our tuition assistance program to further your education, taking free courses through our internal learning program, Degreed, or getting specific certifications through our technical education program to pad your skill set, there are many resources available for those looking to take the next step.

One of the coolest opportunities for growth at GM, in my opinion, is GM’s Geek Program. This program hosts hundreds of keynote speakers, challenges and speaker series throughout the year that feature inspiring professionals from across GM as well as innovative guest speakers from outside the company. Whether it’s professional development sessions about public speaking, updates on our latest AI breakthroughs for electric vehicles or learning about GM’s partnership with Epic Games, the tech community at GM is vibrant, supportive, and conducive to a rewarding career.


Robert Allen
Vice President, Talent & Engagement • GitLab

Companies use GitLab’s AI-powered development, security and operations platform to build software faster.


What is GitLab’s mission, and how do your employees live it?

Our mission is rooted in the belief that everyone can contribute, whether that means building our company or helping to make GitLab the most comprehensive AI-powered, DevSecOps platform. We make this a reality by running our operations, dogfooding our own product and embracing an open-core company model. We operate on a global scale and welcome individuals from all backgrounds to be a part of our success. Our commitment to diversity, inclusion and belonging is embedded in every aspect of our organization.

GitLab is known for its results-driven all-remote culture. Our “CREDIT” values serve as the foundation of a culture that prioritizes outcomes and is designed to excel in a fully remote setting. Being an all-remote company, we are committed to staying at the forefront of best practices and cultivating a values-driven culture. 

Can you describe your benefits package and the resources you offer employees to support them holistically?

Our aim is to create an environment where anyone can thrive. This means implementing programs that empower our team members to manage their health, wealth and well-being, regardless of their location.

What opportunities or resources do you offer in regards to continuous learning, career development or upskilling?

As GitLab continues to grow, we prioritize setting clear expectations through defined key performance indicators, fostering learning and development through career growth opportunities, mentorship programs, coaching and training sessions, and providing access to opportunities through our growth and development program. 

By effectively guiding team members on their career journey, we strive to foster a culture of learning and development so that GitLab remains a great place to work. When our team members can do their jobs effectively and confidently, we’re better able to deliver results for our customers.



Kayla Snow
Director, Total Rewards • GHX

GHX’s supply chain technology helps lower healthcare costs by bringing providers and equipment manufacturers and distributors together on the same platform.


What is GHX’s mission, and how do your employees live it?

GHX is on a mission to simplify the patient-centered business of healthcare to improve outcomes. Our purpose-driven team wakes up every day on a crusade to create a future where affordable, quality healthcare is possible for all. Whether it is working alongside providers in a hospital or donating blood during our annual spirit week, our employees keep GHX’s mission at the heart of all they do. 

As a remote-first culture, GHX’s diversity, equity and inclusion and culture team is constantly working to make sure all GHXers have the opportunity to connect with their colleagues because we believe we’re better together. GHX has launched initiatives like our “Food for Thought Tour” where colleagues gather in GHX hub cities over lunch, enabling them to meet teammates they may not normally work with. We also host quarterly peer development sessions that empower leaders from across the business to learn from one another and share best practices, all in the spirit of fostering connections. 


Can you describe your benefits package and the resources you offer employees to support them holistically?

Our wellness program invests in our employees’ holistic well-being, demonstrating the importance of caring for the whole person, which is a hallmark of GHX’s values. We provide tools, programs, resources and events that routinely engage employees in their wellness journey. For example, we hold monthly meditation sessions and quarterly education sessions devoted to rotating topics like financial literacy and suicide awareness. Our annual summer fitness challenge rewards individuals for their participation and stokes some healthy competition by naming an overall team winner. 

What opportunities or resources do you offer in regards to continuous learning, career development or upskilling?

We understand the importance of investing in our employees’ growth as it benefits them individually and contributes to the overall success of our company. Through our career development expedition, GHX provides employees with the necessary tools to navigate their own journey and define their career path. 

This includes engaging leadership development courses, opportunities for professional certifications and events, as well as clearly defined career paths for advancement. As a result of our commitment to our employees, almost half of our roles are filled by internal candidates.


Cindy Lee
Sr. Manager, Employer Brand & Communications • Zeta Global

Jaguar, CNN and Motel 6 are just a few of the companies that use Zeta’s AI and data-powered marketing platform for customer acquisition and retention.

What is Zeta’s mission, and how do your employees live it?

Our vision is to make sophisticated marketing simple. Our culture is supported through our virtues — grow, humanize, commit, collaborate and innovate — which unite us toward common goals and guide our behaviors and decisions, strengthen our relationships and differentiate our culture.   

