5 Top Product Testing Companies

These product testing companies help brands collect feedback from their target audience.

Written by Margo Steines
Published on May. 31, 2023
5 Top Product Testing Companies
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Product testing is when members of a target audience use a product and offer insight about whether it works as intended and if there are any issues that need to be addressed. Collecting user feedback is a critical piece of the product development process. Understanding customers’ needs and whether a product meets their expectations informs future strategy. The following are some top product testing companies connecting brands with consumer feedback to help them to create better products.

Top Product Testing Companies

  • UserTesting
  • BzzAgent
  • Clicks Research
  • BetaTesting
  • Home Tester Club


Top Product Testing Companies

UserTesting works with companies to help them understand how people feel about their products. By using human feedback for clear insights into how the target audience responds to a product, UserTesting helps guide the design, building and iterations of a product, analyzing results at each stage. 

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BzzAgent is an influencer platform for consumer feedback on products. It solicits individuals known as BzzAgents, profiles them to identify where their feedback will be relevant and sends them products to test, use and publicly review according to an agreed upon protocol. BzzAgents are not paid, but they keep the products they test.


Clicks Research’s tagline is, “We send, you test, you keep,” and that’s the gist of the business: sending free products to users to try and then review or respond to surveys. Brand owners and product developers use the service to get real-time, unfiltered insights into how consumers are interacting with their products.


As the name implies, BetaTesting coordinates beta testing for products in development. Using either its own expert testers or testers provided by the client, it groups and onboards individuals and then runs intricate testing processes. BetaTesting’s protocols are designed to return actionable information on how a product is received by a specific niche audience. 

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Home Tester Club connects real shoppers with free grocery products to use and test. Consumer goods like computer ink cartridges, cosmetics and infant formula are shipped directly to testers, who in return provide honest reviews and feedback. The company website also hosts a product reviews platform that other consumers can access.

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