Grow Your Career With These Industry-Leading Professional Development Programs

Sick of job-hopping? These companies have the room and the tools to help you grow — and keep growing.

Written by Quinten Dol
Published on May. 03, 2022
Grow Your Career With These Industry-Leading Professional Development Programs

In all the recent tech media talk of the “great resignation,” one fact has been lost: few people actually like job-hopping. Going through a new onboarding process, learning a new product or codebase, building camaraderie with new team members — most of us find it exhausting to repeat the same process every couple of years. 

So why go through it? Many professionals hop jobs in search of opportunities to grow their career beyond a narrowly defined path at their current employer. And this appears to be a tech-specific problem — by some counts, the sector has the highest employee turnover rate of any industry. 

For large tech-driven organizations — companies that aren’t morphing and scaling at quite the same breakneck pace as those in the startup world — one secret to retaining employees for longer than the industry’s four-year average is a robust learning and development program. When executed well, an L&D initiative can help employees work on (or toward) projects that speak to them — without having to switch health insurance and 401(k) providers every 24 months. Some offer free Masterclass subscriptions, while others have dedicated transfer and rotational programs or courses offering a deep dive into the technological infrastructure that underlies their products. 

Built In spoke to tech leaders and learning and development program heads at enterprises across the United States to see how their employees can have challenging and fulfilling workdays without saying “sayonara” to their colleagues. While we were at it, we also checked in on their favorite perks and the cities they’re hiring in right now.



What they do: Samsara builds sensors, software and cloud services to help improve safety, efficiency and sustainability for more than 20,000 customers worldwide. The company’s ​​Connected Operations Cloud helps businesses that depend on physical operations to harness IoT data to develop business insights and improve their operations.


L&D opportunities: “Our team gets to work on a wide range of technologies — from embedded software to big data to AI — to help customers with physical operations be safer, more efficient and more sustainable,” VP of Engineering Kelly Koskelin said. “Engineers have the opportunity to do short-term rotations that give them exposure to different parts of the platform and infrastructure. We also encourage transferring between teams to let people develop new skills, find new mentors and tackle new challenges. With an annual learning and development fund, team members can supplement their education as they see fit.

“I’m also personally excited about our investments in personal development planning and our newly announced sabbatical program. These initiatives help people chart their professional development and create space to reflect and recharge.”


Favorite perks: 

  1. Transfer and rotation programs
  2. Career coaching through Bravely
  3. 6-week sabbatical after 5 years
  4. Bi-annual hackathons
  5. Donation matching


Where they’re hiring: Remote, San Francisco and Atlanta.



What they do: Cybersecurity firm Rapid7 protects IT and IoT systems with application security testing, vulnerability management tools and incident detection and response. The company also offers systems testing and analysis, provides advice on device design, and models threats. 


L&D opportunities: “Our learning and development team has designed programs that support employees through every stage of their journey,” VP of Engineering for VM and Offensive Security Carlie Bower said. “This includes onboarding, a ‘GPS’ program that helps them map out their desired career journey, our manager bootcamp for first-time people leaders, and more. 

“However, the most impactful learning opportunities available to us at Rapid7 are truly the rich environment for collaboration that exists between the people themselves. This starts with bringing together an incredibly diverse group of people with a collective wealth of knowledge, backgrounds and life experiences. Combine this with a culture that values investment in people first and you have limitless opportunities for learning and growth — whether we’re standing at the whiteboard together or gathered on Zoom across time zones and countries. The most unique learning comes from the daily interactions, mentorship and collaboration we have with each other.”


