French Staffing Agency Gojob Opens U.S. Office Hub in Atlanta

The company’s expansion comes in response to high local demand for its AI-powered recruitment solution.

Written by Ashley Bowden
Published on May. 10, 2022
French Staffing Agency Gojob Opens U.S. Office Hub in Atlanta
Angie College Hooper, Gojob's U.S. COO | Photo: Gojob

Across the country, there are about 5.9 million people who are unemployed, as found by the U.S. Department of Labor last month, and several are actively looking for jobs. Staffing agencies everywhere are working to set job hunters like these down the path to career success. One of them is Gojob, a France-based company that’s bringing its AI-powered recruitment platform to Atlanta.

Gojob works to connect companies in the logistics and supply chain sector with talent looking for temporary positions. The company is developing its AI Lab product, a tool that aims to match job offers to talent more quickly and accurately than traditional agencies. Gojob is investing $10 million in advancing this solution with the goal of creating an ethical artificial intelligence.

Founded in France in 2015, Gojob’s expansion into the U.S. was a fairly recent endeavor. The company first arrived here in 2021 to open its stateside headquarters in New York. Since then, it opened an office hub in Nashville and is now growing even more with a hub in Atlanta.

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“We chose Atlanta for our new office hub due to the demand for our service from clients in this region,” Angie College Hooper, Gojob’s U.S. COO, said in a statement. “The passion and mission of Gojob is critical in the U.S. market and the future of work. The ability to utilize technology to find the right fit for job seekers, along with focus on their training and career paths is essential to remain a step ahead in an ever-evolving job market — capturing the positions for our candidates and the best talent for our clients.”

Since its launch, Gojob has placed more ​​than 29,000 temporary workers into jobs across 900 enterprise clients, according to the company. The platform selects job candidates based on skill sets and pairs them with jobs across a range of areas, from construction and manufacturing to sales and transportation. 

Working to identify, train and hire thousands of workers each month, the company offers solutions for both talent and businesses. For job seekers, it offers perks like weekly pay and access to training via online courses. It enables employers to vet and onboard workers as they see fit, providing features like online simulation tools and the opportunity to speak with candidates over the phone.  

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