Top 5 Companies Hiring Ethical Hackers

These companies use a range of cybersecurity tools and approaches to prevent hackers and malware from getting through

Written by Margo Steines
Published on Apr. 19, 2024
 Top 5 Companies Hiring Ethical Hackers
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Ethical hacking is one of the most important positions in the realm of cybersecurity. Typically ethical hackers can be found either working as penetration testers, where they find vulnerabilities in an IT environment, or they are part of a red team. A red team takes it up a notch by using data analytics to predict how unethical hackers might attack. The red team will also run mock versions of those attacks to find exactly where the vulnerabilities are in a company’s cybersecurity system. 

Many ethical hackers step into the role by taking certification courses and on-the-job training with companies like the ones listed below. 

Top Companies Looking for Ethical Hackers

  • IBM
  • Google 
  • Synack
  • Raxis
  • VikingCloud


Top Companies Hiring Ethical Hackers 

IBM makes hardware and software products including computers, servers, data storage systems and networking systems. Its consulting arm offers strategic support on business technology, cloud computing, data analytics and artificial intelligence. IBM has multiple open security positions, seeking professionals to join its “team of problem-solvers and hackers.”

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Google is a multinational tech company that provides online advertising, search engine technology, cloud computing, software and a host of other related products and services. Its name is so iconic that it is used as a verb — chances are, you found this very content through a Google product. The company employs ethical hackers as part of its security team. These team members work on identifying vulnerabilities before malicious hackers have the opportunity.


Synack offers a security testing platform that covers penetration testing and vulnerability management. Using its AI-powered SaaS platform, clients can take advantage of Synack’s network of “white hat” hackers to identify potential areas of exploitation. Synack seeks penetration testers and security analysts with offensive security knowledge and experience.

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Raxis is a cybersecurity company specializing in penetration testing. In addition to pinpointing exactly where and how a client’s digital assets might be breached, it provides risk assessments, incident response and social engineering tools that protect against psychological manipulation. Raxis is hiring contract workers for penetration testing, and is looking for “computer savants who can also charm their way into secure systems.”


VikingCloud works within a cybersecurity framework known as “predict-to-prevent.” It specializes in serving payment card industry clients, providing compliance solutions along with cybersecurity services. The company seeks a certified ethical hacker to work with a team on penetration testing, vulnerability assessments, malware analysis, social engineering and database security.

Taylor Rose and Rose Velazquez contributed reporting to this story.

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