Favorite perks: 

  1. Through a program called “Insight Coffee,” Rapid7 encourages scheduling a coffee break with anyone across the company, across teams and locations, to get to know each other as people and learn from each other’s experiences. 
  2. Rapid7 has free LinkedIn Learning and PluralSight subscriptions for its engineers, and an Overdrive eBook Library where team members can check out e-books free of charge. 
  3. Rapid7 holds engineer-driven lightning talks every two weeks to share new ideas and innovations happening throughout the entire engineering team, allowing engineers to build presentation skills and technical leadership in a safe and inviting environment while also sharing their valuable knowledge and experience across teams.
  4. During the Rapid7’s most recent company kickoff meeting, all employees received a one-year subscription to Masterclass.
  5. Once a year, Rapid7 offices close worldwide for the day so employees can volunteer.


Where they’re hiring: Boston, Austin, Arlington, Va., Los Angeles, Tampa and remote.



What they do: ServiceNow’s suite of applications predict, automate and digitize an enormous variety of tasks across HR, customer service, IT and cybersecurity platforms. The idea is to allow businesses to collaborate across teams, systems and silos. 


L&D opportunities: “We are committed to building leaders at every level, and for me, a huge part of that is investing in learning and development opportunities,” VP of Talent Development Sarah Pfuhl said. “There are three programs I’m particularly proud of. First, we’ve partnered with Harvard Business School Professor Frances Frei to launch a ‘future readiness’ program focused on enabling our leaders to meet the demands of the new world of work with topics such as leading with agility, building great teams and leading through change. Second, we launched a career series centered on advice from women leaders on how we can all build amazing careers, featuring both internal and external guests ranging from ServiceNow Chief Financial Officer Gina Mastantuono and Chief People Officer Jacqui Canney to Covenant CEO Jen Berrent and Thrive Global CEO Arianna Huffington.  


“One of our most exciting new programs is ‘launchpad,’ which is focused on our early-in-career colleagues. Investing in the leaders of tomorrow is a key strategic priority for ServiceNow. Launchpad is designed to enable our early-in-career colleagues to build the skills and capabilities they need to thrive at ServiceNow, lighting up the multiple career paths they have at the company. We understand deeply how valuable the innovation and creativity our early-in-career colleagues bring to the company, so we are doubling down on the support and enablement we offer this group so that they can unleash their full purpose and potential here.”


Favorite perks:

  1. ServiceNow will match dollar for dollar donations up to a maximum of $1,000 per year.
  2. Tuition reimbursement program
  3. Access to Lyra, a mental health service
  4. Dedicated diversity and inclusion staff
  5. Unlimited PTO


Where they’re hiring: Santa Clara, Calif.; San Diego; Kirkland, Wash.; Atlanta; Chicago; Waltham, Mass.; and remote.


fisher investments
Fisher Investments

What they do: Fisher Investments provides a tailored approach to investment management, and has done so for the last 40 years. The company has more than 4,500 employees spread across 17 different countries.


L&D Opportunities: “At Fisher, internal talent growth and career development are a top priority! Our technology training team helps ensure our staff have the resources needed to develop their technical skills to match the needs of our fast-paced technology environment,” EVP of Technology Russ Kuroda said. “New employees benefit from our unique onboarding champion program, supported by onboarding sponsors and peer mentors. We strongly believe in the value of social learning and the impact of growing our shared experience culture. All of our technology employees have access to an immersive mobile learning environment, and cloud learning and certification programs to support their success throughout their Fisher careers.”


Favorite perks:

  1. 100 percent paid medical, dental and vision premiums for employees and qualifying dependents.
  2. 50 percent 401(k) match
  3. 20 days of PTO plus nine paid holidays
  4. A culture of lifelong careers through learning and development, as well as internal mobility
  5. An award-winning, Great Place To Work-certified environment


Where they’re hiring: Plano, Texas; Camas, Wash.; Tampa, Fla.



What they do: Through its suite of digital experiences, face-to-face workshops and programs designed to promote positivity, good eating and physical exercise, WW seeks to inspire its millions of users to adopt healthy habits. In doing so, the company draws upon more than five decades of experience and expertise in behavioral science. 


