7 Software Companies in Canada

These top software companies in Canada build products to serve industries like marketing and logistics.

Written by Margo Steines
7 Software Companies in Canada
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Margo Steines | May 01, 2024

Software is a global business force. Virtually every major economic sector from education and healthcare to food and retail benefits from digital products programmed to enhance safety, productivity and accuracy. In Canada, software companies produce billions in revenue each year, making them integral to the country’s tech landscape. The following are a few of the top Canadian software companies to keep an eye on.

Software Companies in Canada to Know

  • Simpplr
  • Descartes
  • Maropost
  • Jobber
  • Plooto
  • Zeffy


Top Software Companies in Canada

KUBRA develops digital solutions that streamline payment processes and enable customer communications for businesses in industries like utilities, healthcare, insurance and waste management. Its products include KUBRA BizInsights, a business intelligence solution that allows organizations to access real-time analytics and visualizations based on their customer data, and the KUBRA iDoxs Suite, which offers multiple e-billing delivery options.


Simpplr is an HR tech company that offers a platform for employee experience management, which is powered by AI that delivers intuitive personalization throughout the interface. The platform works like an internal social network and is built to facilitate employee productivity, in-company communication and information sharing.


Descartes is a multinational tech company that provides software for supply chain management and logistics. Based in Canada, the company was an early adopter of the SaaS business model and serves clients in the retail, transportation and logistics, manufacturing and distribution as well as sales sectors. The company offers solutions for functions like e-commerce fulfillment, customs compliance, telematics and routing.


Maropost runs a B2B customer engagement platform for e-commerce that focuses on building wholesale and multichannel customer bases. It uses marketing channels like email and SMS to support clients through growth and scaling, with automated processes for customer journeys, sales and conversational customer support.

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Jobber operates a platform for home service contractors, who use it to solicit and schedule jobs, manage their work teams, generate invoices and receive payments. The platform has a mobile app with full functionality, a client hub and a customer communications center that allows users to connect directly with the people who hire them. Jobber clients range from cleaners and landscapers to plumbers, general contractors and electricians. 


Plooto offers a payment solution for small and medium-sized businesses and the accountants who serve them. It provides tools for managing and automating payment operations. The software’s full suite of financial services includes automated invoices, international payments and compliance, internal credit card processing and e-commerce functionality. Plooto integrates with QuickBooks, Xero and NetSuite


Zeffy is a registered B Corp that makes free fundraising software for nonprofit organizations. It’s proudly zero-fee forever, which includes covering credit card fees. The company generates revenue by soliciting optional contributions from donors. Features of the platform include donor management, forms for ticketing and an e-commerce platform where nonprofits can run digital stores. 

Rose Velazquez contributed reporting to this story.

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