Coming Soon! Skills-Building Courses and Certifications on Built In.

Written by Built In Staff
Published on Jan. 11, 2022
Coming Soon! Skills-Building Courses and Certifications on Built In.

The most popular content on Built In centers on professional development and learning. We’ve always been devoted to ensuring that the three million tech professionals who visit monthly have access to what they need to advance their careers and find their professional purpose.

As such, Built In is thrilled to announce partnerships with Udacity, a digital talent transformation platform, and Udemy, a leading destination for learning and teaching online.

Through these partnerships, online courses and certifications will be accessible on They will span a range of in-demand skills across disciplines, including technical skills like data science, mobile design and growth hacking, as well as non-technical skills such as peer networking, team communication and people management.

Given the array of new technologies that continually emerge, it can be a challenge for professionals to determine which courses or certifications will be most impactful to their careers. The offering will deliver guidance on the appropriate coursework needed to meet specific professional goals. This will help professionals create customized learning journeys to advance across the full trajectory of their careers.

“Technology changes at such an extraordinary pace that it’s critical for tech professionals to stay ahead of the curve, continually developing both the hard and soft skills the market demands,” said Built In’s Chief Product Officer Saurabh Goorha. “Companies are investing heavily in learning and development to upskill and reskill their employees. At the same time, they’re working to attract candidates with relevant skills as their hiring needs accelerate. By adding e-learning content from Udacity and Udemy to our existing professional development content, we’re proud to help talent develop the precise skills companies need from candidates and employees, whether they’re remote, local or national.”

Udemy, a leading global destination for online learning, is teaming up with Built In to give professionals access to over 1,200 professional development courses across Built In’s eight selected tech disciplines.

“Upskilling and development are essential to career advancement, and employees’ commitment to learning demonstrates flexibility and growth mindsets, which are key values at many organizations,” said Udemy’s Chief Learning Officer Melissa Daimler. “Matching potential employees directly with roles in which their capabilities and competencies are valued is mutually beneficial for organizations and job-seekers, and we’re proud to partner with Built In on this important mission.”

For those who need specific certifications to make a career change, for instance, grow in their current role or win a promotion, Udacity’s talent transformation technology will offer the opportunity to complete a series of robust courses or learning modules to earn those certifications.

“Udacity has the power to create new career opportunities for individuals through radical talent transformation,” said Udacity’s Head of Communications Diana Adair. “Our graduates are ready to tackle new challenges and fill the most needed roles in tech. We are excited to partner with Built In to help people advance their tech careers, achieve joy and satisfaction at work and also increase their earning potential.” 

At Built In, we’re thrilled to help our community of tech professionals develop critical skills that will allow them to carve out the careers they want for their futures, whether they’re seasoned professionals who aim to level up or make a change — or junior learners preparing to be part of the next generation of tech leaders.

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