L&D opportunities: “At WW we want our engineers to feel supported throughout their career journey,” Director of Strategic Talent Programs and Partnerships Betsey Corey said. “When you join WW, we welcome you into a cohort of learning and support. Our technical curriculum program provides our engineers with technical and professional learning opportunities that help accelerate performance by eliminating silos and driving collaboration across tech teams.

“At WW we also have ‘Tech Tracks,’ an exercise and tool that allows us to get to know our engineers by encouraging them to share their passion points and areas of expertise to help them build their personal brands. Additionally, we always enjoy taking the time to come together and maintain our strong community roots to have fun, be creative and cheer one another on as we seek to provide the best digital experience possible for our members.”


Favorite perks:

  1. WW’s Work From Wherever (#WfW) philosophy empowers employees to shape when, where and how they work best.
  2. Instead of mere Summer Fridays, WW offers year-round Flex Fridays.
  3. Generous well-being allowance to cover expenses across the pillars of physical, mental, financial and social wellness.
  4. Friends and family get access to WW.
  5. Complimentary memberships to ClassPass Digital and discounted rates for fitness goals, Sibly for resilience, Aura for digital security, One Medical for convenient care and WW memberships.


Where they’re hiring: New York City, San Francisco, Chicago, Toronto and remote positions in both the U.S. and Canada.


western union
Western Union

What they do: Western Union’s omnichannel platform helps businesses, NGOs, financial institutions and individuals alike send and receive money around the world. The company has pulled off a skillful digital transformation in recent years, marking the latest incarnation of an organization that, once upon a time, built the first telegraph line across the United States.


L&D opportunities: “To help our team members gain self-awareness and opportunities for growth, we offer a CliftonStrengths assessment to all employees and Glint 360 surveys to those in management and executive roles,” Learning Design and Talent Development Group Leader Shezelle Krei said. “Individuals can then focus on targeted skill development through LinkedIn Learning, getAbstract and A Cloud Guru resources. 

“The company also offers a variety of resources and programs for leaders and those interested in leading. To create a common language around leadership, we built our ‘WU Way Leader Model’ to define the behaviors we need from our leaders — and that they, in turn, can foster in their teams. These behaviors prepare our leaders to help shape the organization and cultivate stronger overall talent. We offer a ‘Learning to Lead’ series for those just beginning their leadership journey. Western Union also provides ‘leadership circles,’ ‘leading with purpose’ and  ‘leadership room’ programs for more senior leaders, depending on their experience, seniority level and preferred learning style. These programs reinforce our common language, ensuring we — from senior leaders on down — all row in the same direction around growth and accountability.”


Favorite perks:

  1. Unlimited vacation
  2. Adoption assistance
  3. Documented equal pay policy
  4. Hybrid working environment
  5. Global responsibility and learning from a worldwide team

Where they’re hiring: Denver, San Francisco and Woodcliff Lake, N.J.


aerospace corporation
The Aerospace Corporation

What they do: The Aerospace Corporation is the only federally funded nonprofit dedicated to research and development around space exploration. The company builds modern data platforms, modular and open architectures for cloud deployment and leverages cutting-edge commercial technologies for space enterprise integration. 


L&D opportunities: “At Aerospace, everyone is passionate about what they do, and we see our purpose and roles' direct connection to our space enterprise mission,” Director of Datacentric Platforms and Architectures Karine Marabyan said. “Everyone is motivated and brings their best efforts day in, day out. We encourage various learning and development opportunities on innovative ideas and high-end technologies. One of the projects includes a high-rate and high-performance data platform and microservice architecture deployed on Kubernetes cloud for space launch telemetry, running analytics and providing quick data insights to our decision-makers.”


Favorite perks: 

  1. Hybrid work model that allows for work-from-home days each week
  2. Backup child care assistance as well as daycare discount programs
  3. Documented equal pay policy
  4. Employees and household members are eligible for up to five free mental health visits
  5. 401(k) match of eight, 10 or 12 percent based on years of service and matching contributions


Where they’re hiring: El Segundo, Calif.; Chantilly, Va.; Colorado Springs, Colo.; and Ogden, Utah.



