Built In’s Featured Company of November Is Shaking Up the Lottery Landscape

As the official digital lottery courier of a national media partner, Jackpocket sets its sights on further growth and social good.

Written by Built In Staff
Published on Nov. 15, 2023
Built In’s Featured Company of November Is Shaking Up the Lottery Landscape
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Lotteries have piqued human interest since the dawn of modern civilization — versions thereof are found in ancient Rome, during China’s Han Dynasty and in medieval Belgium.  But how tickets are purchased and prizewinners are informed today can happen in very modern ways.

Jackpocket is an app-enabled lottery platform used by millions of people to win millions of dollars in 18 jurisdictions. This company’s format has major retail partners and recently entered a multi-year agreement with USA Today. The national newspaper’s vice president of content ventures says the partnership, initiated in October 2023, brings the app to 45 million readers.

Jackpocket CEO and Co-Founder Peter Sullivan spoke to Built In about how the 10-year-old company fulfills the mission and promise of a convenient, fun and responsible lottery experience

“We take the lead in showcasing how gaming can be a safe, fun and an integral piece of generating state revenues,” he said. Each state varies in where proceeds go, but typically they fund education and school services, programs for seniors, parks and recreation projects and other public programs. 

From an employee standpoint, Javier, a lead backend engineer, says his ground-up experience with the company is what he loves about working there. 

“I joined Jackpocket in the early days and knew absolutely nothing about the lottery industry,” he said. “It’s exciting because there is no roadmap for the problem we’re trying to solve. We build everything from scratch. It’s a unique opportunity and a challenge — nothing fazes us!”

The growing company currently has positions open in data and analytics, operations and marketing. 


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What they do: Jackpocket provides a third-party app that connects official state lotteries such as Powerball and Mega Millions with players in a convenient, fun and responsible way.

Winning Perks: The flexible work schedule and remote work program at Jackpocket complement a generous compensation package that includes 401(K) and 401(K) matching, company equity and performance bonuses. Commuter benefits, company-sponsored happy hours and a pet-friendly policy also entice employees to work on-site at the company’s New York or Santa Barbara offices.

Celebrating Wins: Games and winning are the core product at Jackpocket and those same things are reflected in the firm’s management style and company culture. Each week, the company celebrates its successes with virtual “Friday Wins,” complete with a delivered lunch. To connect employees across regions and job roles, everyone is welcome to pair with someone they don’t know for a digital meet-and-greet. Just as important the company values continuous education by way of lunch and learns and company retreats to brainstorm new ideas.



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