We are dedicated to empowering employees to thrive both in and outside of work. This sets us apart and shapes our vibrant culture —creating an environment where genuine connections flourish and individual growth is prioritized. While we have ambitious goals and a shared vision, we recognize each other as unique individuals. Differences are valued. One way we live out our virtue of “humanize” is through our dedication to DEI, and our ERGs are the heartbeat of our supportive and inclusive atmosphere. 

Our five ERGs foster community and provide a safe space to connect and share experiences. We hold quarterly town halls to connect in-person and virtually. Our “Virtues Awards” recognize and reward teammates who demonstrate exemplary qualities and contribute positively to our company culture. Our local hubs enable employees to build relationships and collaborate. Moreover, we actively participate in charitable initiatives and support causes aligning with our values through our ZetaCares program.

These initiatives create a supportive and inclusive environment for employees and encourage personal and professional growth. We believe in celebrating achievements, fostering connections and making a positive impact beyond our organization. Warmth and authenticity flow through every interaction — unique voices and perspectives are not only valued but celebrated. 


Can you describe your benefits package and the resources you offer employees to support them holistically?

We strongly believe in actively seeking feedback through wellness surveys to ensure help employees live their best lives. In addition to comprehensive medical coverage, our benefits package includes flexible time off, generous parental leave, pet insurance, travel insurance, a 401(k) match, an employee stock purchase plan, monthly financial workshops and a variety of wellness resources. 

We have made several additions to our benefits package recently based on employee feedback. This includes increasing the length of parental leave, offering adoption assistance, offering travel assistance for out-of-state procedures related to reproductive health and adding two additional days off per year to volunteer. We continuously seek ways to actively support the physical, emotional and mental well-being of our team. We value feedback and strive to make changes that will enhance employees’ overall job satisfaction and quality of life.

What opportunities or resources do you offer in regards to continuous learning, career development or upskilling?

Our offerings include webinars, training courses and new lunch-and-learns where employees share their expertise with their peers. We believe in empowering our workforce with continuous learning and development opportunities to maximize their potential and drive professional growth. In addition, we have dedicated DEI training programs that cultivate awareness, understanding and an inclusive mindset among employees. These programs foster personal growth and contribute to a more diverse and inclusive work environment where everyone feels valued and respected. 

These resources have a significant impact on our employees’ professional and personal growth. They enhance their knowledge and skills, allowing them to excel in their current roles and potentially take on new responsibilities. Additionally, they promote self-improvement and boost confidence and morale. They also foster a sense of belonging and inclusivity by promoting understanding and empathy toward different perspectives and experiences.



Daryl Rappé 
Senior Director, Talent Acquisition • Epsilon

Epsilon is an advertising and marketing technology company that helps companies reach new customers, organize and do more with their data, and create new revenue streams. 

What is Epsilon’s mission, and how do your employees live it?

Epsilon’s culture is built on a foundation of collaboration and empathy, where our employees are empowered to do meaningful work. We embody our values, and, as part of Publicis Groupe, Epsilon has access to business resource groups that provide support and networking opportunities. Epsilon also fosters an epic community, literally, through our community outreach group, Epic. Epic is about creating an environment of empathy, belonging and collaboration among employees and passing it along to the communities we serve.

It is designed to help people make a difference in the community, learn, grow personally and professionally, and have fun and build relationships with their colleagues. Epic outreach extends support to the communities we live and work in, fosters physical and emotional wellbeing, and creates social connections. We participate in a lot of volunteer events and care about the communities we operate in. We get involved.

Can you describe your benefits package and the resources you offer employees to support them holistically?

Epsilon invests in the well-being of our employees and provides a broad and balanced suite of benefits. Some key highlights are flexible time off and “Epsilon Days of Rest,” which are companywide days off outside of our regular holidays that allow employees to rest and recharge. Employees also have access to health, wellness and professional development counselors along with financial wellness resources like financial planning and tuition assistance.

Additionally, Epsilon provides a number of unique perks, including commuter benefits, an employee assistance program, adoption assistance and access to temporary and ongoing care for dependents, adults and elderly family members.


What opportunities or resources do you offer in regards to continuous learning, career development or upskilling?

At Epsilon, we aspire to provide learning and development opportunities that empower people to grow at every stage of their careers. There are thousands of opportunities available, including live training events and curated, on-demand content. Epsilon offers professional development programs at all career levels — from early career to manager and executive development — which are designed to help employees build and expand their skills for professional growth and leadership.