What they do: Smartsheet’s no-code software products help distributed teams collaborate, plan, track and automate their work. The platform handles everything from customer experiences to marketing campaigns to budget planning.


L&D opportunities: “In the last two years we have truly embraced the DevOps model, moving from three separate organizations of dev, QA and operations to one engineering group with independent service teams,” VP of Engineering Ronit Bohrer Hillel said. This has freed teams to own their path to deliver delightful and robust experiences for our customers, and has opened up opportunities for engineers to explore and learn in the areas they are interested in. Whether it’s test automation, cloud infrastructure, back-end services or front-end experiences, they could do any or all of the above. This shift has also created opportunities to bring on more diverse talent, including women and people from nontraditional backgrounds, which has allowed us to create a more successful, collaborative, inclusive and fun workplace.”


Favorite perks: 

  1. Virtual and in-person events, including “Hack the Sheet Pan” — a live, virtual and in-person cook-along with a celebrity chef
  2. Fully flexible work model accommodating remote, on-site and hybrid options
  3. Unlimited PTO
  4. Individual professional development budget for every employee
  5. Flex workplace allowance for expenses related to working remotely and commuting


Where they’re hiring: Bellevue, Wash.; Boston and remote.



What they do: Cerebral’s fully remote telemedecine platform offers users access to mental health services, a form of healthcare typically blocked from many sufferers by factors like cost, convenience and fear of judgment. The company now offers mental health services to all 50 U.S. states, plus the United Kingdom. 


L&D opportunities: “Cerebral has a dedicated learning and development team that has established a robust onboarding process,” Head of Engineering Sarah Griffis said. “This team is also currently working on further enhancing our education services. Additionally, Cerebral has a strong internal culture that rewards those who are performing well and aligning with our company values. You can see this in the career growth of many Cerebral employees.”


Favorite perks: 

  1. Regularly scheduled in-person retreats (most recently in Miami and Dallas)
  2. Quarterly mental health days
  3. Unlimited vacation time
  4. Work-from-home stipends 
  5. Cerebral will soon provide unlimited access to its mental health services for a portion of its employees.


Where they’re hiring: Remote positions in the U.S., Australia and Canada.



What they do: Through deep industry expertise, technology, strategy and analytics, ZS provides a wide range of tech, business and marketing services to a globe-spanning client list. Customers leverage their expertise to help develop new products and solutions, solve problems and grow their business.  


L&D opportunities: “ZS is comprised of diverse people and skill sets, united by a shared passion for continued learning and growth,” HR Manager for Learning Josephine Shobana said. “We’re proud to offer a curated learning journey for each role at ZS, designed to focus on the most relevant opportunities, including both skill-based and competency-based learnings. ZS sponsors technical certifications, and ZSers are actively encouraged to continue their learning journey through the ZS learning hub and third-party platforms like Udemy and Percipio.”


Favorite perks: 

  1. Support for technology certification, completing courses and attending conferences 
  2. Ability to work across various emerging technologies
  3. Generous vacation policy
  4. Parental leave
  5. Continued learning through Brown Bags, ZS learning hub and Coursera


Where they’re hiring: Atlanta; Seattle; Washington D.C.; Boston; Chicago; New York; Philadelphia; Princeton, N.J.; San Diego; San Mateo, Calif.; South San Francisco, Calif.; Tampa; Los Angeles.



What they do: McMaster-Carr is a one-stop e-commmerce shop for industrial supplies. The company’s in-house engineering team automates distribution operations, integrates new data centers, improves browsing features and more. 


