Hiring Now: How Dandy’s Culture Propels Team Members Forward

Dandy’s head of people shared how its culture and values act as a launch pad for team members to excel.

Written by Lucas Dean
Published on Nov. 03, 2023
Hiring Now: How Dandy’s Culture Propels Team Members Forward
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Bogged down by antiquated technology and management systems, the dental industry needed a shake-up. Dandy was happy to oblige. 

Since the company’s inception in 2020, it has provided digital solutions that allow practitioners to ditch the time-consuming process and escalating costs that have hindered patients and dentists. 

Say goodbye to the uncomfortable “blue goop,” the messy materials once essential for teeth impressions. Dandy’s cutting-edge intraoral scanners are an efficient digital alternative that enhances patient comfort. Meanwhile, a comprehensive suite of digital tools equips dental practices with the means to optimize efficiency, precision and cost-effectiveness.

But it’s not only the technology that sets Dandy apart. At its core, Dandy thrives on a culture steeped in creativity, continuous learning and unwavering values. This culture isn’t just a backdrop; it’s the driving force behind these solutions.

It’s a culture that values feedback.

“We must continually ask our employees about their experience working at Dandy and how they ‘experience’ our values,” said Head of People Dena Upton. 

This attention to the employee experience is why Dandy is poised for further growth. Upton chatted with Built In about what makes Dandy special and how team members are driven to advance alongside the company. 


Dena Upton
Head of People • Dandy

Dandy, one of Built In’s Best Places To Work in 2023, provides an all-encompassing tech platform for dental offices to integrate and simplify their practice’s functions.


Describe Dandy’s culture in one word. What made you pick that word?

Magnetic. As a dental lab innovator and remote-first pioneer, among other things, Dandy is used to doing things differently with a spark of creativity and vitality that can only be described as magnetic. To me, our culture invites people in and then becomes larger than you. We lean into challenges, love them, seek them out, and it’s contagious!


Dandy is used to doing things differently with a spark of creativity and vitality that can only be described as magnetic.”


I started at Dandy just six months ago. What an incredible ride it has been. The sense of excitement and the vision of a great future are felt throughout the company, propelling us to push the boundaries daily.

I always tell people transitioning to a new job to find a company that adds to the “novel of you” and that you, in turn, can contribute to the “novel of the company.” I found the right book at Dandy, and the pages are turning fast — I think I am getting my PhD in Dandy. We bring a spirit of learning to everything we do. We approach learning as both students and teachers, eager to share our discoveries with each other and our customers.


What’s the coolest project you’ve worked on recently, and how did it help you grow professionally?

I just rolled out our people strategy to our entire company a few weeks ago in our people town hall. One topic and question that arose in that session was about our culture. Our values are the bedrock of our culture.

Our values exist to simplify our decisions. We think of them as a toolbox we can use to make the best choices for our customers, get unstuck and move quickly. We survey our employee base every month to get an accurate read on their engagement and the authenticity of our values, and we act upon that feedback.

At the end of the day, I want to ensure that we become a prime target for recruiters. We make our team more marketable; that’s our commitment to our people. I hope employees all stay and excel at Dandy, but when they decide to leave, they leave with skills and talents they didn’t possess when they arrived.



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