Rose Velazquez | Jan 05, 2024

Waterloo is one of three cities that make up the Region of Waterloo in Ontario, Canada. Home to universities known for their computer science and other STEM programs, Waterloo and the surrounding area attracts graduates looking for employment in the tech sector. Here’s a roundup of some of the top companies in Waterloo that are helping to grow the region’s tech community.

Top Tech Companies in Waterloo

  • EPAM Systems
  • Cash App
  • Toast
  • Dropbox
  • OpenText
  • BlackBerry
  • Arctic Wolf
  • Faire


Top 8 Tech Companies in Waterloo

Industries: Software, cybersecurity, cloud, artificial intelligence

EPAM provides digital transformation services to clients around the world. Its offerings cover areas such as product development, quality engineering, digital risk management, responsible AI design and data technology consulting. The company’s work touches industries ranging from media and gaming to energy and life sciences.

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Industry: Fintech

Cash App allows users to instantly conduct peer-to-peer money transfers by using its mobile app. It also offers features like debit cards, direct deposits, stock buying and selling and free tax filing. The company also unveiled a savings feature, as well as capacity for Bitcoin sales and transfers.

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Industries: Cloud, food, hospitality, software

Toast supports thousands of restaurants and other food establishments with products like point-of-sale systems, self-ordering kiosks, online ordering solutions, gift card programs and reservation systems. The company offers solutions and pricing models for eateries of all sizes, from small, single-location businesses to enterprise brands with operations across several locations.

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Industries: Software, cloud, productivity

Dropbox is a software company that operates a suite of cloud-based file hosting services. It also provides synchronization and secure storage for large documents and files, and its products integrate with Slack, Zoom and other popular communications and productivity programs. 


Industry: Software

OpenText  provides business process management and information management for enterprise clients. Its products and solutions allow organizations to manage their data and content and handle regulatory compliance requirements around data and information security. Working with a range of industries from insurance and banking to oil and gas, OpenText can digitize supply chains and improve communication across channels. 

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Industries: Software, cybersecurity

Once known for its signature mobile devices, today BlackBerry is a cybersecurity company that makes secure tech and software for mobile and IoT devices. Its software protects over 500 million devices, including smartphones, computers, tablets and IoT devices, working to prevent cyber threats within that network. The company also secures software in over 200 million connected cars.


Industry: Cybersecurity

Arctic Wolf is a cybersecurity firm that combines its security operations platform with its concierge delivery model to allow clients to specify exactly how they want their security risks managed. Arctic Wolf’s solutions for client companies include managed risk, cloud security posture management and Incident Response.


Industry: E-commerce

Faire is a wholesale e-commerce platform that small businesses can use to sell their goods through local retailers. It is, essentially, a marketplace that pairs makers with stores that will sell their products, in categories that include home décor, beauty and wellness, jewelry, pets, and food and drink.

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