L&D opportunities: “McMaster-Carr is a great place to diversify your skills and take your career to the next level,” Director of Product Engineering & Content Strategy Wale Hassan said. “We have a best-in-class e-commerce experience in which any engineer can make an impact at all levels of the technology stack. From designing data center infrastructure to creating innovative navigation experiences, people explore new technologies and advance in technical and team leadership. Mentorship and support from a diverse group of coworkers and leaders — think well-rounded technologists that were former astrophysicists or are current symphony chorus musicians — enriches life inside and outside of work.”


Favorite perks: 

  1. Tuition reimbursement for 100 percent of an MBA, master’s degree or enrichment classes
  2. Ticket lotteries for admission to museums, sporting events and concerts
  3. Interest-free loans for first-time home buyers
  4. Flexible development opportunities including conferences, online courses, mentorship and guilds
  5. Hybrid work arrangements


Where they’re hiring: Chicago



What they do: Uber, Meta, Spotify, Casper and L’Oreal all turn to Adyen as their payments platform of choice, with an end-to-end infrastructure connecting directly to Mastercard, Visa and consumers’ preferred payment methods. The company also creates e-commerce APIs for websites and physical payment portals that accept both card and digital payments like Apple Pay.


L&D opportunities: “We have several traditional avenues for learning and development, including general onboarding, Payments 101 courses, Udemy access, mentorships and pre-recorded training videos,” Implementation Team Lead Leslie Cruz said. “However, the most unique and impactful is the opportunity to own your career, be curious, share ideas and take on new challenges. Adyen is a company where taking initiative is encouraged and trust in one’s self is fostered. My team is composed of past engineers, consultants and data analysts, to name a few. It’s this diversity that contributes to the success of our team, as we bring varied experiences to the table. This mentality is definitely something that challenged me as a new implementation engineer but was ultimately the most rewarding professionally and personally and is why as a leader I continue this type of learning for my team today.”


Favorite perks: 

  1. Annual tech event in Amsterdam for a large internal conference where employees meet each other, celebrate successes of the tech teams, participate in hackathons and have a big party.
  2. Adyen employees can apply to be stationed in another one of the company’s 25 office locations around the world, from two weeks up to three months. 
  3. An internal Adyen Tech Academy facilitates many internal/external talks, reading and knowledge-sharing sessions. 
  4. Work with global customers like Spotify, eBay, Uber, Etsy and more.
  5. Unlimited time off, with employees encouraged to take at least four weeks annually. Adyen also offers “normal course of life” leave for starting a family or coping with loss. 


Where they’re hiring: Chicago, New York and San Francisco.



What they do: ADP is one of the world’s largest providers of human resources technology, powering payroll, HR and tax operations in virtually every industry in most countries around the world. In recent years, the company’s tech teams have pioneered the use of AI capabilities on its HR software suite. 


L&D opportunities: “As the largest human capital management solutions provider, we connect with over 40 million works in over 110 countries,” SVP of Product Development Leonard Kim said. “Our clients come to us to help them solve big problems and navigate the complexities of the human capital management industry. Our associates gain valuable insights, impactful learning, and development opportunities to leverage innovative technology to improve the employability and quality of the workforce, which ultimately creates a positive social impact that goes beyond profits.”


Favorite perks: 

  1. ADP’s Pasadena UX research lab allows the team to interact with its clients firsthand, to innovate on the company’s products and solutions.
  2. From global ADP hackathons to a multitude of patents, ADP prides itself on encouraging associates to think outside the box and push the envelope of innovation.
  3. Located in the heart of downtown Pasadena, ADP’s “innovation center” is one of the top tech companies in the area and has open workspaces designed for natural collaboration and idea sharing.
  4. ADP provides private nursing rooms for mothers in its office as well as recharge rooms for everyone else.
  5. The company provides generous holidays and PTO as well as personal days for employees’ birthdays and employment anniversaries.


Where they’re hiring: Pasadena, Ariz., New Jersey, Georgia, India and remote.



What they do: DISH provides entertainment services via television platforms, direct-broadcast satellite and over-the-top IPTV services. The company also offers mobile wireless services and reaches more than 19 million customers. 


