From CSM to Director: Here’s How Far a Growth Mindset Can Take You at Greenlight Guru

The company is committed to matching the mindset of its most ambitious employees and offers ample professional development opportunities to help grow their careers.

Written by Michael Hines
Published on Oct. 13, 2023
From CSM to Director: Here’s How Far a Growth Mindset Can Take You at Greenlight Guru
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Erin Barry joined medtech software company Greenlight Guru with the goal of growing into a leader. Spoiler alert: That’s exactly what happened, with Barry going from customer success manager to director of customer success in fewer than four years. 

Barry’s story is not an example of being in the right place at the right time — although she certainly was.



In June of 2021, Greenlight Guru announced it had secured a $120 million strategic investment from growth equity firm JMI Equity. The funding was earmarked for product development and global expansion. Greenlight Guru is based in Indianapolis, and the $120 million it raised was good for the city’s second-largest tech funding round of 2021.

Rather, hers is an example of what happens when someone with a growth mindset joins a company that’s all-in on professional development. From mentorship to working with a mindfulness coach, Barry has seized upon every opportunity offered to grow her skill set and develop as a leader — and she’s not done yet.

“I’m excited to continue to grow and serve our customer base, innovate on what’s next and coach and develop an exceptional team all while continuing to enhance my own skill set to be prepared for the next step in my career journey,” said Barry.

Before Barry takes that next step, we caught up with her to learn more about how she got to where she is today.


Erin Barry Director
Customer Success • Greenlight Guru

Medical device companies use Greenlight Guru’s cloud-based quality management software to streamline their workflows and manage clinical data.

How does working for Greenlight Guru help you make progress toward your career goals?

Greenlight Guru invests in its employees’ career aspirations. While I have an annual professional development plan, which lists goals and areas of focus, I also took advantage of our executive mentorship program and available mindfulness coaching. In tandem with the internal initiatives, the energy and time I pour into my professional development outside of work also lends itself to my career progression.

What makes Greenlight Guru a unique place to work from a professional development perspective?

The most unique professional development opportunity is access to a mindset coach. I’ve learned our mindset impacts all areas of our lives, and as I’ve been introduced to different techniques, I’ve become more equipped to handle the day-to-day stressors as a leader within a high-growth organization. By continuing to practice mindset techniques — such as visualization, daily design journaling and gratitude — I have enhanced my capacity to take on more within my role, which has been a key factor in my success.

How have you grown professionally at Greenlight Guru?

I joined Greenlight Guru with big dreams to grow into a leader, and I’ve been fortunate to partner and learn from some of the best leaders in the industry. The best lesson I’ve learned here is to pair ongoing learning with action.

For example, I understand data and how to tell a story, yet pairing the two together proved challenging. I read books, made mistakes and asked for coaching. Ultimately, I’ve improved this skill over time and still find ways to improve and enhance it every day.


I joined Greenlight Guru with big dreams to grow into a leader, and I’ve been fortunate to partner and learn from some of the best leaders in the industry.”


How are managers involved in the career development of direct reports?

Greenlight Guru hosts a robust annual review that includes a professional development section. Managers look for key themes throughout the review and confirm their takeaways with the individual’s assessment. It’s important to identify themes and connect those to actionable tasks. 

For example, a CSM shares that they aspire to advance into leadership. Their manager may identify that their pipeline hygiene is unpredictable, and the theme may be labeled “inconsistent.” The action needed for individual improvement may be: Review the pipeline weekly and have it updated prior to one-on-one conversations. 

The action needed to move into leadership is to forecast how much pipeline you are creating. Based on your funnel, where will you end the quarter? As you begin to forecast your individual book of business, you build the skills necessary to forecast a team’s book of business. These actions can then be reviewed during one-on-ones throughout the year.


How has joining Greenlight Guru positively impacted your professional journey?

Greenlight Guru has changed the trajectory of my career. My goal has always been to join a company that is a part of the medical device industry, and I’ve always believed in being a part of something bigger than my own success. Greenlight Guru has blended an industry I’m proud to support with a department that allows me to thrive using the skills I’ve built. 

I am supported and challenged and for that I’m grateful. Greenlight Guru has high expectations for its employees, and it’s a privilege to meet and exceed the goals we set as a business. I love being a part of an organization that sees no limits on its industry impact.



Responses have been edited for length and clarity. Images provided by Greenlight Guru

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