In addition, Epsilon offers tuition reimbursement that covers college courses, certifications and online learning programs. We also have an online learning platform with a variety of courses on a variety of topics, including business, technology and personal development.


Divya Joshi
Director, Technical Recruiting • Thumbtack

Thumbtack’s marketplace enables homeowners to easily find local home plumbers, electricians, landscapers and more while enabling these professionals to grow their businesses.


What is Thumbtack’s mission, and how do your employees live it?

Our mission is to create a future where everyone can do life’s work with joy and purpose. In a world where tech is often seen as eroding good jobs, we’re helping small business owners thrive. The “why” behind our work is helping our pros and customers thrive. When we say our mission is to help everyone do life’s work with joy and purpose, that includes our employees — who drive impactful work and are celebrated for who they are. At Thumbtack, our values guide all of our decisions and our eight ERGs foster a sense of belonging. 

ERGs host monthly programming that provides professional and personal development opportunities, including listening sessions around topics and events that impact communities. We host monthly “courageous conversations,” virtual events where outside speakers and subject matter experts lead conversations around DEIB topics that affect our colleagues. Our monthly “ERG takeovers” feature a full month of celebration and educational programming, events and employee matching dollars for non-profit organizations donations.

In addition, our annual Global Inclusion and Belonging Week offers programming and events that foster conversation, encourage individual contemplation and reflection on identity, as well as celebrate intersectionality and diversity. 

Can you describe your benefits package and the resources you offer employees to support them holistically?

In addition to medical, dental and vision insurance, we also offer these benefits for employees based in North America. There are 12 weeks of 100 percent paid parental leave for both birthing and non-birthing parents; Maven Wallet fertility benefits, which includes adoption assistance; and gender dysphoria assistance. Employees also have access to the mental health platforms Modern Health and Therify and can receive professional coaching from BetterUp.

Employees also benefit from a wide variety of direct financial assistance, including an annual $1,400 remote work stipend that can be used on career development, physical and emotional wellness and caregiving expenses; a one-time $650 home office stipend, a quarterly $450 Thumbtack credit, a $65 monthly cell phone stipend and a $40 monthly internet stipend.

Along with offering flexible and accrued time off Thumbtack, also has more than 20 company holidays, including two week-long shutdowns.

What opportunities or resources do you offer in regards to continuous learning, career development or upskilling?

All employees participate in an annual review process and managers engage in personal development plans for themselves and their teams. We offer employees the support to explore mobility opportunities and new roles across the organization. Our 360 review process enables team members to provide feedback to one another, and all employees receive feedback from their manager and multiple self-selected peers. Additional resources include leadership coaching from an external consultant, an engineering mentorship program and the ability to attend conferences.



Steph Ryter
Creative Culture Team Leader • Arity

Founded by insurance giant Allstate, Arity uses predictive analytics to build solutions that make transportation safer, smarter and more useful.


What is Arity’s mission, and how do your employees live it?

Arity is a mobility data and analytics company focused on creating better experiences on and off the road for drivers, communities and businesses. It is our mission to make transportation smarter, safer and more useful for everyone. To live our mission, we combine massive amounts of data and leverage cutting-edge technology and decades of transportation expertise to help our customers and partners solve real-world problems. 

We can help insurers price new customers accurately, help mobile app developers offer customized content to their users based on their driving habits, and enable local, state and other transportation authorities to use driving behavior data to reveal safety risks.

This has the power to create better and safer conditions for drivers, pedestrians and public transit commuters. Through our values of prioritizing customer success, working as a team, taking ownership for our collective success and believing in continuous innovation, we help guide the organization forward and win in a way we can be proud of.

Can you describe your benefits package and the resources you offer employees to support them holistically?

Arity is a fully remote company. We offer holistic benefits and recognize that our employees have diverse needs, and we support them in various aspects of their lives. Our benefits support employees’ well-being, work-life balance and personal development and go beyond financial compensation. 

In addition to generous PTO, 401(k) matching, pension plans, and financial wellness, we also have dedicated no-meeting Friday afternoons, wellness days, support and resources for mental health and emotional well-being, access to an employees recognition platform where points can be redeemed for gift cards and other items, tuition assistance and a charitable donation matching program. 

Our DEI strategy encourages employees to bring their true selves to work and provides them space to do so. Additionally, we have 11 combined employee and business impact groups. EIGs foster inclusivity, diversity and equity in alignment with our DEI strategy. BIGs create opportunities for employees to create business solutions. Both provide an open forum for employees with shared interests.

Beth Perillo
People Team Leader • Arity

What opportunities or resources do you offer in regards to continuous learning, career development or upskilling?