L&D opportunities: “We are focused on delivering best-in-class customer, employee and partner experiences across all of DISH’s brands using key platforms and data to deliver innovative services and solutions,” VP of Software Engineering and Head of DISH Grand Central and DISH Network Sevrin Huff said. “We enable these experiences by creating an intelligent enterprise ecosystem with key capabilities in the cloud including advanced analytics, artificial intelligence and machine learning, feature store and a real-time customer data platform. We have opportunities available at all levels and have created several centers of enablement — including data science, blockchain and digital experience, among others — to share knowledge across the enterprise, develop our teams and advance the business.”


Favorite perks: 

  1. A wide range of interest groups and committees, from the Bureau of Serious Fun for planning in-office team building events to the Get Smart Committee for creating and maintaining continued learning and development opportunities to the Culture Committee, which focuses on building and maintaining an excellent culture that promotes inclusivity.
  2. An extremely wide variety of resource groups for team members and allies to join, based on shared life experiences and interests.
  3. Opportunity to find meaningful work, autonomy, growth and development, impact and create connections.
  4. Financial benefits including a 401(k) match and auto-enrollment, employee stock purchase plan, tuition reimbursement and a 23 year-old profit sharing arrangement.
  5. DISH has four main corporate headquarters in the Denver metro area. Huff’s team is based in the heart of downtown with easy access to great restaurants, bars, parks and much more.


Where they’re hiring: Denver



What they do: From Photoshop and InDesign to the original Acrobat Reader, Adobe is instantly recognizable to most of the world’s creative professionals as a provider of digital media software. Global brands and emerging artists alike use its tools to power their work and deliver immersive digital experiences. 


L&D opportunities: “To support our employees in their pursuit of continuing education, we offer the Adobe Learning Fund which provides employees with annual funds to use toward education and professional development,” VP of Employee Experience Mark Lipscomb said. “Employees also have access to digital learning platforms so they can stretch and upskill on demand. And for employees who may be interested in exploring new career paths, we provide them with support and guidance to help them find their next best role at Adobe.”


Favorite perks:

  1. The Adobe Learning Fund reimburses up to $10,000 annually on eligible courses and professional development conferences, seminars and workshops.
  2. Flexible work schedules
  3. Sabbaticals every five years 
  4. Opportunities to build community through internal employee networks, consulting with nonprofits in surrounding communities and career management programs designed to help employees learn about their strengths, motivations and next career steps
  5. Adobe offers training on a rolling basis to help employees upskill and freshen up on the algorithms, tools and techniques to put machine learning into practice, in a combination of digital learning lectures and “ML bootcamp” sessions led by ML experts.


Where they’re hiring: Austin; Cambridge, Mass.; Chicago; College Park, Md.; Denver; Emeryville, Calif.; Hillsboro, Ore.; Lehi, Utah; Los Angeles; McLean, Va.; Minneapolis; New York; Portland, Ore.; San Jose; San Francisco; Santa Monica; Seattle; Waltham, Mass.; Washington, D.C.; and remote.




What they do: DIRECTV’s Video Technology and Operations team powers the company’s satellite and streaming services. The organization builds and integrates the systems that provide interactive experiences in living rooms and on mobile devices for millions. 


L&D opportunities: “We value curiosity, problem-solving, challenging and caring for each other to deliver amazing results with our technology,” VP of Entertainment Services Ben Mui said. “DIRECTV is committed to our employees and their futures through an excellent benefits package, training and investing in their professional development. If you are passionate about software engineering and entertaining the masses, we have amazing opportunities in video processing, search, discovery, personalization and so much more.”


Favorite perks: 

  1. Free DIRECTV Premier service
  2. Working on a cutting-edge cloud-native software platform with a network of innovative engineers that teach and coach each other to stay ahead of the curve
  3. Dedicated diversity and inclusion staff
  4. A fully virtual work culture and the flexibility to work to your highest potential
  5. Adoption assistance


Where they’re hiring: DIRECTV is fully remote. 



