Leaders Produce Leaders. Meet the Bringg Leader Prioritizing Employee Growth

Take care of employees, and employees will take care of business. CFO Nurit Reder shared the employee-centered goals that are propelling the delivery management platform forward.

Written by Mia Goulart
Published on May. 08, 2024
Leaders Produce Leaders. Meet the Bringg Leader Prioritizing Employee Growth
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Goals are to leaders as a compass is to a navigator. Goals offer a clear path, drive motivation and provide a way to measure progress. Setting goals can even reshape the brain. 

A University of Texas study on patients with multiple sclerosis found that those with ambitious wellness goals reported fewer and less severe symptoms. Goal setting restructured their brains, helping them stay focused and achieve their wellness goals more easily. 

In the fast-paced tech world, clear goal setting can be the key to thriving rather than just surviving. When leaders establish distinct and attainable goals, it not only ensures the team stays on course but also fosters enthusiasm and alignment companywide. 

While many leaders concentrate solely on profit-driven goals, Bringg CFO Nurit Reder’s priorities are employee centered. She prioritizes her team, believing that by nurturing their career growth and skill development, she can empower more leaders than followers in the long run.

For Reder, leadership isn’t just about authority; it’s about empowering others to become leaders themselves. Built In delved deeper into Reder’s leadership approach and her goals for the delivery management platform in the coming year.



Nurit Reder
CFO • Bringg


What’s your vision for leading your team? 

After aligning my vision with the company’s objectives, I am tasked with ensuring each team grasps the company’s business model, including revenue streams, customer acquisition, retention strategies, as well as the competitive landscape. To accomplish this, I prioritize a culture of collaboration and cross-functional teamwork between each team and encourage open communication, knowledge sharing and mutual respect to leverage each team’s expertise effectively.

I invest in continuous learning and development for team members to enhance their technical skills, domain knowledge and leadership capabilities and provide opportunities for training, certification programs and participation in industry conferences and events. I also encourage innovation and creativity within the teams to foster a culture of continuous improvement and adaptability and empower team members to experiment with new ideas, methodologies and technologies to drive innovation and stay ahead of the competition.

In terms of business strategy, I define clear, measurable goals for the teams that support the company’s strategic direction while ensuring these objectives align with customer lifetime value, churn rate and annual recurring revenue growth and net and gross revenue retention. The data analyst team will extract actionable insight to inform strategic decision-making across the organization as I develop and maintain comprehensive financial models and forecasts to support budgeting and strategic planning initiatives and conduct scenario analysis and sensitivity testing to assess the impact of various business decisions on financial outcomes.

Relatedly, I identify opportunities to streamline processes, automate repetitive tasks and improve operational efficiency within each department through methods like regular performance reviews and metrics tracking mechanisms. This allows me to monitor progress towards goals and hold team members accountable for results. Providing constructive feedback while embracing a can-do approach and positive team vibe is essential.


What are you most excited about accomplishing with your team in the next year?

We are currently measuring different feature adoptions with our customers. This is exciting because it has the potential to be a needle mover and impact so many areas of our business.



1. Product improvement: “Tracking feature adoption helps identify underutilized or overlooked features that may require further refinement or promotion.”

2. ARR growth: “Increasing feature adoption can directly impact revenue growth by driving upsells, cross-sells and expansions within existing customer accounts.”

3. Customer satisfaction: “Understanding which features customers are using — and how frequently they’re using them — provides insight into their needs and preferences. This allows for the tailoring of the company’s product roadmap and development efforts to better align with customer expectations.”

4. Customer retention: “Customers who fully utilize and get value from the platform are more likely to renew their subscriptions and remain loyal in the long term.” 

5. Competitive advantage: “By closely monitoring metrics, the company can benchmark performance against competitors and identify areas where the product may have a competitive advantage or differentiation.” 

6. Resource allocation: “Understanding which features drive the most value for customers enables effective allocation of resources.”


What is the employee value proposition for those thinking about joining your company? 

Bringg offers a compelling employee value proposition centered on autonomy, ownership and a culture of transparency and collaboration. With flexible work options and a focus on innovation, employees experience meaningful career growth opportunities and impactful contributions across diverse industries. 


“Bringg offers a compelling employee value proposition centered on autonomy, ownership and a culture of transparency and collaboration.”


Expanding on this, Bringg boasts a safe and open work culture, a commitment to diversity and inclusion, and autonomy and ownership within roles. Bringg provides a flat organizational structure and encourages entrepreneurial mindsets, allowing people to take initiative, make decisions and directly impact the company’s success.

Additionally, Bringg offers remote work options and flexible hours to help employees balance their professional and personal lives. In both in-person and remote settings, our innovative environment encourages employees to contribute ideas, experiment with new technologies and pioneer solutions to complex challenges, striving always to maximize customer value.



Responses have been edited for length and clarity. Images provided by Bringg

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