At Arity, our learning and professional development strategy is grounded in three tactics. First, we help employees create a career development plan. Each March, we host employee development month, a series of sessions that help team members identify their career development goals and make a plan to achieve them. 

Second, we provide resources and time throughout the year to take action on those plans. Since we are founded by Allstate, we’re able to provide cutting-edge learning platforms like Linkedin Learning, Harvard Business Review and Get Abstract so employees can build their skills. Also, the first Friday of every month is “learn day” where employees can attend learning sessions hosted by their peers or take time to learn on their own. 

Lastly, we focus on manager training to ensure our managers are effective coaches for their employees, using techniques like the GROW coaching model, emotional intelligence training and discussion communities where managers share best practices.



Alexa Torman
Sr. Manager, Talent Acquisition • Echo Global Logistics

Echo Global Logistics is a third-party logistics provider offering shipping and warehouse services.


What is Echo Global Logistics’ mission, and how do your employees live it?

Team members at Echo Global Logistics truly believe in our brand promise and core values. Our team is enthusiastic, energetic and determined and want to see Echo be the best it can be. It really is great to be a part of something that is not just work but a close-knit community. Our values help us lead the way to better solutions as we create a collaborative environment. 

Whether working through our focus on clients, our business resource groups or our softball league, everyone works hard and hustles to make Echo a great place to work.


Can you describe your benefits package and the resources you offer employees to support them holistically?

Echo is always looking to improve and add to our offerings. We offer a healthcare package through Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Illinois and a 401(k) match. Echo also offers wellness opportunities that set our employees up for success, such as a discounted Peloton membership offering hundreds of workout opportunities and mental wellness classes like yoga and meditation. Candidates love to hear about these offerings when making a decision about their next professional home.


What opportunities or resources do you offer in regards to continuous learning, career development or upskilling?

Echo has recently invested quite a bit into continued learning opportunities because we know investing in our talent is important to our future. This year, we launched emerging leaders and mentorship programs, which led us to identify top talent and invest in their development. We have launched our self-paced learning base for all Echo managers. This gives our leaders an opportunity to develop skills on their own and be challenged in their day-to-day roles as they learn at their own pace. It’s great to be part of a company that wants to improve and invest in our learning.



Alison Moriarty 
Chief People Officer • GoHealth

GoHealth operates a Medicare marketplace.


What is GoHealth’s mission, and how do your employees live it?

Care is truly at the center of everything we do, and having compassion for Medicare consumers ensures peace of mind for those difficult healthcare decisions that everyone eventually must make. 

To reinvigorate our ongoing mission to build long-lasting relationships with consumers wherever they are in their healthcare journey, we allowed our team members to identify new values rooted in care by hosting employee and leadership sessions. As the beating heart of our day-to-day operations, over 400 #TeamGoHealth employees identified five values that speak to where we are and where we’re heading: integrity, collaboration, accountability, resilience and empathy, or “I CARE.” 

Actions speak louder than words — and we’re diligently exploring new opportunities that build on and speak directly to these values. With our new office space in the Merchandise Mart, we feel even more connected than ever before. We plan to incorporate our values in new, exciting ways through quarterly employee recognition initiatives, service events and a diverse range of ERGs. Our culture committee is currently working to program our 2024 events with the help and input of team members across the organization.

Can you describe your benefits package and the resources you offer employees to support them holistically?

Our employees’ rigor and commitment to bettering the Medicare consumer experience is something we believe should be recognized and rewarded. It’s essential for us to provide each team member with a benefits package that offers robust coverage options at every stage of life. We offer the choice of three medical plans, two dental plans, and vision, life and disability coverage. 

Additionally, we provide pet, legal and critical illness coverage, a 401(k) with a discounted employee stock purchase plan, and a liberal leave of absence policy providing up to 14 weeks of paid time off for maternity and bonding leave. We all perform at our best when we have the wherewithal to be our best. It’s simply the GoHealth way.

What opportunities or resources do you offer in regards to continuous learning, career development or upskilling?

GoHealth has made it a priority to invest in our employees companywide. This focus starts with new employee orientation and onboarding and continues through our executive coaching program. We always devote attention to helping employees quickly get up to speed so they can find early success and focus on continuous learning opportunities.

By utilizing a skilling and competency matrix, we gain reach across departments by tracking perishable and non-perishable core skills. As a result of offering personal and professional growth opportunities, we have witnessed a significant decrease in employee turnover in the past year. By upskilling our employee population, we have also found that we can add positive impact to our bottom line.