What they do: DoorDash started life as a door-to-door delivery company with a mission to connect users with “the best of their neighborhoods.” Now, the company is in the process of expanding its mandate beyond food and becoming a go-to solution for any and all goods. 


L&D opportunities: “Very honestly, many engineers and I can proudly say that we’ve done the best work of our lives at DoorDash as we’ve taken the company to tremendous heights in the last few years,” Director of Engineering Varsha Dudani said. “The learning and development opportunities at our hypergrowth company have been invaluable and unparalleled. One of our core values is ‘We are Learners.’ As we continue to accelerate toward our vision of helping local economies thrive, there are plenty of unique opportunities available to our employees. We encourage learning from the top, and DoorDash offers plenty of opportunities, including engineering and leadership mentorship programs where we pair ICs to senior ICs, managers and directors on technical and non technical topics such as CI/CD or career growth, engineering lunch and learn sessions, opportunities to attend conferences and industry events, as well as specialized training programs, especially for women engineers and apprentice managers.”


Favorite perks: 

  1. Quarterly budget for each team to get together offsite
  2. Sponsored lunch credits for favorite restaurants on DoorDash, amazing coffee and fancy drinks such as kombucha and even the company’s own Chowbotics Robot, which delivers snacks in the middle of the day
  3. Free DashPass subscription
  4. Eight employee resource groups
  5. Beautiful and open office spaces with plenty of conference rooms and casual lounge areas


Where they’re hiring: San Francisco Bay Area, Seattle, Los Angeles, Chicago, Austin, New York City, Toronto and remote.




What they do: As a home for short-form video, TikTok is arguably the buzziest social media platform of the last decade. By some estimates, the app passed the 3 billion downloads mark last year. 


L&D opportunities: “My team builds and operates global infrastructure at TikTok,” Head of System Infrastructure Engineering Fangfei Chen said. “We manage hundreds of thousands of servers and deliver hundreds of terabytes of data per second of internet traffic. We’re growing rapidly and it’s still the beginning. To be sure, our team is up for the task. We’ve created a new hire bootcamp to help them quickly master tools and platforms. We also facilitate lunch and learns and will be developing a program to help new graduates transition from school life to work life, launching later this year. Our Infrastructure Engineering team is already making a huge impact, and we’re continuing to grow globally.”


Favorite perks: 

  1. Partnering with major cloud providers and deep-diving into their tech stack
  2. Opportunity to solve complex challenges that are only possible given the large scale of our physical infrastructure, with servers in more than 100 locations worldwide.
  3. Working with advanced technologies like Kubernetes and content delivery networks
  4. Opportunity to optimize processes at scale that can save the company millions of dollars
  5. Opportunity to build critical infrastructure that ensures TikTok can continue to be the great product that it is


Where they’re hiring: Seattle, Los Angeles, Mountain View and Ashburn, Va.



What they do: Originally formed as an intergovernmental consortium that owned and managed a constellation of international broadcast satellites, Intelsat launched the world’s first commercial communications satellite in 1965. Now, the company operates one of the world’s biggest satellite telecom networks providing, among other services, the technological backbone underpinning inflight connectivity and entertainment services to airline passengers all over the world. 


L&D opportunities: “Our team of dynamic and innovative engineering and analytical professionals are using the latest tools and technology to mine big data to deepen our understanding of insights related to network, application performance and user experience to evolve our offerings and optimize the passenger experience,” Director of Integrated Analytics Keith Mizwicki said. “If you are a passionate and talented, data-savvy professional who loves generating insights to drive meaningful improvements, join us for the ride.”


Favorite perks: 

  1. Free beer
  2. Awesome rooftop terrace
  3. Intelsat lounge with arcade games, foosball and massage chairs
  4. No set number of vacations days
  5. Very generous 401(k) match


Where they’re hiring: Chicago and McLean, Va.

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