Bailey Ricken
Recruitment Supervisor • FirstBank

FirstBank is Colorado’s largest locally owned bank. In addition to the Centennial State, FirstBank also has branches in California and Arizona.

What is FirstBank’s mission, and how do your employees live it?

In every area of FirstBank, our mission of banking for good is embraced. Banking for good supports our customers, communities and employees. Our employees live this mission by trusting each other, praising in public and coaching in private, embracing constructive conflict, being genuine and authentic, treating one another with dignity and respect, and using inquiry to understand and expand conversations. Internally, we have created groups and committees to support all FirstBankers. 

This includes STRIDE, or strength through recognition of inclusion, diversity and equity, which was formed to conceptualize, develop and implement enterprisewide goals, strategies and initiatives supporting DEI. Our employees participate in a variety of volunteer events with many different organizations to encourage banking for good in our communities. We believe all backgrounds, beliefs and values play a crucial role in our organization. Everyone is treated with respect and given the tools and resources to succeed.

Can you describe your benefits package and the resources you offer employees to support them holistically?

FirstBank has recently expanded its total rewards philosophy to provide a framework that creates a positive workplace culture and helps the organization thrive. We foster leaders at every level and promote from within. We challenge employees and provide opportunities to be their best selves. We operate with purpose and empower employees to positively impact causes they care about. FirstBank aims to partner with each team member in achieving physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, professional and financial wellness to help them succeed at work and in life.


What opportunities or resources do you offer in regards to continuous learning, career development or upskilling?

We strive to focus on the career growth and aspirations of FirstBankers. We partner with many different career development organizations as well as our own learning and development department. Recently, we have partnered with PluralSight and Cloud Guru to bring upskilling directly to employees within our technology areas. These tools allow FirstBankers to not only expand their current skill set but explore other areas of interest.



Ashlee Buhler
Senior Manager, Recruitment • Edmunds

Edmunds creates tools and content to make car buying and selling easier. 


What is Edmunds’ mission, and how do your employees live it?

Our mission is to guide consumers to their perfect car and make car buying and selling easy. We take pride in empowering consumers to make the very best decisions by putting our tools in their hands. Similarly, we empower our employees with resources, tools and trust. “TRUST” is an acronym that represents the values that have shaped our culture: transparency, resourcefulness, urgency, simplicity and togetherness. 

Transparency is represented in our open style of communication, which includes our new “Take the Wheel” monthly events where departments host the company in a day of learning that includes fireside chats, highlights of recent successes and lunch. This enables employees to understand how they help Edmunds reach its goals and provides insight into how they can contribute beyond their role’s scope.

Resourcefulness, urgency and simplicity directly apply to how we accomplish our work and collaborate across departments. Lastly, togetherness is at the core of what we do as we foster an inclusive environment and celebrate varied perspectives. We have six employee resource groups with their own unique missions that are all focused on fostering a sense of community and connection. 


Can you describe your benefits package and the resources you offer employees to support them holistically?

In addition to competitive compensation, 100 percent paid parental leave and PTO at employees’ discretion, we’ve elevated our benefits to encourage employees to prioritize their wellbeing and pursue their passions. “Tune Up Your Engine,” our wellness initiative, supports employees’ physical, emotional, financial and social health. 

Offerings include employee-led yoga, nutritionist coaching, complimentary Headspace access, chair massages and therapist sessions on sleep hygiene and stress management. Our paid sabbatical program allows employees to achieve lifelong goals like writing a book or volunteering with disaster relief efforts. We also expanded our fertility and family planning benefit to all employees on company-sponsored medical plans.

What opportunities or resources do you offer in regards to continuous learning, career development or upskilling?

We want each employee to have the opportunity to maximize their impact, and we know this comes from creating opportunities to learn, collaborate and innovate. Some highlights include: 

Hackathons. Our annual hackathons provide dedicated time for cross-functional teams to come together and compete in creating innovative products to solve consumer needs.

Learning events. We hold an annual conference-style learning event focused on growth and development with an added fun, competitive component in which the organization is divided into competing teams. Employees take the day off and explore their curiosity, whether that is attending business-focused sessions, soft skill development or employee-led sessions on personal interests like cooking, cocktail making or composting. 

Development sessions. Soft skill development sessions offer employees across different departments an opportunity to share and learn from one another.

Career development. We offer internal internships where employees have the opportunity to join another department and learn what other business functions work on so that they can develop new skills. Also, a number of positions are opened up every year that are only for internal candidates. We often look to utilize the skills of our current employees before looking externally to fill an open need.



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